Happy Birthday Salman Again! Another 20 Reasons I Love You!

So, earlier today, I posted the first 20 reasons I love Salman Khan (not as much as I love Shahrukh, but still quite a bit).  Here are another 20, the same 20 as the last 2 years, because I still love him the same.

21. The fact that you wrote a script for another movie, in which you play a rebel and train robber who falls for a princess, and then held onto the script for 20 years until you were finally able to make it just as you pictured it.

22. That you have welcomed your scandalous stepmother into your life and call her your second mother, and make sure to include her in all your family events.

23. That the little sister whose wedding you organized so enthusiastically is adopted, and technically your half sister since her mother is your stepmother, but neither of these things are ever mentioned in your interviews.

24.  That you look for random people on the street who need help and offer to pay all their medical bills.

25. That when elderly celeb photographer Jagdish Malik was spotted confused and wandering the streets and his daughter refused to help, you were called immediately, not because you know Jagdish Malik, but because everyone knows you will assist any stranger in trouble.  And that you immediately sent a car and helpers to take him back to his home.

26. This

27. This

28. This (I really like Dabangg)

29. This

30. This (I also like Dabangg 2)

31. That your response to being imprisoned off and on, was to worry about other prisoners and to try to pay the fines of 400 impoverished prisoners in Utter Pradash.

32. That you helped your sister’s ex-boyfriend become a major Bollywood star, because you felt bad when she dumped him.

33.  That the boyfriend paid you back with this

34. That you discovered Sonakshi Sinha and her glorious curves, at the same time every other producer/director was running after size zero models.

35. That when you were facing a 15 year jail sentence, you decided to make the most loving, humanist, and peaceful film India had ever seen, and you made it a blockbuster

36. This

37. This

38. This

39. This

40. This

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Salman Again! Another 20 Reasons I Love You!

  1. Helping ‘random’ people, I have witnessed, too…there is (or was?) a Barista at the promenade between Salman’s Galaxy apartments and Mannat and Salman frequently was there…it was a chance for people to contact him personally (well, at least it was ten years ago).


    • That’s how/why Being Human was founded, at least as described in his authorized biography. He was already doing all this stuff, they just decided to make it easier by formalizing the process. Being Human wasn’t when he started giving away all his money, it was just putting a name and a label on it instead of being something he did informally.

      On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 3:33 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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