Let’s Make a Match! Arjuns Edition (with bonus Hrithik)

Sorry to those of you who like deep thoughtful posts, my brain is fried and I have no thoughtfulness available too me.  Also, I have to write a church service.  Also do laundry.  It’s a busy week, no time for thought today!  So, join me in total superficiality!

Last week, Arjun Rampal announced that he and his wife are divorcing.  4 years ago when Hrithik and Suzanne divorced, Arjun was widely rumored to be the other man.  I suppose if he and Suzanne now start appearing in public together and stuff, that will be confirmed.  But let’s say those rumors aren’t true, and Arjun is re-entering the single scene as a distinguished 45 year old single father.

Who should Arjun Rampal date?

Top contenders:

Sushmita Sen: fellow parent of daughters, age appropriate (42), fellow former model, they’ve known each other since he had stupid 90s hair.

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Sonakshi Sinha: No particular reason, just seems like she can do a lot better than the lame-o celebrity manager divorced serial dater and serial cheater older guy that she is currently with.  And I like the idea of Sonakshi being the cool young stepmom to Arjun’s girls.

Image result for sonakshi sinha arjun rampal

Jacqueline Fernandez: He makes her laugh!

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So long as we are on Arjuns, what about India’s new sweetheart, Arjun Kapoor?  He’s got all those sisters, he needs to get married and get them a “Bhabhi” to help with the responsibilities.  And you know, I think I would suggest the same list!

Sushmita Sen: Arjun can help with her girls, she can help with his sisters, she is a cool confident older woman like Malaika, but might actually be interested in marriage unlike Malaika seems to be.  Perfect!

Image result for sushmita sen daughters

(Now, picture Arjun Kapoor jumping into this little family.  Isn’t that nice?)

Sonakshi Sinha: They supposedly already dated, Sonakshi still needs to dump her loser current boyfriend, and I feel like Sonakshi would have solid advice for Jhanvi and Khushi as they navigate the world and would be able to make friends with Anshula.

Image result for sonakshi sinha arjun kapoor


Jacqueline Fernandez: The coolest Bhabhi, the kind who would help you pick out clothes and talk about boys, but also be ready with a shoulder to cry on and Sri Lankan food when you are sad.

Image result for jacqueline fernandez and arjun kapoor


Bonus question:

What about the other part of the rumored Arjun Rampal love triangle?  Who should Hrithik date?

I think Hrithik needs a strong woman to take him in hand.  So here are my suggestions:

Swara Bhaskar: She’s tough, she’s outspoken, she doesn’t suffer fools lightly, she could wrench control of his career away from his father and send him on a new feminist experimental interesting direction.  Oh, and she already said in an interview that she’d like to work with him someday.

Image result for hrithik roshan swara bhaskar


Kalki Koechlin: They already know each other from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, she went through her own divorce drama so they have that in common, and like Swara she could take control of his career and encourage it in a new direction.

Image result for hrithik roshan kalki koechlin


Pooja Bhatt:  Why not?  Age appropriate (46), equally strong film family behind her, and I’d love to see what the Bhatts do with Hrithik if they took over his career.

Image result for pooja bhatt

26 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Match! Arjuns Edition (with bonus Hrithik)

  1. I’m trying to work here! Seriously, I am one who enjoys the fluffier posts as you can probably tell:) I actually think I’m going to go with Arjun R. and Sushmita (though I think she is deliberately never going to marry). Much like Tabu. Hmmm…maybe that’s a pairing?

    Arjun K. and Jacqueline is my pick after seeing those cute pics (though the more I think about it the more I like him with Parineeti now).

    No way Hrithik could handle Swara! I do like him with Kalki. She kind of even looks like Susanne though? And they both do have this kind of new agey feel in the way they are a little too in their heads and psuedo-intellectual. Though at least she backs it up more. I like the Pooja pairing…it would be nice for him to be with someone age appropriate. The idea of Hrithik doing some Bhatt films is too overwhelming to contemplate. I might faint. Kind of what he should be doing while he’s still got the sex appeal instead of playing stupid superheros (and de-sexualized roles like inspirational teachers…same should be said of Rani but I’ll comment on that somewhere else).

    It’s weird to me that Hrithik hasn’t been seen out and about with anyone. Probably still laying low because of Kangana, but for someone who was rumored to be cheating on Susanne at times (I believe the Barbara Mori affair happened too), he hasn’t been much of a public playboy since the divorce.

    I also like the idea of Hrithik and Sushmita as a blended family. Or Hrithik with Jacqueline? And though I don’t really like them on screen together…I think Hrithik and Katrina would suit each other perfectly.


    • Arjun R. and Sushmita does have a nice feel to it, they are so similar in so many ways. And, of course, both have just gotten more gorgeous with age.

      Arjun K. and Parineeti, I will tentatively allow it. I just worry about her ability to be a solid support for him at home instead of yet another person for him to take care of. I do like the idea of both of them working on their weight issues together, either learning not to care, or having support so they can both achieve and maintain their personal goals.

      Maybe Swara mad passionate has a fling with Hrithik and shocks him into coming out of his shell and risking doing a different kind of film, he starts hooking up with Pooja and she bullies her Dad into casting Hrithik in their next sexy thriller, Hrithik’s career is reborn and he moves on to a small relationship drama with Kalki during the filming of which they fall in love, and Swara and Pooja are both invited to the wedding.

      But then, I also like Hrithik and Sush. It would have a nice Brady Bunch vibe to it. And Hrithik seems like a wonderful father, I am sure he would fit in easily in the lives of Sush’s girls, and vice versa for Sush and his boys.

      On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 12:28 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Swara Bhaskar: She’s tough, she’s outspoken, she doesn’t suffer fools lightly, she could wrench control of his career away from his father and send him on a new feminist experimental interesting direction. Oh, and she already said in an interview that she’d like to work with him someday.

    I need fanfic of this. And maybe Hrithik discovers he’s a sub and hands over the reins to Swara in every sense? 😉


    • Oh, we’ve now modified the fantasy. Hrithik and Swara have a quick hard passionate affair, she takes control of his life and drags him into a new career direction. Then hands him off to Pooja Bhatt who browbeats her father into producing a sexy thriller with Hrithik while she and Hrithik have a fling during filming. Finally, Hrithik’s sexual journey of discovery reaches its end when he goes from the Bhatt film to a sensitive character drama with Kalki and they fall in love.

      On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 4:01 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh heck, before Hrithik ends up with Kalki, he also has a quick thing on the side with Aditya Roy Kapoor who is on his own sexual journey to get himself to Parineeti. Because it’s not a true journey of self-discovery without a little bicuriousness.


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  4. Wait, no, I’ve been shipping Kalki with Rahul Bose ever since I heard a rumor about them a year ago. Both smart and socially conscious, Rahul at least doesn’t seem to be into marriage and neither has shown interest in children so maybe they just live together or have a Woody and Mia thing, except without the implosion at the end.

    Now that I’ve seen Sush with her daughters, I love the idea of Arjun K. coming in and being a big-brother-like stepfather. Because he’s used to being surrounded by women and taking care of them and he would be cool and fun and help them navigate boyfriends in high school.

    Which leaves Arjun R. Hmmm. Well, I am single and age-appropriate. I would take a hit for the team.


    • Wait, I put Hrithik with Kalki and Sush with Arjun R. So now Kalki is with Rahul Bose and Sush is with Arjun K., which leaves both Hrithik and Arjun R. at loose ends. Clearly they should be the couple!

      On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 11:52 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Swara & hrithik is an inspired choice. Her classically Indian looks to his unconventional handsomeness. Her outspoken extrovert to his reader’s introvert. Her focus on India and its problems to his global and spiritual focus.

    Arjun Rampal &…
    Deepika Padukone
    Like Mehr, Deepika is tall and slim, modeling background, and both were into sports before that. Plus Deepika has admitted in interviews to a mad crush on Arjun. And both Arjun and Deepika have that slightly unknowable quality, proper in interviews but you know there is a bit of bad boy/girl underneath.


    • But then Dips and Ranveer would be a thing, and that would BREAK MY HEART. But otherwise, yes, perfect. They even have that long connection going back to OSO.

      If we reject Dips, just thinking outside of the box, what about Bips? Her husband is clearly not good enough for her.

      I really want Swara and Hrithik to be a thing, they could be the new Javed and Shabana. He has the connections and industry respect, she has the fire to steer them in an interesting direction as a public couple. Also, she could be an awesome supportive stepmom, like Shabana.

      On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 4:17 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Here’s a thought:

    Hritik marries a society girl close to his age

    Arjun Rampal dates and marries one of his exes from wayyyyyy back when

    Arjun Kapoor dates and marries a young Delhi college girl. Think Mira Rajput but just not so obviously a social climber


    • But I don’t know any of these girls!!!!! How can I get excited about the matches if I only know the groom’s side?

      anyway, if we are having Arjun K. marry a non-famous person, why can’t he and Natasha have sparked at Sonam’s wedding and Arjun ends up stealing her away from Varun?

      And if Arjun R. is marrying a non-famous person, Miss Braganza already volunteered to take the bullet for us. Arjun R. goes on a post-divorce escape to Japan, meets a woman unlike any he had ever met before at a Bahubali screening in Japan, they fall in love, we all get invited to the wedding.

      And Hrithik can marry Rhea Pillai (I feel bad for her after researching her for my Sanjay series).

      On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 11:32 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Because in this fantasy world, we also have Rendezvous with Simi Grewal back and these couple go on the show and tell us about how they met in nearly hushed voiced and with sooooooooooooooo much emotion that we fall in love with the unknown girls!!! 😂

        Also, Hritik is too insecure to be around someone more famous/talented than him.

        Arjun R, well he’s still more model than A list bollywood star so someone from his college days, maybe the one that got away, maybe a former supermodel, would add soo much to his near brooding handsomeness.

        Arjun K and his self-loathing needs a peppy Delhi college girl. I think he does well when he’s in charge. Privately, she can be the one supplying the fun and sunshine in his life and in the eyes of the world, he could be her prince charming! Omg I so wanna write this story now!!


        • Have we not had a “movie star falls in love with average girl” romance in Hindi film? The closest I can remember is Main Khiladi Tu Anari, and that was hardly the main point of the plot (“movie star falls in love with cop” was clearly the main point).

          So, yes! This needs to exist!!!! Broody famous troubled type goes on a location shoot at a college campus, is charmed by a local girl, stuff happens. Maybe he pretends to be his own stand in at the start of the romance, and then once the truth is revealed they are almost torn apart by the pressure of fame. Maybe she has had a crush on him for years and faints when they first meet and he decides to keep her around as an ego boost and then falls in love. Maybe he falls in love with her but she thinks it is just a location fling and is fine with that, but he is really sincere in everything he says to her, and then misunderstandings ensue once he goes back to Bombay and the papers print that he is romancing someone else because his evil Manager is trying to drive them apart.

          And I will co-sign on the Arjun concept as a movie only if we get flashbacks to a dorky over weight college Arjun R. who was happily in love with an average girl, only to lose her when he got hot and she thought she wasn’t good enough.

          On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 11:46 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Oh no!!! No flashbacks. It’s all fluff and lightness and pretty things. Here’s what I’m thinking.

            Of course he’s shooting at a college in Delhi and our girl is one of the peppy girls in the crowd. Looking for a selfie and an autograph. Except she posts it on her insta and tags Arjun in the picture. He had noticed the girl but he was too shy to make the next move plus he thought it would be inappropriate to do so.

            So, he follows her back. She accepts his follow request. Secretly she’s freaking out that Arjun followed her back and she sends an excited dm to him. To which he replies cool lol or something equally boring. The girl doesn’t care that it’s boring. In her excitement she manages to throw her phone out the window and it’s sent to the shop for repairs for the next week. In this week, Arjun has sent her a few texts. Like hey it was nice to meet you what course you’re taking at college. And he goes through her profile. Finds pictures of her incredibly close family who seem like a hell lot of fun. They have a cottage in dehradun and a home in Delhi plus a village in Punjab. This girl had selfies in all kinds of clothes. Arjun develops a crush on her and he checks his insta like an idiot every few minutes hoping she’d be online. He cyber stalks her Twitter and Facebook and even her college pages. Turns out she’s quite active in student activities and she takes like public administration and history courses at college so he gets some pub ad books just to know what that’s about and reads history on Wikipedia and stuff.

            Week later, when the girl gets her phone back she’s elated to find his messages and then they begin talking on insta. Of course it’s weird because they’re busy with their lives and so their messages are like hours apart and a few texts at a time. It becomes an inside joke with them and one day they’re having a conversation about something like arjun being able to do an Amitabh Bachchan impression well. And she’s like I don’t think you can pull off the voice. He says oh lemme prove that to you. Gimme your number and I’ll call you and trust me you won’t be able to tell the difference. So she does. And he delivers.

            They end up having random phone conversations and one day she tells him that she won’t be able to be on the phone too much the next few weeks because she’s going to Punjab for her cousin’s engagement. He’s upset but he jokes around like oh I’ll probably forget you by then Bombay scene is so lit etc. And it upsets her but she’s like yeah, I know. Not likr I’m your girlfriend so please go ahead.

            But she does feel bad. She doesn’t know what it is. He feels bad too. And silly. Because it’s some chick he met for a few seconds once. It couldn’t possibly be anything more than that he thinks.

            Anyway, she’d at the village and the preps are in full swing. She’s into suits and stuff. She checks her phone often but there’s no message from him. She tells her BFF and she’s like yar he’s such a big star so don’t feel bad. He probably has a girlfriend. And she’s almost accepted it.

            One evening, she’s helping her mom and aunts get dinner on the table when one of her punjabi cousins ushers in a few people and turns out it’s arjun and his two buddies.

            The cousin says arjun and his friends were location scouting nearby and their car broke down. So the girl’s grandfather invites them to stay and there’s a lot of excitement. Our girl is freaking out but just then arjun turns to her and calls her by the wrong name and goes like I think I’ve seen you at the shoot at your college. She corrects him saying that was her friend’s name but yes they’ve met. And he’s feigning remembering the event. He sits with the men and they’re exchanging notes etc in the drawing room and the women have retired to one of upstairs bedroom to catch up. Our girl keeps going downstairs on some pretext or the other and her cousin catches her exchanging looks. She takes her cousin to the kirchen and tells her everything and just as she’s saying I think I have feelings for him, there’s a coughing noise behind them. It’s arjun. The cousin runs away embrasssed and arjun stands there and makes fun of the girl. She’s super embarrassed but also defiant like so what. I have crushes on movie stars all the time it’s no big deal. So he teases her some more and she’s gets annoyed and just as she’s about to leave in fury, he blocks the doorway with his arm and tells her actually I kinda feel the same way and I faked this entire thing because I had to come see you. And she’s just floored. The next day, Arjun gets up super early and pretends to be scouting around their estate doing the camera hands etc and the sardar cousins are gushing over him and going all veerji this and veerji that let us show you the real punjab. And there’s flirting etc. The night before the engagement they have a bonfire in the frontiers and the whole family is there and there’s singing. They request arjun to sing and at first he intentionally fucks up and makes people laugh but the he belts out the most incredible rendition of Man Bharrya (seriously give it a listen!!! It’s such an authentically punjabi song) and people are crying. Our girl is heartbroken by how heart breaking that performance is and she goes off into the kitchen to calm herself down. Arjun follows her and finds her sniffling and they have a tender moment and kiss and stuff. He tells her he officially wants them to be an item. She says her family is cool but not that cool. So he says he’ll talk to them and she’s like are you nuts?!

            So he says just come to Bombay for some course or something, I’ll arrange everything nobody will know who you are and we’ll get time to ourselves.

            So she comes to Bombay and she hates it there. She has no friends and family there and she always is getting picked and dropped by his driver. The fame isn’t an issue. Meanwhile they’ve slept together and they’re madly in love but something’s missing. They fight and there’s a break up. She goes back to Delhi and she’s told the family friend whose boy she’d been promised to have asked to not wait till the kids’ education is completed and they want to get them married and moved to Canada asap.

            Arjun calls her with an attitude saying like what’s your home address you’ve left some stuff here that i want to have fedexed to you and she’s been crying so her voice is shaky. He softens and asks her what happened and she tells him everything. He tells her she can’t married. She yells at him and tells him to forget about her. She’s back in Punjab and miserable and getting engaged. The grooms family gets offended and attacks arjun. The girls cousins get offended at the misbehaviour and attack them. Everyone beats everyone and soon they’re all sitting at the police station and the press is there and it’s all over national news. The story jas taken a life of its own and arjun’s PR team is releasing some completely different versions of events like this was a drunken dispute and has nothing to do with the girl. The girl’s family is super mad because she lied about why she was in Bombay. Arjun is told by one of her scared cousins that she’ll surely be married off now and he goes to rescue her and finds the entire family gathered in the front yard dramatically and he stands in front of them all and makes a big speech about love and whatnot. And everyone is stunned silent. He declares that he won’t leave there without her and they can beat him up all they want for it. Breaking the silence comes her kid cousin’s voice saying wtf have you been smoking dude?! She’s told us everything and we all were coming to bail you out and see if you’re serious about marrying her. Arjun is like ‘oh’

            They laugh and then the family is like call your family over let’s make this official. And his family comes over and they have a big celebration. Just before the engagement, Arjun sees her upset and he asks her what it is and she says she loves him but she doesn’t want to get married. And he says yeah I feel the same that this is a bit rushed but I don’t want to lose you.

            Before they could finish this conversation they’re pulled away for the ceremony and there’s dancing and just as they asked to exchange rings (actually a punjabi engagement wouldn’t have rings but that’s less fun), Arjun and girl exchange a look and he goes stop! And then he makes a speech about how they’re in love but they don’t want to rush into a marriage and how he wants her to pursue her career and not be tied up by his career. And everyone is stunned silent. The kid cousin breaks the silence with seriously bro what ARE YOU SMOKING?! And the grandma goes yeah and what’s with the speeches dude?! What do you think this is a film?! Anil and Boney exchange some big notes and they’re like what?! Of course we had a pot going on about this. And turns out so did a whole bunch of them.

            Arjun and the girl are like like wow thanks for the vote of confidence guys. Everybody makes jokes at their expense and they’re like ok haha very funny.

            Cut to the end credits and we see the girl talking to arjun over the phone and her family making jokes behind them. She’s been seleted for a research position at the institute of her choice and he’s doing well. They’re engaged and he’s about to come to Punjab for the wedding. Over video call they can see each other’s families starting pots and they’re like wow you guys! Thr last scene is her grandma roasting arjun in her wedding toast and the crowd going wild and arjun and the girl going like we’re never going to live this down are we?! And gulping down drinks to curb the embarrassment. The End.


          • My favorite part of this is the ” makes a big speech about love and whatnot” part. I can totally imagine being handed the shooting script with just brackets “[hero makes big speech about love and whatnot]”, and everyone kind of winging it on the day because they know the audience doesn’t care what is actually said so long as there is a big dramatic speech at that point.

            Oh, and the rest of it is great too! I especially love the move from college campus flirting to family function flirting to Bombay dating. Also, have you see The Prince and Me? Very similar, the happy ending is realizing she doesn’t want the big fairy tale wedding and giving up her own life, she wants to live a little first and follow her own plan.

            And along those lines, I would add in something early on to establish that our girl has a big life planned out. Like, she’s talking with friends about her 5 year plan and how the family engagement was put off because she insisted on it so that she can have time for grad school and so on. And she knows exactly what career she wants and what company her first job should be with and so on. So we have a sense of what she is giving up when she just moves to Bombay to be with Arjun.

            On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 1:12 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • omg Asmita I’m literally in class reading your story instead of lec notes haha but seriously how do you come up with these on the spot like that 😀


      • I like to tell stories. Oh and I conceived my best stories in class not paying attention to the lecture 😂 jk I always paid attention in class. Except when I showed up high. Fun times 😂


          • Part two of what fan-star pairing may I ask?

            I probably won’t be getting high as much this year cz I’m on keto. Then again, savan is a magical time and I never say never 😂


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