Pardes: Less “Pardesi” versus “Desi”, more “Classy” versus “Massy” or “Femmy” verus “Manny”

What a good movie!  I hadn’t watched it in ages, and this time around I noticed all kinds of themes hidden under the surface that I hadn’t appreciated last time.  “Pardes” versus “Des” is just the tip of the iceberg.

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New Shahrukh Book! Best Excerpts!

Well, I assume best excerpts.  These are my favorite quotes from the quotes rediff pulled, but I don’t have the actual book, there could be other fascinating bits they didn’t include in their article.  But I doubt it, because it is a veeeeeeeeeeery long article.

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Dilwale vs Trimurti: Spoilers for both! Beware!!!

So, the plot of Dilwale can either be seen as a triumphant homage to multiple past films of Shahrukh and Kajol’s careers.  Or, it can be seen as part of an industry that is constantly recycling plots and abhors originality.  I would argue it is a combination of the two, certainly the essential plot is a result of laziness, but it is still worth while to compare the way it interacts with past performances and films in order to discover how things have changed and how the stay the same.

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