Happy Birthday Subhash Ghai! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

A director!  Not that common.  But he is such an interesting and distinctive director that I can’t resist doing a post on him.

1.1. I love you for being a real outsider, from Delhi, who came to Pune to study at the Indian Institute of Film and Television.

2. I love you for adding to your school learning by working as a small actor for years before beginning to plan your first film as a director.

3. I love you for paying it forward and founding the Whistling Woods academy, giving young filmmakers a chance to get training outside of the very very small chance of being accepted at IIFT.

4. I love you for having a very distinctive film style, your films are always BIG in a way that other director’s shy away from.


5. I love you for straddling multiple generations of stars in your films, starting with Rishi Kapoor


6. Going on to Anil Kapoor


7.  Then Shahrukh in a surprisingly good film.


8. All the way up to Viviek Oboroi


9.  I love you for giving Madhuri two of her greatest songs.  First in Ram-Lakhan.


10.  And then topping it with “Choli Ke Peeche” in Khalnayak.


11.  Speaking of Khalnayak, I love you for giving a great crazy big role to Sanjay Dutt.


12.  But mostly I love you for your glorious ridiculous beautiful over the top movies, the kind of crazy film fantasy no one else manages.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Subhash Ghai! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

  1. Some of your points I guessed in advance 🙂 I visited Whistling Woods in 2008 when it was still on its way to become a renowned film school/institute. They had to struggle some years ago and I don’t know the reputation it actually has.
    When I read that Subhash Ghai had also written about ShahRukh in Samar Khan’s book (25 years of a life), I was really curious what he would write because the equation between him and ShahRukh had become troubled during Pardes and he did not commit himself again to a work Subhash did as a producer or director (although ShahRukh always aknowledges Ghai’s position in the film industry).


    • Ghai is in an odd position, he hasn’t had a hit in almost 2 decades, but he was so big and is still so obviously talented, that he is still respected by the industry. I would love it if he has one more hit to pull out of his hat, but I suspect whatever magic there was has been lost somewhere.


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