Sridevi’s Death: Twitter and Other Reverberations

And now the tweets have started.  Which is expected.  Always the first reaction after a death.  In this case, they are interestingly similar and interestingly wide-ranging.

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Upcoming Movies: The Next Film of Amitabh, Rajinikanth, Ranveer, and Dhanush

Lots of first looks!  Which are always kind of “how is this news?” but sometimes slightly interesting.  These were slightly interesting ones.

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Kabali: My First Tamil and My First Rajinikanth Film in Theaters!

I saw Kabali!  It was SO GOOD!  Okay, the second half lost track of itself a little bit, and there were some character bits that could have been better, but overall it just had so much more depth and excitement and energy than the other movies I have seen lately!

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