Box Office Report: A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

Box Office!  Finally, an exciting one!  I haven’t even bothered the last few weeks, because there’s just been NOTHING coming out, and nothing to talk about.

I’ll start with what we are all wondering about, Tiger!  Did very well everywhere, in the way I would expect.  Worse in America than anywhere else, only $4,600 per screen.  Which is solidly in the “opening weekend for a Khan film” range, and was on 300 screens, the top level for a release.  Sultan only opened on 283.  Although Sultan also made more money per screen and overall.  So the curse of the 2017 box office in America is still in place.  But it is weakening!  $4,600 is very respectable, is back to “normal” really.  A Khan film “should” release on around 300 screens and make $4,000 to $6,000 per screen.  And this is the first one to match that pattern in a while (JHMS made $4,000 per screen, but on only 253 screens).

Other places, Tiger did fan-freaking-tastic.  Almost $10,000 per screen in Canada, almost $4,000 in the UK.  Canada always goes high and the UK goes low, just because of ticket prices and market saturation.  Even allowing for that, still slightly better in Canada, a sign of the Canadian audience lean towards action.  Same with Australia, did very very VERY well there, $14,444.525 per screen, again a sign of the audience lean towards action there.

(Or else this is pay off for the Dabangg Tour coming to Australia.  In which case, it is yet another reason Salman should have brought it to the US!  Drive that box office up here too!)


Meanwhile, how are our other little movies doing?  Velaikkaran, the Tamil movie with Fahad Faasil, is doing so-so.  $2,912.58 per screen in the US.  Which isn’t a disaster, but isn’t great.  A tiny tiny little profit margin most likely.  More interesting is in other places, the newer Tamil markets.  Only $1,404.53 per screen in the UK, but on 26 screens, a sign that distributors are continuing to be serious about that market.  And much better in Australia, 27 screens and $3,527.56 per screen.  Although part of that could be related to how very very very well Tiger did in Australia.  If it was $14,000 per screen, that tells me people were being turned away from sold out screenings, and possibly wandering in to the Tamil film next door instead.


Oh, and speaking of new markets, Tiger also opened in Germany on 18 screens.  Did not do well, but nothing without Shahrukh will do well there, just the fact that it is playing on 18 screens is an accomplishment.


So, what does this say overall?  Have you heard the phrase “A rising tide lifts all ships”?  That’s why it is good when a movie, any movie, does well.  Even if it is one I personally don’t much like or think is very goodTiger is getting people into the theaters again, it is already benefiting Velaikkaran in Australia, and that won’t be the last of it.  If it runs well, it will benefit the big Republic Day releases too, get people excited to go to the movies again, get people used to going to the movies again, remembering how fun it is and how special.  Bahubali 2 couldn’t do it, because that was more than a movie, that was a whole experience.  But Tiger, despite all the gritty violence and faux-politics of it, is very much a movie-movie, the kind of thing that will remind you of other things, that will make you want to watch Aiyaary or PadMan or Chanda Mama Door Ke in a few weeks.


11 thoughts on “Box Office Report: A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

    • I was wondering that as well…
      MCA has Sai Pallavi and Nani… Both good contendors for good US Box Office Figures
      Hello is directed by Vikram Kumar who directed Manam… also good US Box Office Figure Contenders.


      • Both movies look like they are gonna cross the million dollar mark but I was curious as to how they were doing per screen. I think MCA is trending better than Hello though.


    • Don’t know! That’s also because of Ek Tha Tiger. They rushed the box office figures out before everything was accounted for. There were just a few films listed, the new Malayalam movies weren’t tracked yet either.

      On Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 4:26 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Could the excitement for Tiger be just because of the success of Ek Tha Tiger?
    I surely think so because if it was just another Salam movie, I doubt it will be this good due to the box office disaster of Tubelight.
    I surely would not think of people wanting to go see movies in the theatre after watching Tiger, but, I sure hope, all Republic Day movies do well, and for 2018 to be a fantastic year for Indian movies!!


  2. Hi did fukrey release in USA. Its a small comedy franchise which collected around 80crore in India, which is massive for a film of that scale. It has pulpit samrat varun sharma top lining it. I did not see any post from you regarding it


    • Yes, it came out here the same week as in India. I missed doing a Box Office post that week in the holiday rush, but it’s still playing. Next week maybe I will do a comparison of how it is holding steady or declining as time goes on versus Tiger.


      • So what’s your take for it doing so good? Apparently it collected more than most biggies. But such smallish comedies don’t get required credit from critics who are looking from their high end horses.


        • There’s a few things that might be happening. First, this has been a lowkey year of comedy. No really splashy big hits, but Golmaal Again did very very well, and Mubarakan surprised with how well it did. I think as the bigger releases swing more serious and historical and so on, the audience is leaning more towards pure comedies to balance it.

          Second, of course, Padmavati didn’t come out. Fukrey Again was the only game in town all of a sudden.


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