News Round-Up: Everyone Has Jobs, Amitabh to Anupam to Imraan!

Happy Monday!  So much news to catch up on!  For instance, Amitabh went to the hospital, which is always an exciting experience for the international news media.  Poor Amitabh, can you imagine if every time you went in for a routine procedure, your picture was headlines everywhere in the world?  So stressful!

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Aamir’s Mahabharata FINALLY

Okay, the Aamir story has finally reached the point that I feel like it is worth reporting instead of ignoring.  And the point when I am hitting myself in the forehead and going “well, duh! Why didn’t I put that together before?”

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Fargo and the Mahabharata

I am having such an American weekend!  Star Wars yesterday, and finally catching up on Fargo today!  But, since I am still a student of Indian film, just like Star Wars yesterday, Fargo made me start thinking about what it has in common with Indian narratives, and how those narratives might actually be universal.

In this case, the Mahabharata.  Or more accurately, the Mahabharata versus the Ramayana.

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