Silly Sunday: Karan Johar Sequels, Part 2!!!! Kal Ho Na Ho Na Ho, Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna Na Kehna, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Again, and Student of the Decade

I got very excited by this idea.  A few of these are reposts, but the really long ones are original, written just for today.  Which is why I had to do two parts, because this is much much much too long.

Kal Ho Na Ho Na Ho

We ended with Saif and Preity together, and Gia apparently a beloved part of their household and Shiv no where to be seen because no one actually cares that much about him.

So, I want to build on the idea of Gia!  Jaya has decided to spend her retirement traveling the globe (I can’t kill her off again after already killing her in K3G2) and Gia is living with Saif and Preity.  Gia is out of school and working at an internship at Saif’s company, but the family is too protective and old-fashioned to want her to live on her own, if she can’t stay in the family house with Jaya, obviously she is moving in to Saif and Preity’s big house and staying with them and their daughter.

Image result for sara ali khan saif

(Oh heck, we could cast Sara)

At the internship, Gia meets someone who at first she hates, because he is irreverent and rude and makes fun of Saif, Gia’s beloved brother-in-law.  But then he helps her out of a jam at work, figures out how to get the thing the big client wanted that she completely forgot about and cover for her, and she grudgingly says thank you and they start to become friends.  And, eventually, she realizes she is in love with him.  She goes to tell him, all excited, but before she can say anything, another guy shows up and he says “oh hey, here’s my boyfriend, you haven’t met yet”.  Gia hides her broken heart and manages to get through the conversation at which point TWIST!!!!!!

Gia’s guy thanks his friend who says “no problem” and then reveals he is actually a private eye!!!!!  He has been working with Gia’s friend to track down his biological father.  He knows Gia loves him, or thinks she does, and he loves her too.  But he only took the internship because he knows his father is someone related to that company.  He liked Gia and became friends with her without know she was Saif’s sister-in-law (she didn’t want other people to know at work, so she and Saif didn’t talk about their relationship).  Once he found out, he knew he had to back off.  They could be related by marriage, or even brother and sister, he couldn’t risk a relationship.  The private eye apologizes, says he is working as fast as he can to figure this out.

Image result for amit sadh

(Amit Sadh as Gia’s guy I think, continuing my quest to cast him in everything)

Gia is heartbroken and Saif thinks her guy has done something awful to her, like seduced her and then thrown her away or something.  He confronts him and it is all humorous misunderstanding, until Gia explains “He’s GAY!  It’s not his fault!”  Saif feels so bad that he invites the guy to the house with them all for the weekend, it’s all happy but sad under the surface and you can see the guy is looking at their happy home and family and wondering if this is where he belongs.  At some point he talks to Gia and explains that his mother died when he was 8, and after that he grew up in an orphanage.  He got a scholarship to an Indian college, and finally to an American school, and now he is on track to have a wonderful life, but he still misses having a family.  And Gia admits that she could have had that life, but she was lucky enough to be adopted by a wonderful family that loves her.  The guy starts to think they could really be together, since Gia is adopted, and confuses her by looking at her strangely and lingering on her hand and all that until, finally, at Thanksgiving, Preity gives a toast about their wonderful family which also alludes to Gia’s background, adopted but also the biological child of Preity’s father.  And he is all confused again, makes an excuse and rushes out, only to get a call from his private eye saying they have finally found his father.

Dun dun dun!!!!!  It’s SHAHRUKH!!!!!!!!  Years before he met Preity, before he knew he was sick, he had a relationship with a woman in Delhi.  It was just a casual thing, while he was in town for a few weeks, they both knew it wouldn’t be anything more.  And then she got pregnant and tried to track him down, and by the time she found him, he had been diagnosed and she learned from a neighbor that he was sick and decided not to tell him about the child.  But she cut a newspaper clipping about Preity’s wedding out of a New York paper because it had a picture of Shahrukh in it, and that was the clue that lead her son to this family.  The private eye is sure now, he tracked everyone involved and Shahrukh was the only one in India at the right time, he even found the neighbor who spoke to the mother years earlier.  But, in his investigation, the private eye also uncovered the rest of it, how Preity was in love with Shahrukh and vice versa but married Saif, how everyone was sobbing at the wedding, and a touching tribute Gia wrote on Shahrukh’s 10 year death anniversary that was anonymously printed in the paper talking about how he was her first love to.

Image result for shahrukh preity kal ho na ho wedding

(For some reason this is the photo the paper chose to print)

And now Shahrukh’s son is torn, TORN!!!  He can tell Gia the truth, but she might never forgive him for all the lies.  Plus it would rip open a wound for this family.  And while he is still debating it, he goes back to the family party just in time for the arrival of Saif’s young cousin, a nice bright perfect young man that is clearly set up as a potential husband for Gia.  Everything seems clean and simple and happy, so he decides to keep his mouth shut and go along with it all.

Gia is now seriously doubting his gayness, or at least suspecting that he is bi.  Because they keep having these tender moments.  She pushes him for an admission of his feelings, but he keeps avoiding it, and Gia’s wedding plans move forward.  She goes on a formal date with Saif’s cousin, followed by a proposal, big engagement party, and so on.  And then, in the middle of it all, she picks up Shahrukh’s son’s cell phone and discovers that her photo is the screen saver, and that he has tons of other photos of her, he is clearly in love with her.  She confronts him and demands an answer and an explanation, pushes and pushes, and finally it all comes out.  She is stunned and doesn’t know what to say, disgusted that he has been lying all this time, conflicted knowing that Shahrukh has a son and no one else knows the truth, lots of emotions.  She rushes out.  At her wedding, he is there (because she couldn’t logically explain uninviting him), she is stressed, the sad music builds as the ceremony starts, and then finally she stands up and announces she is stopping all this.  She doesn’t love this man and can’t marry him.  Shock!  Gasps!  Horror!  She goes on to explain the whole situation, that she loves someone else and he loves her but he was hiding his feelings for the sack of the rest of them, because he is the son of a man they all loved. Only, wouldn’t it be nice to feel Shahrukh’s spirit is looking down, bringing them all together, once again leaving love behind now that he is gone?

Saif’s cousin is a decent guy, he hands the wedding turban over to Shahrukh’s son.  And, finally, the right couple gets married.


Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna Na Kehna

(reposted from this post)

There aren’t many open questions left by this ending.  Abhishek is getting remarried to a woman who loves him in all ways.  Preity and Arjun are taking it slow by moving towards a romance.  And Shahrukh has proposed to Rani.

Let’s just play this out a few years down the line.  I think Rani and Shahrukh will probably stay in Philadelphia.  Good for her to start fresh somewhere else.  I think there will be an adjustment period as they get used to feeling happy and loved.  And Preity and Shahrukh will both be very cautious about introducing Rani into the life of their son.

But, I think a few years down the line, when they have a routine in place and everything has settled, maybe around the time that Preity and Arjun finally get married (Preity!  You’ve got to LOCK THAT DOWN!!!), Rani will realize that even with a life that is happy in every way, she still finds herself craving motherhood.  After a lot of discussion, they will decide to try as foster parents.  Shahrukh will be initially reluctant, but as they jump through the hoops and get closer to having a child, he will become more and more committed.  Finally, they will get a difficult child, let’s say a boy and girl sibling who were with their grandmother until she died and now have been bounced around group homes for a few months.  Rani will try to be warm and wonderful and supportive, but Shahrukh will be the one who really breaks through, especially to the boy who is all tough and angry just like him.  After a lot of struggle and anger and tears, they will finally ask they kids if they are willing to be adopted, and become their children “for real”.  And it will end happily, Preity is pregnant again, Shahrukh’s son with her is about to start high school and talks to his Dad on the phone every night, and at Thanksgiving they all get together for a big meal Kirron Kher cooks, Preity and Arjun and Preity and Shahrukh’s son, Rani and Shahrukh, and their two kids.

Image result for shahrukh children

(I just like the idea of Shahrukh as a stay at home Dad and happy that way)


Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Again

(reposted from this post)

The ending part of ADHM kind of reminded me of Love Story in some ways, so why not complete the parallel and make an Oliver’s Story option?

Image result for ray milland love story(Obviously the better sequel to Love Story would be if we followed the most interesting sexiest character of the original, Ray Milland.  Way way cooler than his stupid spoiled brat boomer son!)

We pick up right at the end, Ayan leaves his interview, caught up in his memories.  He gets a phone call from his father, who asks him to come home.  His father is dying!  Which lets us explore the new territory of all the family stuff that the original film carefully ignored.

Ranbir is sad over his father’s death, especially as they finally become close towards the end.  After their conversations about why his parent’s marriage broke up, in his grief, Ranbir is inspired to track down his mother.  He finds her, living in an idyllic small hill station, only to learn that she is also dying.  He manages to build a relationship with her before the end, and learns more about what happened in his parent’s relationship to make it fall apart.  It came apart because they rushed into it and loved each other too much but never really respected or understood each other.  Helping Ranbir to understand all these concepts is the young woman who lives with and cares for his mother, her friend’s daughter who calls her “auntie”, Sonam.

Image result for ranbir neetu rishi

(Do I even need to say that Ranbir’s real life parents play his onscreen parents?  Or did we all just take that as a given?)

In the end, after his mother dies, Ranbir proposes to Sonam.  But she has her pride and says that although she has grown to care for him deeply, she can’t just be a substitute for the woman he can never forget, or someone to give him back the family he lost.  Ranbir goes away and starts traveling again, randomly bumping into Aishwarya.  Who is now happily re-married to Abhishek (obviously).  They talk, and he learns that while Abhishek fell in love with her, she resisted at first.  But finally realized there are many different kinds of love, and what she felt for him was different but just as strong as what she had felt for Ranbir and SRK.  With this idea in mind, Ranbir rushes back to the hill station, only to learn that Sonam is about to marry someone else.  He breaks into her room and gives her an impassioned speech about how she wants something he can’t give, his love for Anushka will always be there, but he has something else to offer her which is even better.

And then it turns out he mis-understood what he had heard, there is a wedding in the house, but it isn’t Sonam getting married, she is just helping the bride get ready.  And he and Sonam decide to marry and live in his mother’s house and have the kind of marriage he didn’t know he wanted but knows he needs.

Image result for ranbir sonam

(Do I want Ranbir to go through this same journey in real life and end up back with Sonam?  Yes, I kind of do.)


Student of the Decade

Student of the Year doesn’t actually tie up that many loose ends.  Varun and Sid are friends again, and Sid is with Alia.  But Varun is still single, awesome Manasi Rachh is a stay at home Mom which doesn’t seem right, and Sana Saeed still hasn’t self-actualized.

What I want is that moment of coming together in the hospital to be a fresh start for all of them.  They decide to start meeting up on a regular basis instead of letting this fade away.  And it turns into an unofficial support group, they all realize that they aren’t the people they wanted to be when they were in school in one way or another.  And maybe if they form a “study group”, just like when they worked together in school.  Slowly, each of them admits what makes them least happy about their lives, and the others come together to help them, building up to our central 3.

First Dimpy, all he wants is a promotion to head coach.  The group helps him build his confidence until he goes in and convinces his boss to give him the promotion.  Then Sudo, he is a success at work but is still shy with women.  He has a crush on a woman at work and doesn’t know how to talk to her.  The group helps him build his confidence, and then works together to help him create the perfect meet cute, and then the perfect first date.  And then Jeet, he’s harder because it takes him a while to even admit he has a problem.  He keeps saying he’s fine, but he is also always running around and doing things for his boss, not just missing meetings of the “study group”, but telling stories about missing his kids’ birthday parties and just generally being tormented by his demanding boss.  He grows through the adventures they share, ignoring phone calls and stuff like helping Sudo get a date.  And then, finally, the group pressures him and he admits that he HATES his job and he hates his boss and he doesn’t know how to get out of it.  And so they save him, give him the confidence to stand up to his boss and demand to be treated better, and remind him how much he does for the company and how much he needs him.  Similarly tricky is Manasi Rachh.  She is happy being a stay at home Mom, but she also wants more.  It takes her a long time to admit that too, but after coordinating all the plans with the study group to help everyone else, she talks to the rest of them about how she is thinking she may want to go back to work.  She doesn’t need their help exactly, she just needs to talk to people who know her and help figure this out.  And finally she goes home and talks to her husband, says that she wants to go back to work part time, he needs to step up and spend more time helping with the kid, and they will need to hire a nanny.  She was scared, but he turns out to be nice and understanding about it, and she gets to go back back to work.  And finally, Sana Saeed has been helping them with all of this stuff, slowly becoming more and more a person instead of the fake persona she puts on, until in the end she is surprised and delighted when Manasi asks her to join her and start an event planning business together.

Image result for manasi student of the year

(I really liked Manasi and wanted her to do more post-school)

And then, finally, the big one!  Our central three!  Varun is happy with his life as a famous musician, he says.  But he also makes time to meet up with the “study group” every week.  Sid finally confronts him about it, asking if he is still in love with Alia.  Because he keeps spending time with her and giving her little presents and stuff and talking about their past.  And Varun is shocked into confronting his own truth.  He isn’t still in love with Alia, but he does want love.  He keeps looking back on their past and spending time with her because it was the last time he was in a real relationship like that and he ruined it.  He wants another real relationship, but has been running from that because he is afraid of hurting someone again the way he hurt Alia.  And so Sid first helps Varun realize that he is a different person now and he is ready for a real relationship that won’t end in hurt, and then volunteers to find him the perfect woman.  Sid goes hunting through underground clubs and coffee shops, looking for a sort of rockstar chick type.  Alia starts to worry, because she can’t figure out what is happening, and Sid can’t tell her because he promised Varun not to.  And then Sid meets the perfect woman, chair of a rival group that he meets through work.  She is cool and confident and suggests a drink to celebrate their new contract and loosens up and talks about her wild college days before she settled down and founded her own company just to show her father she could, only to discover she actually likes business.  She’s the perfect woman for Varun!

Image result for Kriti Sanon

(Kriti again!  She has that nice strong but relaxed vibe)

Sid starts pursuing her for Varun, trying to arrange accidental meetings and so on.  It’s more complicated than he expected, they keep just missing each other.  And meanwhile Alia is getting more and more worried.  Sid’s secretary has tipped her off that he is lying about late meetings and he is spending more and more time with his “friend” from work.  After one final misunderstanding, she decides to leave him, he comes back to an empty house and a note.  Luckily, Varun shows up that night to thank him, since Varun finally met the perfect woman and realized Sid had set it up.  Varun finds Sid drunk and miserable and learns about the misunderstanding.  He goes to the study group for help getting this couple back together.

Through an elaborate plot, Sid and Alia end up back on the school campus, locked in the gymnasium together until they talk to each other.  It takes a while, but they finally open up.  Alia says that it was almost a relief to learn he was having an affair, he works so much, she thought he was tired of her.  Sid says he lost perspective, thinking she left him made him realize that none of it mattered if he didn’t have her, he will work less.  And she should tell him when she is unhappy about something.  And Alia admits her own problem, her father divorced his wives as soon as they started to complain, she didn’t want that to happen with them, so she always tried to be perfect and happy for him.  Especially since they learned it was her problems that were keeping them from having a child (yeah, decided to just throw that in last minute, although it would have been hinted at before, with Alia looking strained and unhappy when around children and Sid putting on a fake cheerful face when he says something about how it is “just the two of them in that big house”).

The happy ending is a fake awards ceremony, they rented out the coffee shop where they have been meeting and invited all their families.  And each of them gets their own “Student of the Decade” award, for stuff they have done with the study group’s support, like “Bravest former coward” for Jeet for finally standing up to his boss and “best juggler” for Manasi for being a worker and a mother.  And Varun’s award turns out to be a plaque that just says “Will you move in with me?” which he hands to his girlfriend.  And Alia’s says “Best Mom” with a photo of the baby Sid found for them to adopt on the back.

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  1. `
    I was calmly reading along and then I came to this:

    “Dun dun dun!!!!! It’s SHAHRUKH!!!!!!!! ”

    and I screamed!

    . . . . didn’t see that coming.


    • We’ve discussed this many times! Current theories, either he is camera shy and that is just his photo face. Or that is just his face. Or he did the teenage boy thing and stopped smiling as soon as he hit 14. The front runner is “that is just his photo face”. maybe he is self-conscious and thinks his smile looks stupid? Anyway, I love that his parents just let him be himself about it instead of nagging him to smile for the paparazzi.

      On Sun, May 27, 2018 at 8:37 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh right! The teenage boy thing. I was one 15 years ago. The no-one-understands-me-JD Salinger-face. I get that haha. I started smiling again in my 20s though…isn’t he early 20-ish?
        Maybe it’s the photo face then


  2. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna sequel ideas–

    All of them are doing the happily ever after bit and it’s present day when they all receive invites to a common family friend’s younger sister’s wedding in Hawaii. They all want to put up the we’re happy with our new lives faces for others when the fact is they’re all going through mid life crises and have come to realize that the shit they did in the first film made them topics of gossip in their community and coming back to the fold is stressful af.

    Preity and Arjun made it to the board of their company and then gave up their active jobs to invest in a bunch of start ups. They’re still young at heart and still doing the club thing with the kids from their startups. They’ve been engaged all this time and Arjun is the one pushing for a proper marriage and Preity is like “Ive been there before, it’s not worth the fuss, let’s wait a little longer”.

    Rani and SRK moved to a small town and he took up a middle school soccer coach position and she has an Indianwear store because nobody could ever forget her wedding dress till the end of time. They are currently foster parents to three Indian kids under 10 whose parents are serving time for tax evasion. Their pasts still hang over their heads more than any other couple in the film.

    Abhishek and missus have a perfect life with two perfect kids. And this perfect life is achieved with a whole bunch of couple’s therapy and medication. Apparently, the entire thing damaged Abhishek so much that he started exhibiting paranoia about his new wife fairly early on and she being an educated girl took him straight to the doctor and they’ve managed to keep the marriage together and raise well behaved kids.

    When the invites come, all three couples decide not to go because the others would also be there and even though they’d decided way back when to stay friends etc it just didn’t pan out that way and they’ve all spent all this time basically trying to avoid bumping into one another. They try to make their excuses but Kirron intervenes and tells them that it’s the wedding of her favorite niece and they all must come so they go.
    Rani tries to look and feel happy for Abhishek and Missus and Abhishek is polite to them but missus is cold. She blames her for the mess that is her life now.

    Preity and Arjun behave like the own the place, they ask them all to come clubbing with them, they have young people conversations with the kids and making vines with them etc. they’re all like oh you people got old lol.

    SRK feels the odd man out when the guys sit together and start talking business and Preity starts feeling out of place when the girls start talking about the kids’ schools etc. They come out for a smoke and get talking. Preity asks him if he’s happy. He asks if she means “happy” or “happier”. She says “you know what I mean” He says he doesn’t know how to answer that question. They’re having this nice convo when Arjun comes looking for her and sees them giggling looking deep into each other’s eyes and holding hands. He is taken aback and he leaves hurriedly and his face is flush with disappointment. He runs into Rani on his way back to the lunch table and she asks him if she had seen the two of them and he says “I wish I had seen them sooner”. Rani is confused and she goes in has a look and finds the two arguing. She tries to intervene but SRK cuts her off telling her to stay out of it.

    Rani pulls back and leaves and back at the lunch table finds Arjun sulking, missus away from the table and on the phone with someone, Abhishek struggling with a fork and knife because he has one hand in a bandage and Abhishek’s kids throwing food at the foster kids. Rani tries to calm them all down and the eldest of the foster kids, a teenaged girl, yells at her and asks her to not try and act like their mom. Rani is crestfallen and close to tears. Abhishek politely tells the girl to apologize and she lashes out at him too saying of course he would side with her because they used to be married and obviously there are still feelings on both sides because she’s seen her caressing her old wedding album in the attic late at night when the coach was out of town with the team. Missus shoots Abhishek a dirty look and she rushes off and Rani is embarrassed and she rushes off and Abhishek wonders which one of them he should go after and after a look from Arjun he goes after his wife.

    Arjun, sitting with a stern expression, tells the girl that there’s a word for people like her. The girl says “what? Badtameez?” He says, “No, CUNT!” and he asks the rest of the kids if they’d want to go hang out at the beach and do the slides with him. They agree and he leaves the girl fuming to herself.

    Abhishek and missus have a massive fight, SRK comes back to the room and finds Rani crying and they have a fight, Preity finds Arjun avoiding looking at her and they have a fight and the kids fight among themselves for various reasons.

    Word of their drama reaches the other guests and the whispering and suppressed giggles and snide remarks start when they join them for the first function.

    I haven’t figured the rest of it out yet. Wanna give it a go?


    • So dark! You always go so dark!

      I’d lighten it up a bit. Rani and Shahrukh start fresh, they are raising foster kids after their parents are arrested for insider trading (more likely in America among the elite than tax fraud, my grandparents had a neighbor who went to jail for that). I’d say start with the foster kids, instead of being angry and troubled little kids like in my version, your kids sound more like spoiled teenagers struggling to adjust to a new reality and to admit how scared they are and how much they need Rani and Shahrukh to give them stability. Maybe that’s why Rani and SRK are at this wedding in the first place, they are struggling with these kids and the promise of a Hawaii vacation was a reward for good behavior, and Rani and Shahrukh hope it will turn into a family bonding moment. There are constant power struggles though, for instance the oldest girl wants to wear a revealing sari that Rani feels is inappropriate, Shahrukh doesn’t back her up enough in front of the kids, they fight between themselves over that once the kids are out of the room.

      I’d say a more likely scenario for Abhishek and his white wife is that she feels uncomfortable and unwelcome in this Indian environment, painfully aware that Abhishek’s first wife was the perfect Indian girl, beloved of his family and so on and so forth. Abhishek chose not to tell anyone the reason for the divorce, so the assumption in the community is that he left perfect Rani for this evil white temptress. She agreed to go to this wedding because she thought it might be a new start, the invitation was actually addressed to both of them for once, and the kids are old enough now that they could enjoy the events and get to make friends with their Indian relatives, and she wants that for them. Only now Rani is here, which she wasn’t expecting, and it is all awful and she keeps noticing how effortlessly Rani fits in with the desi crowd, and all her old jokes and references with Abhishek that she isn’t part of. Of course, Rani doesn’t think about any of this, she is just focused on putting on a good front so no one notices that her kids are out of control and she is in the middle of a fight with Shahrukh.

      For Preity and Arjun, it was established in canon at the end of KANK that Preity was now an involved mother of her son with Shahrukh. But I can see a combination there, involved mother at home, but still not willing to marry Arjun. Maybe she told him that she didn’t want to risk bringing someone else into her son’s life. She and Arjun are together and in love at work, but she has kept him at arms length in other areas. And now he has surprised her by coming to this wedding too, they are in the middle of a fight because she is still not willing to let him spend time with her son or talk about the future at all. But again, putting on a brave face for the public. Preity reaches out to Shahrukh as her co-parent and oldest friend to ask his advice, and Rani misunderstands that as well, especially when she sees Shahrukh automatically back up Preity in a parenting decision the way he failed to do with her.

      And then everything you had, the previous couples have moments together which are seen and misunderstood by the current couples, the oldest girl continues to be a problem and Arjun calls her on it. And, what I really like from your version, Arjun turns out to be secretly awesome with the kids, the wild card who isn’t a parent for them to hate but can still have fun with them in a responsible way.

      I think I’d have everyone fight, and then make up when Shahrukh gives a toast at dinner that is about how true love isn’t always perfect and easy, but is still worth fighting for, and it makes them all remember that no matter how hard it is for them to have a happy ending, they are still in love with each other and happier in their new relationships than their old ones. I would also have Rani help Abhishek’s white wife get a wedding make over, the perfect sari and hair and all of that, so that even if everyone is whispering about her, at least they will also have to acknowledge that she is the best dressed woman there, and to knock Abhishek off his feet and remind him how beautiful she is. And I would have Shahrukh have an honest conversation with Preity about how she has to learn to trust again and let Arjun in, and he can tell that Arjun loves her in a way he never did. And I’d have Arjun talk to Abhishek and remind him how lucky he is to have a wife who tries so hard to share every part of his life (maybe after Abhishek has been embarrassed by her inability to speak Hindi or something).

      And, just for kicks, I might have the white wife have a son from a previous marriage who starts up a romance with Rani and Shahrukh’s oldest. He is super responsible and serious and caring, typical son of a single mother type, and he helps her see that she needs to cut her parents some slack and see things from their point of view. And she helps him see that it is okay to let loose and have fun, to be a kid.

      On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 2:42 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • What I was kinda going for was the identity/mid life crises that they’d all have once they’re 12+ years into their relationships. It isn’t just that they’re connected via messed up divorces but that they’re connected via messed up divorces that are likely to have been THE scandal of the American NRI society at the time. Since we’re going with them having made their lives in America and the real life identity crisis that a lot of first gen immigrants of this generation face, it makes sense that they’d be in a weird place. Plus they’re at that stage of life where as per the laws of Indian societies anywhere, you get to pay for the sins of your youth. Your late 30s and your 40s are when your youthful adventures come back to haunt you. And since none of them moved out of the country, it is quite possible that they kept bumping into each other fairly regularly at NRI society events. Rani being an Indianwear designer, SRK being a school coach, Preity and Arjun with their startup funding and abhishek with his non Indian wife have never really escaped the NRI society and I want the sequel to deal with what Karan set out to explore with this film and failed miserably at- how does Indian society take infidelity and divorce and remarriage.

        Infidelity is a pretty dark theme any day. In this story, I want each of them to show their own reasons for the choices they made instead of the theme of “we’re young and in America and we can do this” from the first film.

        Rani and SRK’s foster kids, well, I kinda wanted that to be about the actual American dream vs the NRI American dream. Like these kids that were born in the US, who maybe have parents that did everything to get rich, got their mansion, the luxury cars, political connections etc and who looked down on people like SRK and Rani who opted for the quiet suburban life and chose the American American dream. And something like they were handed over to this foster family just because they were Indian makes the kids angrier because maybe the other option was like going to live with their rich uncle and auntie in California but they don’t know that the couple actually refused and so they think them having ended up with Rani and SRK is somehow their doing because they’re always telling them things like oh we so love it that you guys are here and so on.

        Abhishek’s wife, well I was thinking more like she’s a child of divorce herself and she is filled with massive guilt over marrying a recently divorced guy from a culture that doesn’t easily divorce. She has tried hard to be the girl that she thinks he wants but she doesn’t realize that she is what he’s always wanted.

        For the Rani-missus bonding experience, I actually want it to be like the rude girl discovers the missus crying the day before the wedding because she feels like she can’t fit in even after all these years. And the girl helps convert her existing dress into a stunning lehnga choli but she gets stuck at some crucial juncture and she begrudgingly asks Rani for help. Rani helps and asks her where she learnt to do that and the girl makes a face and says well I learnt it from you since you have an obnoxious habit of talking to the younger kids while working and over the years she’s actually made a decent amount of money putting together Indian outfits for her friends from school and their mothers from supplies stolen from Rani’s boutique. The next morning before the wedding, Rani shares this story with Arjun and Preity and they offer to help the girl launch her own startup.

        Oh and at the height of their mutual fights, I want there to be a soccer tournament where it’s this lot plus kids vs the bitchiest and most judgemental people at the wedding.


        • I like all of this! Especially since (hopefully) the ending could be a statement on letting go of the past, both the characters past guilt and shame and everything they are working through, and the greater societies obsession with standards and expectations that just don’t work any more.

          It fits with all the characters, Abhishek letting go of Rani finally once and for all, and his wife letting go of her own guilt and feelings of inferiority. The foster kids letting go of their former life and accepting their new parents. Preity and Arjun growing up and letting go of their superficial fun relationship and moving forward to marriage and something that can be recognized by the larger society. Shahrukh and Rani, finally, accepting the mistakes they made in the past and that there is nothing they can do now to change them.

          I’d want the other all message to be that the only way to move forward is to acknowledge the past and let it go. And along with the soccer contest between our motley mixed family and the “perfect” family, I would also want Shahrukh to drop some truth bombs in a wedding toast. Like, pointing out that his marriage fell apart, but someone here is on drugs, someone else is having an affair, someone else is hiding that their company is going bankrupt, and so on and so forth, what makes them better than him? Just because he decided to live his truth instead of hiding it.

          Oh heck, let’s even blow up the wedding. Maybe Preity is talking to the bride and she learns it is the same as what she had with Shahrukh, the bride is in love and excited but she kind of strong armed and convinced the groom, he wasn’t really into the marriage. But she is sure it will work out, they just need time, marriage solves everything. And it ends with Preity giving her some truth and convincing her to call off the wedding and wait for someone who really wants to marry her. The end of the movie is a big happy dance party, with the former bride and groom happily dancing together as just friends, and our mixed family all dancing together in a big group.

          On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 6:51 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Oh please don’t break up the wedding!! 😂 Maybe it could be something like the bride has cold feet and she runs away right before the wedding and this group spots her running away and so half of them are at the venue stalling proceedings like the kids come up with an impromptu pre-wedding dance show and family introduction round and the rest are out trying to talk to the bride. And when they try to stop her she says well look at yourselves. None of you are walking advertisements for marriages. And they tell her well look, it’s a marriage. It’s a commitment only till you’re satisfied with the idea of being with that person. If you don’t love the guy don’t marry him at all. If you love him but you think it won’t work because he won’t appreciate your dreams then don’t marry him. But if you know that you love him more than you can love anyone else, go back and marry him. Because then you’ll have a chance to work on the problems whenever they arise. If you can’t solve them, you can split. Marriage doesn’t have to be the end of your life. It’s the beginning. Sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes the things you learn from your first marriage are the things that make your second marriage work.

            And she thinks about it and concludes that she does after all love the guy enough to marry him.

            So they go back. The toast is actually given by Kirron and not any of the rest because they’re just distant guests and Kirron is the one that’s an important figure. Maybe she’s the narrator telling this story to another group sometime in the future at another wedding. For this toast, she says things like I thought I understood the rules of marriage and love and society. Till I no longer had any of those. Then I thought being the age that I am, I had seen enough to understand what the rules should be. Till I saw the young people being stifled by them. Then I thought I knew and understood what the rules were for marriage and love when you’d failed at these the first time around and gave it another go. Sadly, it took me so many decades to understand that when it comes to marriage and love, there are no rules. You make your own rules and you break your own rules and maybe the only rule is that you never stop believing in love whether it is with the first person who makes you feel this way or the last one. As for marriage, well, at the end of the day, it’s just one way of declaring that love to the world. If I could leave you kids with one piece of advice, it would be to not listen to anybody else’s rules on these matters. Go make your own.


          • Oh, that’s lovely! And a much nicer way of resolving their past, to look back and accept that their first marriages weren’t necessarily “mistakes” but were the right thing to do at the time. And having Kirron be the voice of society saying that it is all okay, these things happen and can be accepted.

            On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 7:49 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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