Upcoming Movies: The Next Film of Amitabh, Rajinikanth, Ranveer, and Dhanush

Lots of first looks!  Which are always kind of “how is this news?” but sometimes slightly interesting.  These were slightly interesting ones.

First, an actual teaser trailer!  For 102 Not Out.  Which looks like it is following the same sort of slightly whimsical slightly human flavor of Aiyyaa, that I somehow associate with Marathi stage plays.  And it is based on a Marathi stage play.  As was Oh My God, another slightly whimsical slightly human story by the same director.

Also by the same director is All Is Well, the not very good Abhishek movie that came out a couple years back.  Which explains why Amitabh is in this movie, the Bachchan’s always repay their debts.

What is not a factor at all is that Rishi Kapoor is in this movie and he and Amitabh are “feuding”.  That is totally made up, in fact.  Rishi’s autobiography happened to be published around the same time this film was announced and it described some of the ups and downs of their relationship, ending by saying that Amitabh is now a valued member of the Kapoor family, as his daughter is married to Rishi’s nephew.  And somehow various people who only heard the contents of the biography second hand focused on the “downs” part of their relationship instead of the “up” note on which it ended,

Anyway, here is the teaser!  Looks like Amitabh plays elderly Rishi’s even more elderly father.


Moving on, Kaala!!!  Rajinikanth’s next which looks EXCELLENT.  Very similar feel to Kabali (which of course I loved) and the same director.  Plus an even better cast, Nana Patekar is joining in.

The big news is, this is taking the release date that was announced for Robot 2.0.  Which is fine with me!  This movie looks almost definitely like it will be the better film.

It also means this film might be conflicting with Vishwaroopam II.  Which will be an interesting clash, as this movie looks in the Kabali vein of showing change coming from the bottom (the name means “darkskinned” after all) while Vishwaroopam seems as though it will be showing change coming from trained intellectual superiors.  Especially interesting with the possible political clash upcoming between Rajnikanth and Kamal.

Oh, also, Doggie!!!!


Next one, Gully Boy!!!!  This looks like the oddest movie.  Zoya Akhtar breaking out of her safe space and dealing with the slums and lowerclasses of Bombay.  Although, I suppose Talaash did that as well, and that was okay, and Zoya helped write it.

In this case, rumor has it that the film will be based on the life of rapper Divine, and his break out hit “Mere Gully Mein”.  I can definitely see Ranveer doing a great job as this kind of performer,  but I’m not necessarily feeling Zoya as the director.


The real mystery is, who is Alia?  The first look shows her in a Hijab, which is interesting.  Divine in real life is Christian (and kind of middle class, not movie middle class, but real middle class. Which makes me more confident in Ranveer’s ability to play him), so if Ranveer is really playing him, might this be hinting at a cross-religious romance?  Really, I have no idea, all we have is a first look.

Oh, and Divine’s biopic is coming at the right time as he has now complicated the destined life cycle of all underground Indian artists.  Became a viral hit, was signed to a label and, finally, ended up writing songs for the movies.  His song was just released as part of Mukkabaaz.



Last one!  The French movie, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir.  Which is based on a French novel, one of those whimsical French things, about a Guru who tricks his village in Rajasthan into paying for his trip to Paris, and then goes on to have a series of adventures around the world.

It is only interesting to us because Dhanush is in it.  Which is a good thing, from the Western film side of things, they are not only casting an actual desi to play an Indian character, they are looking at the experienced film actors of the mainstream industries to do it, instead of some off-beat person you’ve never heard of (Ali Faizal, you seem nice, but you should NOT have been promoted as a “Bollywood star” in all the Victoria and Abdul coverage).  Of course, it sounds like it might still be treating all brown-skinned people as humorous and wacky, but at least they got the casting right!

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9 thoughts on “Upcoming Movies: The Next Film of Amitabh, Rajinikanth, Ranveer, and Dhanush

  1. I don’t know what to think about this french Dhanush movie. I’m happy he is doing different movies, and hope it will be a good film, but being honest, it doesn’t look like something I would watch.


    • It doesn’t look like something I would watch either. What’s really strange is that he is playing this whimsical humorous character in a small French movie, and he is also producing Kaala, the other movie in this post, which will be a huge important deal. So in the same month he is the employee of a nothing tiny French production house, and the boss of one of the biggest Tamil films of the year. How does he even handle that conflict inhis head? Going from giving the orders for a massive production, to meekly taking orders in a tiny production?

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      • I find Dhanush fascinating. The movies he chooses, just right from the beginning, the work he does as an actor, producer, director or even playback singer, the courage he exbits by working in various industries. I think he is one of the most interesting personalities out there.


        • Well, to be fair, VIP2 was a disaster. Although it may have been a semi-calculated disaster. The budget didn’t look like it would be that high, and he got to work with Kajol and make some interesting connections.

          On Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 4:59 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. ah! Ali Faizal is someone everyone knows due to his AMAZING appearance in 3 Idiots. I honestly watched the film for him. However, without his name, one could comment that he looks Middle Eastern or Afgani due to his wheatish apperance but I am so happy they are casting Dhanush as he looks like an INDIAN!


    • Oh wow, that was Ali Faizal? Very impressive. 3 Idiots did a really good job with those small-but-not-insignificant roles, Javed Jaffrey was really good too.


  3. I am so loving the Rishi-Amitabh film! Although i do not like Amitabh’s hair in it. It looks so obviously like a wig.

    Kaala, well, any Rajnikanth film at this point is super interesting because, apart from the big new around the money aspect of it, it is guaranteed to be a well put together plot. I love his look too. I hate it when he tries to look 30 years younger than he is.

    The name is such a cliche though. I wonder who put together the “it is also a reference to his complexion” bit but i feel that’s probably from a dialogue he says in the film. i say so of course because you see a character name like Kaala and you think more like “mahakaal’ not “dark-skinned”.

    Curious about Dhanush too. A tamil dude playing a rajasthani for a french film! I would scoff at the notion except Dhanush is brilliant enough to pull off playing a rajasthani dude even with the accent! He’s got such a typical indian middle class/village dude face. He could play a south asian dude from anywhere in the region except maybe kashmiri/northern pakistani tribal and north eastern! And he can play that too with enough makeup and noone would be able to tell the difference.

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    • Have you seen Kabali? the explanation they gave for the name, sort of, in the film is that it is the name of the forgotten henchgoon in movies, and Rajinikanth is embracing his past as the villain, his untraditional looks, and his lowerclass fans. I am hoping for something similar with this one, embracing his identity as the dark skinned “bad” guy and all the complexities of it.

      Or, maybe it is the name of the dog and this is actually a dog movie. I would be fine with that too.

      On Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 11:26 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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