Kaala Teaser! Big Enough I am interrupting my vacation for it!

Greetings from the airport!  Where I am all energized from the Kaala teaser!  If Rajinikanth can still do fight scenes at 60, I can definitely handle dragging a suitcase through the airport.

First, this is very very very similar feeling to Kabali.  Which is not a bad thing, because I loooooooooooooved Kabali.  Same hero accepting and trumpeting his lowly origins, man of the people, Rajini playing his age, and awesome power rap anthem type thing in the background.

Can’t tell much about the plot at this moment, looks to be a “smooth politician Nana Pateker versus beloved man of the people Rajini” thing.  Great pairing, Nana is an amazing and experienced actor, he will bring out Rajini’s acting powers and let them have fun together.  Much more interested in this than in Rajini going star versus star with Akshay in 2.0.

And finally, political ambitions in the real world maybe?  The whole “man of the people, promises will be fulfilled” vibe is getting me there.

2 thoughts on “Kaala Teaser! Big Enough I am interrupting my vacation for it!

    • It really was! Thank you!

      It reminded me a bit of this quote from my book: “Indian films have always been intensely political; in the early years, they were focused on the anti-British effort, since then they have addressed a variety of political issues from a variety of perspectives. But, in order to avoid censorship of any kind (through the government censor board that can refuse the vital censorship certificate, through powerful political groups that can bring on violent boycotts, or through interest groups that can bring defamation suits in the courts and hold up release), these political messages have to be almost invisible; plausible deniability is the ultimate goal.”

      I really enjoyed that article, but I do think it was missing a big point that censorship standards are vastly different in a variety of ways between India and America, partly because Indian films have Much Much more political power than American films, meaning their messages may need to be presented in a different way. Black Panther was not going to result in violent riots, either for or against the film, no matter how explicit it became. I, personally, would have been more interested in a comparison with the older Tamil films that took a stronger political stand, I think it’s a much closer comparison in terms of the social, political, and everything else sort of space.


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