Happy Birthday Dharmendra! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

Happy Birthday to the Garam star, and continual winner of my TGIF posts!  Here are a dozen reasons I love you (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

1.1. I love you because you really are a village boy, son of the schoolmaster of a tiny village in the Punjab, the only actor I can think of with a real country boy background.

2. I love you because you came to town after winning a talent contest from FilmFare, just like in a movie, and went on to find fame and fortune.

3. I love you because, according to the Meena Kumari bios I’ve read, you were the most decent man in her life, always upfront and above board, and kept coming around and spending time with her even after the end of your relationship.

4. I love you because you were super super sexy back when Meena Kumari discovered you!

5. I love you because you were still sexy almost a decade later.

(Happy Birthday Sharmilaji!  I promise, you’ll get your own post soon)

6. And, let’s be real, you still had something even 40 years later.

7. I love you because, after starting out as more of a chocolate hero, you became an action star, and comedy, and drama!  Every genre, you succeeded in.

8. I love you because you have founded (or co-founded) a great acting family, with Sunny

and Bobby

and Esha

and Abhay all coming after you.

9.  I love you because when you fell in love despite having already been married, and you very carefully managed your new love so that whatever loss of face or status came more upon you than on anyone else involved.

(Although you had help with your co-scandalmaker, who has a lot less gravitas, but even more loveability)

10.  I love you because you have balanced your two families with grace, marrying your daughters off with all pride and pomp that is appropriate.

Image result for dharmendra esha wedding

11.  And co-starring with your sons with joyful pride.

12.  And finally, once and forever, I love you for this, even if you had done nothing else in your career, this would save your place in film history for all time.



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dharmendra! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

  1. Now I can better relate to some of the reasons for which you love Dharmendra 🙂
    Thanks for the recommendations 🙂 Saw Phool Aur Patthar and was surprised by his cool and yet emotional almost non-acting. The leather jacket photo does him right and that caring gesture to give his shirt is miles away from the reasons I saw Salman bare his torso.


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