Friday Classic: Talvar, The Middle-Class Pinched From Both Sides

What a fascinating frustrating movie!  Based on a fascinating frustrating real life case.  Which, I am sure, many people in the comments already know much more about than I do.

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Aaja Nachle: the Power of Theater (and Madhuri)

I really should have posted this on Tuesday for “World Theater Day”, or yesterday for Akshaye’s birthday.  Oh well, better late than never.

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Happy Friday the 13th! To Celebrate This Ominous Day, The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen

Really, this isn’t fair, it’s a tie between this movie and The Fog With Irfaan Khan.  But I don’t remember The Fog With Irfaan Khan as well, so you have to be contented with just Bal Brahmachari.

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