Honeymoon Songs, Just For Fun

We were talking about the endlessly iconic “Suhaagraat” sequence from Kabhi Kabhi yesterday and Amrita challenged me to think if there were other similar sequences before that.  I couldn’t really think of any, but I could really really think of others after it!

First, the song that inspired this all.  Raakhee being sad and scared and hiding it, and Shashi being kind and happy and in love.


Now, my other favorites!  Well, there’s this one from Refugee!  Where I am always fascinated by how Kareena’s jewelry just lifts right off.  And also a nice contrast, since this time it is the woman being pushy and the man resisting.


This one from Gadar, where the woman is shy, but shy and happy, not shy and scared.


My personal favorite, this one from Saathiya.  A very new and modern version.


A very classy historical version from Jodha-Akbar.


Another classy historical version from Parineeta.

This one only has a little Suhaagraat at the beginning, but they are so cute!  I can’t resist them trying to figure out where the noses go.


I definitely need some Shahrukh up in here, and this is the best one.


I could go on and on, for instance I haven’t included any Aamir or Salman, but I am going to stop myself and end with the all time greatest Suhaagraat song.  And let you guys pick up the slack and add what I have forgotten in the comments!




BONUS: Think of this as the “hot stove” version of a Suhaagraat song.  So disturbing, so unpleasant, and yet I know there are some people out there who will want to watch it even more thanks to the warning, just like you can’t resist touching a hot stove to see how hot it is.

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