Happy Birthday Karan!!!!! 46 Reasons I Love You

46!  Pretty soon he is going to have to acknowledge that he is straight up middle-aged, not just “mature”.  (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

1. I love you because you aren’t afraid to reveal your terrible pre-fame photos.

(Look how good Shahrukh looks!)

2. I love you because you were so sweet and enthusiastic in your film debut.

(Look how good Shahrukh looks!)

3. I love you because that film debut was both onscreen and behind the screen, you helped with everything in DDLJ, from brainstorming the script to the costumes.

4. I love you because you are still grateful for the chance and mentorship you got from Aditya Chopra on the DDLJ set, still considering him your older brother.

5. I love you because in many ways your films carried forward the DDLJ ethos more than Aditya’s, although he was the

6.  I love you because we can see that KJo touch in the modern costuming

7. The fancy evening dress

8. The natural chemistry between the leads.

9. And how well the camera seemed to know Kajol, your childhood friend who you helped out onset.

10.  And of course, the epic love story.

11.  I love you because after working on DDLJ, you were happily planning to be a costume designer or something more humble, no aspirations of directing or writing.

12.  I love you because Shahrukh had to talk you into it, practically blackmail you to agree to make a film with him.

13.  I love you because Shahrukh arranged for Kajol to co-star as well, telling her that in 6 months they would start a film with Karan.

14.  I love that your very first film was a record-breaking hit

Image result for kuch kuch hota hai

15. I love you because you set aside months to give yourself a complete make-over before becoming a public figure.

(Look how good KARAN looks!)

16. Speaking of that record breaking hit

17. Another one!

18.  It was so big that it went international, notice the Spanish subtitles on this video.

19.  You also managed to talk one of the biggest stars of the day into a friendly appearance, just by your own personal charm.

20. And of course we all know the most famous scene,

21.  I love you because Kuch Kuch changed everything, except your relationships.  Aditya was still your “big brother”, Shahrukh was your best friend, and your father made all the important decisions.

22.  I love you because you went on to make your dream film with your dream cast.

23.  I love you because you were adorably heartbroken when the film came out, only to be overshadowed by Dil Chahta Hai, which made less money but broke more ground.

24.  I love you because you picked yourself up and figured out how to write your own Dil Chahta Hai.

25.  I love you because you managed to complete that film, despite your father being diagnosed and dying of cancer during filming.

26. The dream film was pretty amazing as well, including the first fantasy song in Egypt.

27.  And the most amazing multi-star song ever.

28.  And taking a risk on a new composer with a new song for your club song.

29. And then what I really like, you were kind enough to take a risk on a new director for your next script.

30.  Although you were still there as producer to add vital contributions like the title and chorus of this song.

31. You were also smart enough to see when a gamble wouldn’t pay off, like with this film, where you added a promo song at the last minute.

39. But when you knew it was all working out, you stayed hands off and let the director take the lead.

40.  I like that you were running one of the most successful studios in India, but decided to have a talk show too, just because you wanted to.  And that you get people on your show to say things on television they never would anywhere else.

41.  I love you directed the deepest darkest film of your career

42. And followed it with the lightest!

43.  I love you because you still have the touch of redeeming a terrible film with a great song.

44. I love you because you were smart enough to snap up the Hindi rights to Bahubali and Bahubali 2, sight unseen, just based on the director’s reputation.

45.  I love you because you took a few months to make an intense love triangle in an entirely new filming style.

46. And finally, because you are just so wonderfully you!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Karan!!!!! 46 Reasons I Love You

  1. I love the before and after shots in regard to his weight and his just general “dumb kid” look. It’s and amazing makeover and an inspiration to those struggling with their self-image.


    • Yep, he always dreamed of being a movie star, and he turned himself into one through sheer force of will.

      On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 3:33 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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