Happy Birthday Amrita Rao!

Amrita has been a bit forgotten lately (at least since she got married), but she was part of some great films.  And some great songs.  So why not celebrate that as she turns 37? (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

1.1. Amrita’s first major film role was an interesting one, Bhagat Singh’s abandoned fiancee.  It worked well with her fresh young look.

2.  Remember back when “Shamrita” was up there with SRKajol?  Okay, maybe not SRKajol, but at least as popular as Sakshay?  There was just something about these two baby faced kids, even in a not-very-good campus sex farce/romance.

3.  And then came Main Hoon Na!  In which you did a very good job with your role, and most of all, worked really really hard!  Your intro song is probably one of the most difficult songs ever done by a heroine (almost one single take!) and you nailed it!

4. And “Gori Gori”, in which you matched steps and sparkle with Sushmita Sen.

5.  Main Hoon Na was the biggest hit you were a part of, but you were not the main character there (although it was a major part).  No, the biggest hit to your name in which you can share at least half the credit is Vivah.

6. Vivah was also the return of Shamrita, what is the final return (so far), and probably their most romantic pairing.

7.  And Vivah let you have the funnest series of costume changes!


Special bonus song new this year:

You can also stretch yourself, something a little new and different in a comic song with Arshad Warsi.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amrita Rao!

  1. Awh I miss her! I just loved her in Vivah, I remember crying at the end of the movie and Main Hoon Na is such a fun movie her character was really relatable and definitely one of my faves of Srk.


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