Box Office Report: Tiger Doesn’t Change Its Stripes

Well, Tiger is still going strong!  Generally great box office to varying degrees worldwide.  Everything else is in its shadow.

Tiger is doing pretty terrible in the US.  Only $2,592.45 per screen in the second week, and 19th at the box office.  It’s interesting to consider what it is competing with for the American audience.  We can choose between this film, with violence and fear and anger paramount, and the new Star Wars with Hope and Friendship and Love foremost.  And we are going with Star Wars and Hope.

It’s still a hit here, a nice decent sized hit, $2,000 per screen and up in the second week is always good.  But it’s nothing compared to the numbers Tiger is racking up elsewhere.  Just as the first week in the US was nothing compared to what it made elsewhere.

Australia and Canada, still loving it.  $7,356.68 per screen in Canada, $7,087.61 in Australia.  Obviously, those countries loooooooooooooooove the violence.  And action movies in general.  So it’s doing well there.

Here’s the unexpected one!  The UK, which usually would be all about the love and bright colors and songs rather than violence, it’s doing great!  Better than in the US, and if you allow for the different ticket prices, way WAY better than in the US!  I wonder why?  The only thing I can think of is the large Pakistani immigrant community there, so maybe it’s picking up on the Pakistani box office second hand that it wasn’t allowed to get directly?  Because this kind of straight action movie really does not do well there usually.

(This is the kind of sequence the UK audience usually loves.  But of course the rest of the film is very different)

And now is when normally I would look at other films, older Hindi films or new movies from other industries.  But I CAN’T!!!!!  Because Bollywoodhungama rushed out their box office figures thinking we would all only care about Tiger.  And the Tiger producers paid for good figure collections, and released the film in a bunch of non-Indian only theaters that tend to deliver numbers sooner.

There’s a whole bunch of things happening here.  First Bollywoodhungama assuming that we all care more, or really care only, about Tiger figures.  That the industry is all about that one big Hindi release, not the smaller releases or the non-Hindi releases.  And second that the Tiger producers are in many ways arranging for their film to appear more important than others, for the figures to be rapidly collected and widely distributed.

This is both a sign of the Indian industry obsession with these huge “tentpole” Hindi films, and a cause of it.  If we are only hearing about this kind of big record breaking box office, then we don’t realize the potential profits in the smaller films.  We, the audience, don’t even go to see the smaller films because we aren’t hearing about them, don’t think they are any good unless they have amazing box office figures.  And I can’t really help to break the cycle because I don’t have the smaller film figures available to me.  But at least I can point it out!

(This also goes back to my user votes post on which Bareilly Ki Barfi is blowing everything else out of the water, despite the small overall box office.  Don’t forget to VOTE HERE!!!!!)


10 thoughts on “Box Office Report: Tiger Doesn’t Change Its Stripes

    • The year was so bad for bollywood as a whole that a little light at the end of tunnel is giving brightness.

      The footfalls are at all time low, collections dropping for all the biggies,south growing foothold , English movies generating revenues Amazon.

      So a big hit is getting over hyped

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      • I have a strong feeling of “you reap what you sew” regarding this year, and Tiger is part of the problem, not the solution. If you focus on these big blockbuster international hits, you are going to lose your faithful small local audience that keeps you going the rest of the year. That’s consistently what I hear as the appeal of the non-Hindi industries, that they still feel “Indian”. And meanwhile, the big Hindi studios and media keep touting “you’ll like this movie, it’s as good as something from Hollywood!”. They aren’t listening to the audience, the audience doesn’t want Hollywood, it wants Indian.

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        • Except that the bulk of TZH’s collections are coming from the single screens and the “low end” multiplexes in small towns.

          BTW, Akshat, I realize you were exaggerating, but the budget for TZH including prints and publicity is 150cr. There is more than ROI to be considered when judging the impact of a film. You can play the slots at Vegas, say, put in one dollar and get 25 back, so that would be a 2500% return. Or you can bet $1000 at blackjack, say, and win $10,000, which would be only a 1000% return, so technically two and half times lesser than the ROI on your one dollar bet. But which one gives you, and more importantly the economy where you spend that $10,000, more benefits?


  1. Star Wars is also doing horrible with mediocre reviews and not as much positive reception as its predecessors. I would choose Tiger! My friend saw it and then she watched Take Off! to purify her soul. #lolol. There are so many good Christmas releases, *sigh. 2017 was bad. Here is to 2018 and amazing movies!
    I don’t know if you watch award shows but I watched the Zee Cine Awards yesterday hosted by Rohit Shetty. It was funny (at times) and I absolutely hate when males dress and act as females for comedy. Sunil Grover was horrible. He was making inappropriate comments and such. *sigh
    So, anyway, haha, Varun Dhawan for BEST ACTOR for Badrinath. I mean, what is this!?!?! I know you despise Rajkumar for his role in Queen but I feel, he deserved it for Newton. Will Varun get best actor for every award show. Who do you think are good contenders this year. oh! Sridevi got Best Actress for Mom. #Meh
    I am catching up on your awards galore. When is the last day to cast votes? I am afraid I will be too biased to bae dearest.


    • Forget Varun’s quality, the character wasn’t that good! Varun did a great job in the role, but it wasn’t much of a role. Certainly not compared to what other people did this year. Rajkummar like you said, I haven’t even seen Newton, but he deserved it for Bareilly Ki Barfi even. Heck, Ayushmann in Bareilly Ki Barfi deserves it more than Varun in Badrinath!

      On the other hand, I am guessing that Varun showed up and made a big splash and so on and helped making the award show entertaining. So I can see why they gave it to him, beyond some sleazy payoff or nepotism theory. If Rajkummar or someone more qualified had been in a more popular film, it would be worth it because then you could play the songs at the show and all that. But with 2017 being such a dog, maybe they just went with the big splashy entertainer because there was no big splashy film.

      Hmmm. Last day to cast votes. Well, I will be doing my own awards one a day, so that’s another 9 days at least. And I guess if I do my own “best of DCIB” award choices, that’s another 3 days. So, loads of time!


  2. And justifying it by saying it’s a movie on woman empowerment. Sorry as per my rant on other post it was anything but it. They just took 1 issue and glorified solution


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