Monday Get the Wriggles Out Playlist

Happy Monday again!  Normally this is when I would put up a news post, but there is nothing that I am interested talking about.  And I am having a hard time getting focused at work.  So, time for a songs post, songs that will help me get the weekend wriggles out and back into a Monday frame of mind.  Just like when I tell my Sunday School kids “okay, we are going to have 30 seconds to shake the wriggles out, and then be serious”

Weekend!  Happiness!  Joy!  Friends! Good Times!  Silliness!


Silliness!  Anarchy!  Illogic!


Even more illogic!  Also father-son goofiness.


More father-son goofiness!


More Abhishek goofiness!  I love this song, because it is SO SO STUPID, and it glories in its stupidity.


Speaking of silly songs that glory in their silliness from JBJ….


And speaking of songs in which Acting Legends play it incredibly broad and silly because they are having fun, how about Naseerji in “Oo La La”!


So long as we are talking silly period pieces, “Dhoom Tana”!!!!  With goofy Shahrukh popping up everywhere.


Goofy Shahrukh and Dips leads me to this, which just makes me want to take a nice driving vacation and skip work for a while.

Or maybe just play hooky and go to the movies


Okay, I think I got all my sillies out, it is time to be serious and work focused and all that stuff.




Nope, sorry, one more silly left:


6 thoughts on “Monday Get the Wriggles Out Playlist

  1. Irrfan is my favorite example of an esteemed actor who’s never afraid to get in touch with his inner whackjob. This is my favorite silly (and totally SFW) song about sexual fantasies.

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    • Miss Briganza, you are so right. I had forgotten this one. He’s about as silly in Hindi Medium when he is trying to “downsize” his financial status. Thanks for this.


  2. I love this whole movie (Dil Kabaddi) which is a bunch of great actors (Irrfan, Konkona, Rahul Bose, Rahul Khanna, and Soha Ali Khan) being really funny. In various combinations they frequently work together (except for Rahul K.) and they collectively have great chemistry. It’s super cynical about relationships but not mean spirited and makes a nice change from the gooier mainstream movies.


    • That was my hope! Although putting the play list together also got me a little more wriggly than I was before.

      On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 2:54 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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