News Round-Up/Hindi Film 101: #MeToo in Hindi Film, From All the Angles, Nawazuddin to Nana to Vikas Bahl and How Anurag Kashyap and Shahrukh Khan React to Them

Still no big big exciting stories, but some interesting things today, worthy of discussion.  Some more than others, but all worth reporting.

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Friday Classics: Raajneeti, I Cared Too Much About Some Characters and Too Little About Others

An experiment!  We all watched the same movie, and now I have to review it.  Which is A LOT of pressure on me, since for once you have all seen the movie as recently as me and probably understood it better.  Oh well, you can think of this as a starting point for a discussion, not the end.

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Thursday Tamil: Kaala Review (No Spoilers), People Are Not Unhygenic

I made a big fuss (okay, a modest fuss) about how Carol should see the Tamil version not the dubbed, and then I ended up at the dubbed.  Oh well, it was either that or wait until Saturday.  So instead I did a dubbed version at a midweek show which means I will be yawning and fussing through work tomorrow.

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