Saturday Morning WatchAlong: Dushmani!!! Y’All Convinced Me to Do Classic Jackie!!!! And It Just Hit Netflix!!!! 8am Chicago Time Tomorrow Morning!

See, the problem with Classic Jackie is that he is REALLY hard to find. Because, I think, Subhash Ghai is a gross rapist and therefore no one wants to work with him and his films aren’t streaming anywhere legally. Good news though, a NON Ghai Jackie film just hit Netflix! Jackie, Sunny, Deepti Naval, and Manisha Koirala. It must be good, right? Even if I have never seen/hear of it?

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Shahrukh Birthday Countdown: Darr! His First For Real Classic Film

I certainly enjoy Deewana and Chamatkar and Baazigar, but they aren’t like high quality deep classic things. Darr though, Darr is CLASSIC. A brilliant consideration of women’s powerlessness in the face of men who want to “rescue” her or “protect” her.

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Friday Classics: Jeet, All the Best Things of the 90s

SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!! If you like that kind of thing. If I say that the finale has a woman giving birth in a burning house in the middle of a gunfight, does that make you happy or sad? What if I tell you that they all escape the burning house into a burning car in which there is a high speed chase and explosion while she is STILL giving birth? And it ends at a brothel where prostitutes serve as helpful midwives? Is your response “that is so illogical it makes me angry” or “that is so illogical it makes me happy”?

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TGIF: Sanjay Inspired, Best Gym Looks

This comes right up to the line of acceptable objectification.  But I think we are still okay, because it’s not like we are saying anything about their basic bodies, or comparing them with non-muscley guys (Abhishek, you are the best), or even muscle to muscle.  Merely in terms of the clothes they have chosen to wear, and the moments they have allowed to be photographed, who is the best?

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Sridevi Daily Review: Chaalbaaz! Seeta Aur Geeta, But Stronger

This is the last Sridevi daily review.  Not the last review, I am sure I will continue watching her movies, but the last special review.  As I said in my earlier post, I don’t want to feel that I am dragging this out, that her death is over-shadowing her life, and so it’s time to move back to a regular blog schedule.  But first, ChaalBaaz!

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News Round-Up: Upcoming Movies, and Other Stories

Even more news!  Announcements of upcoming movies primarily.  Which kind of makes sense, we are entering the spring doldrums, so now is the time to start your promotion campaign while nothing exciting is hitting theaters.

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News Round-Up: So Much ACTUAL News Today! SO HAPPY!!!!

I don’t know what it was, maybe it was just the holidays or maybe it was Padmavat/Padmavati driving everything else away, but the past month or so it has felt like there is no “actual” news.  Like, no one is officially announcing anything, no one is bothering to do even the littlest bit of investigation to find out about a fact, it’s all just reporting of people having opinions.  But no more!  A new era has dawned and there is SO MUCH actual news today!

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Silly Sunday: Knitting Fanfic!!! In Honor of Visiting My Sister (Including Shahrukh Sexy Sweater Story)

Happy Sunday!  Much later than usual.  Because I am visiting my sister and I was busy learning how to crochet and stuff.  Which brings me to this post!  In honor of my sister industriously knitting away next to me, and our conversation on the TGIF post of the lack of nice handmade sweaters in the world, a knitting themed fanfic post!!!!

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TGIF: By Popular Request, Manly Men With Chest Hair

See?  I listen!  You have a lengthy argument about the olden days when men were men and chests were chests, and I provide you with images!  I considered a fanfic, but I can’t come up with a plot that revolves around chest hair (something 101 Dalmatians inspired about fur coats?).  I’m sorry!  Even my imagination has limits.

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Hindi Film 101: The Khanna-Kumar-Kapadias, a Small Family With Big Stars

Well, there was no over-whelming consensus on my voting post last Thursday as to what to do next, so I think I will pick the Khanna-Kumars.  Partly because I started Dimple’s story and never finished it with the Kapoors, partly because I am in love with Twinkle and Akshay after their Koffee appearance, and partly because Rajesh Khanna was a very big deal and you should know about him!

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TGIF Post, Men in Shorts: Who Wore it Better?

I’m liking this, having permission on Friday to just put up a super silly post to start the weekend off with a laugh.  And this one, like the last one, was suggested by a conversation with a commentator.  Moimeme mentioned a collection of men in shorts pictures, which seemed like a brilliant collection to have!

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Ghayal Full Summary! So you can be ready for the sequel!

Ghayal Once Again comes out tomorrow!  I am not terrible optimistic about it.  But just in case it ends up getting great reviews and revitalizes Sunny’s career and all that, I thought you should all know more or less what happens in Ghayal.

I watched Ghayal, while also answering emails and doing dishes, about a week ago.  My memory may not be as good as usual, but I think I can remember the general details of most scenes, and some scenes I remember real well.  So, let’s see how I do, and if I can manage to do the whole thing in one post!

(UPDATE: Summary finished!  Read part 2 here)

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Movies coming out this Friday: Trivial Trivia

Ghayal Once Again (which has been talked about for months) goes up against Sanam Teri Kasam (which I never heard of before today) this Friday!  Who will win!  Who will lose!  I will make a guess but I have no idea if it is correct!

But I do know the random trivia related to these films which I am about to drop on you is correct and, I think, interesting!

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Sunny Post: Hero: Love Story of a Spy Ending

As I explained in part 1, I’ve been in kind of a Sunny mood!  Not like I am feeling particularly happy (the opposite in fact, winter sucks and work sucks and Christmas is over), but in a mood to watch Sunny Deol movies.  So, I started with The Hero: Love Story of a Spy and then I walked back to Jeet, and then all the way to Manzil Manzil.

In case you are also in a Sunny mood, but not feeling Sunny enough to actually watch a film, here is a complete synopsis of the whole second half of The Hero: Love Story of a Spy.

(first half here)

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Sunny Days/Sunny Deol: The Hero: Love Story of a Spy part 1

I have been on a bit of a Sunny Deol kick lately, not sure exactly why.  Possibly it is just my brain playing tricks, because it is overcast and disgusting where I live and I just want it to be “Sunny” in my apartment somehow!

Speaking of homonyms, a friend’s little sister pointed out that “Sunny Deol” sounds exactly the same as “Sunnydale” where Buffy lived.  Which is true!  And just strange!  Is it possible Josh Whedon is secretly a 80s Indian action superfan?

Anyway, I have just watched 3 Sunny movies, none of which are worth a full recap, but each of which is worth a quick summary hitting the high points.

(second half of this film covered here)

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