Twitter Update: Amitabh is Cute, Salman is Proud, Irrfan Might Be Sick?

This post comes to you from the airport between flights!  So, not a lot of time for research or content, but enough time to throw up something quick based on twitter.

This popped up yesterday, and was soooooooooooo cute, so I am glad to have an excuse to post it.  As we all know (I am sure), Amitabh has a viewing every Sunday he is in town.  The crowd gathers outside his gate, he stands on a box, they open the gate, he waves, and then goes back inside.  This Sunday, apparently an infiltrator made it all the way through the gate, past the barricades and guards, and up to the foot of Amitabh’s box.

(with the little glasses!!!!  So cute!!!!!)

In slightly more interesting but less cute news, Salman made sure we know that he has started casting through the Being In Touch app.  Which is kind of fascinating, the idea of using the app to connect directly to anyone who wants to be in one of his films.  Of course, the fact that the first person cast using this method is going to be opposite Salman’s brother-in-law, definitely not a direct merit based choice of a star, mitigates the idea slightly.


Finally, in weird news, Irrfan Khan posted this statement:


I say “weird news” not because he might be sick, because of course anyone can get sick, but “weird news” because Irrfan is not usually the type to be this public about his personal issues.  If you look through the rest of his twitter timeline, it is almost entirely tweets or re-tweets related to his films.  Trailers, songs, promotional meetings, that kind of thing.

It’s also very strange to announce that you might be sick and will know for sure in 10 days.  Why not just wait the 10 days?

None of this is to say he isn’t sick, there is an earlier post about having jaundice just a few weeks ago which might have been the beginning of this disease journey, and certainly when you are sick and freaking out from the uncertainty, it might seem temporarily reasonable to you to put up this kind of a “I don’t know what’s happening but I’m making an announcement anyway” post.  Heck, maybe he thought it was needed because it will shortly become a little obvious if he isn’t participating in any Blackmail promotions.  But so long as we are having a discussion about it, this is the thing that strikes me as most unusual about it, to put up this kind of post without even knowing for sure what you might have.


Anyway, that was a downer, let’s end on a happy note!

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16 thoughts on “Twitter Update: Amitabh is Cute, Salman is Proud, Irrfan Might Be Sick?

    • That makes sense. The breadcrumbs couldn’t have been hard to follow, the tweet about jaundice and then no public appearances related to his next film.


    • Well, if the intent was to “get ahead of the story,” it backfired in a big way. I’m already seeing ridiculous and lurid rumors speculating on what the disease could be — sort of like speculations on the cause of Sridevi’s death.


      • Yeah, may have been better to stick with a “jaundice” story. Or some other plausible lie, just so people feel like they have an answer to why he isn’t making public appearances. Sure the public and media may feel slightly angry at being lied to, but if it is a serious illness, then we will all understand and forgive, and if it turns out to be nothing, well then we can all keep believing the lie.

        On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 5:35 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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  2. Before starting the Being in Touch app, Salman used to recruit people for his Being Human stores through his Facebook page, I think. At least there was some mechanism by which people who didn’t have a job could contact him and someone from Being Human would get back to them to see if they could be fitted into a job in one of their stores. I remember his taking pains to emphasize that this was not an opportunity for people to meet with him or talk to him, and that their only contact (if any) would be with Being Human staff. I remember that this actually started because he was complaining about his fans tweeting him at all times of the day and night, disturbing his sleep, because as soon as his phone beeps in the middle of the night, he assumes it’s some bad news about his parents, and jumps up, adrenaline pumping (OK, he didn’t say that about adrenaline, just that he jumps up assuming a crisis). He ended with something like, “Don’t you have something else to do?” And some people responded and said that, in fact, they had nothing else to do, because they didn’t have a job, and couldn’t find one. Then a few weeks later he announced this program to give them jobs at Being Human. I found it rather cute.


    • That is cute! And I have always liked that the Being Human app has that “job openings” area.

      On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 4:51 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Irrfan has brain cancer according to some reports, so it was a touch unfair of you to comment on his disease. And brain cancer takes time for reports to come so he might be cautioning his fans regarding it.


    • I reported his public twitter statement and made some comments about the content of it. I would never say that he has brain cancer or spread such (obviously unverified) reports. I will wait and see what the next official statement from Irrfan or a designated spokesperson says before I put up another story or speculate in anyway beyond, as I did here, discussing the content of his published statement and why he may have chosen to make it at this time and in this way,

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  4. You got me wrong.

    I objected to your words of weird /strange as if reports of brain cancer is true, irrfan thought it better to announce rather than gossip to spread, which ultimately was spread.
    Such a big disease is huge, and for us to speculate on it is deeply wrong.


    • I’m not sure what was unclear in this statement,: “I say “weird news” not because he might be sick, because of course anyone can get sick, but “weird news” because Irrfan is not usually the type to be this public about his personal issues. ”

      I am very uncomfortable speculating about any details of his actual illness, I only wish to discuss the unusual way this news has broken as it relates to PR methods and film promotions and so on. I cannot remember a celebrity in India or elsewhere choosing to announce the possibility of a major illness rather than simply waiting until they are ready to announce the illness itself.

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      • So he wanted to warn the ppl regarding the possibility of a major illness and to compare this with pr/publicity etc is so wrong.
        He wanted to warn everyone about possiblity of a rare illness which he did.

        Commenting it as weird news Is too wrong as he felt that a leaked article etc would be detrimental to his efforts.

        It is being consumed in a positive light as he broke story himself and ppl around him gave the possibility of it being brain cancer but still. Being checked.


  5. I’ve really admired how irrfan khan has handled his career, straddling industries, genres, mediums (tv, cable, film, web), truly an inspiration for those that followed. He’s my favorite Indian acting talent today, and i love following his work. I hope whatever it is that comes about is something he can either recover from quickly or live alongside with. (I.e. not all rare illnesses are deadly or debilitating).

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    • Yes, excellent point about the “Rare illness”. I’m not sure why everyone is jumping to the worst possible option, he did specify “rare” which means there is a whole world of possibilities. It could even be an interesting learning opportunity about the variety of illnesses in the world and the importance of boring symptom management kind of treatments.

      On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 9:30 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  6. Whatever may be the mobile to make such an anouncement, it is a strange way to let people know about the health issues one has… I like the actor Irrfan a lot and for the human being he is I wish him that it is nothing so serious that he has to worry about in a serious way.

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