Aamir’s Mahabharata FINALLY

Okay, the Aamir story has finally reached the point that I feel like it is worth reporting instead of ignoring.  And the point when I am hitting myself in the forehead and going “well, duh! Why didn’t I put that together before?”

I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out when the news first broke of him taking the next ten years for one series.  Obviously it’s the Mahabharata!  He’s been talking about wanting to make it literally as long as I have been following Indian news.  And it would take 10 years to do right.

It’s also pretty much the one epic series that Aamir can be sure will be a hit, enough of a hit to justify him giving up the end of his career to it.  And his preferred role, Krishna, can easily be played by him into his 60s.  He’s a character that shows up as kind of the “guest star” in a lot of other people’s stories, as well as having stories of his own.  So Aamir can easily lend his star power and just appear to give advice and be charming for 15 minutes in a story that is lead by other actors.

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(Like N.T. Rama Rao in Mayabazaar)

If he’s been waiting for the right time for it, this is it.  Bahubali proved the audience is ready for this kind of story, Thugs of Hindostan is going to give him a front row seat to the kind of special effects he will want.  And Dangal/Disney gave him the money to help fund it.  Also, with the Disney/Fox Searchlight merger news coming out of Hollywood, that’s even more money for Aamir (potentially).  Both companies have produced successful Hindi films in the past and this would be a very smart place for them to put their new combined money.

He’s also got the directing comfort to take the helm.  Aamir’s been ghost-directing many of his films for years and everyone knows it.  Not saying “all”, but when it’s something like his Secret Superstar director who used to be his manager, it seems clear that he is a bit of a front.  Even if he came up with the story himself and started the shoot, Aamir was the one deciding if a take was okay or not, offering suggestions on how to shoot scenes, sitting in the editing bay, designing his own character, etc. etc.  Anyway, rumor has it that the same director will do the first film at least in the series, and then later Aamir will direct himself.  Which I interpret as, “later Aamir will officially direct, but really he will have been running things from the first.”  Because there is no reason to look at Secret Superstar and think “this person should direct The Mahabharata!” unless you just want someone who will follow orders and be a nice cover.

(Not saying it was a badly directed film, just a very small story compared to the very large story of the Mahabharata)

Of course now the question is, how the heck is he gonna cast this thing?  The smartest simplest thing would be to pick entirely unknowns and build them up over the course of the series, and again him taking Krishna would work with that.  It would make him the one magical special character, against the others who are slightly less special.  Therefore, the one star role opposite the other non-stars.

Although I am a little sad because at one point in this epic journey to The Mahabharata, Rani was rumored to be Draupadi, and that I would have LOVED.  But not to be, I suspect.  Oh well.


25 thoughts on “Aamir’s Mahabharata FINALLY

  1. The casting would be really interesting. Also wondering if this is the ONLY Mahabharata to be made in the next ten years because there’s still the other one supposedly coming out of the south right??

    Also, I’m not sold on Amir as Krishna. For starters, Krishna literally means “dark”. Krishna has beautiful eyes and Amir’s eyes aren’t really pretty.

    Krishna has a hypnotic, enigmatic smile. I don’t even remember the last time Amir smiled a smile which didn’t look put on.

    Also, Amir reciting the Gita… Yuck!! He’d need to tone his Amirness down soooooo much for that to work!

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    • supposedly Aamir’s second choice role was Karna. Which would have been so so much worse!

      I wonder if he would be willing to put on face paint to play Krishna? He has a nice soft smile sometimes, which I think could work for Krishna. And the eyes, they can just give him huge fake lashes and maybe contacts. But the dark skin I would really want them to keep.

      He’s got like 3 movies at least and 5 years before he has to recite the Gita, right? So maybe he will be practicing until then.

      On Sat, Dec 16, 2017 at 10:51 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Akshay did a great Krishna in OMG. he really nailed the charisma. And he isn’t gora white so it didn’t look out of place.

        Amir just doesn’t have the same sex appeal.

        I’m really not sure about blackface krishna. And a muslim guy as Krishna. It’s going to be a huge political minefield. No one would have batted an eye 3 years ago but we’re living a different India now. I’m not sure if a non-yadav krishna would even be accepted!!


        • I was thinking the opposite, Aamir proving his credentials by making the acceptable religious epic that everyone wants. Guaranteed to make everyone love him.

          On Sat, Dec 16, 2017 at 11:01 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Just yesterday, a right wing mob tried to burn a Christian priest in his car and the cops booked carolers for “encouraging conversions”, a newly elected councillor was booked for “hurting religious sentiments” for taking the oath in urdu which happens to be the second official language of the state, a week ago, a right winger hacked a Muslim migrant to death and burned him, on video, claiming he had married a Hindu woman and it cannot be tolerated. WhatsApp groups urged people to donate to the murder’s family and a lot of money was collected also. A minister had openly supported this guy. A mob supporting the guy attacked a district court in rajasthan and unfurled a saffron flag atop the court building (exactly the same image as the ISIS one).

            The news isn’t reporting this. The news isn’t reporting much anymore. Amir should wait till the next general elections to even announce casting for this project!!

            My enthusiasm has turned to anxiety in less than an hour. If they can create so much fuss over a rani, can you even imagine the shit that’s going to rain on this country if there was a controversy over a GOD!

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  2. I don’t know anything about the Mahabharata and Asmita’s comment made me sad because I have a feeling it’s impossible for me to acquire the level of knowledge I’d need to truly appreciate this. It’s like trying to watch a Bible story with no Judeo-Christian background.

    In terms of casting, supposedly Fatima Sana Shaikh is already being mentioned which feeds into the affair rumors that are all over the place and ugh.

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  3. Also, Ramesh Menon’s Mahabharat!

    I’ve only read a few preview chapters online but it felt amazing!

    It’s a very dense epic with lots of back stories.. Like game of thrones on steroids!! It’s inspired lots of subsequent mythology and art and poetry too. I do feel bad that I won’t be able to tell you about this great book and what it means for us because I’m not a great resource for it either!


    • I’ve been recommending Ramesh Menon’s Modern version for ages.He cut a lot of unnecessary stuff and streamlined it so that it is more appealing to the modern reader.Plus he doesn’t pick sides and he doesn’t justify anyone.People make good or bad choices.It’s just what they are.The Devdutt version is just the Cliff notes.It shouldn’t be read before reading the official version.Ramesh Menon’s version is available free on Kindle Unlimited.Feel free to skip the pages before King Shantanu meets the river Ganga while hunting.

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      • We had Mahabharata in syllabus for the 10th standard. It was a small book, literally like a small coupon book, no illustrations and just the basic story beginning at the return of the pandavas and ending at their himalayan journey. My dadi made ne give it away because you’re not supposed to keep the Mahabharata at home. I guess once you’re familiar with the basic story and the main events, it’s nice to have the backstories and the other prasangs… They’re hell confusing without the main story. And the main story needs to be told Bahubali style!!


        • Oh yes.We definitely need big budget,top stars,fabulous stars all the way.I’m not so keen about Aamir as Krishna though.As you said Akshay would have been good.But he’s now that he’s older…I’d love to see Ranbir as Arjun and Ranveer as Karna.The former cool,focused and dedicated (like in Rajneeti) while the latter is all about grandiose emotions.


          • Prabhas as Krishna? He has the complexion, height, eyes, smile…

            Karna was a big guy. They were all big guys. The mace wielders bigger than others. Proportions would really matter. It’s an epic so acting per se isn’t a priority. Voice– you need thundering voices. Or at least commanding ones for the warriors!

            I’m actually more interested in who plays shakuni and duryodhan


  4. Hey, Google Randamoozham, the most expensive Indian budgeted Indian film with Mohanlal headlining it. Knowing that it is supposed to be out in the next three years makes me wonder if this is the best move for Aamir.

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    • It makes me a little nervous too. He always seems to wash some of the rough edges off.

      On Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 3:49 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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