Well, My Day Started HORRIBLE!!!! But I am going to find a bright side in everything, because that’s what I do

Not a great start to the day here!  Hopefully it gets better.  Or else I will get a pizza on the way home tonight (my soothing stay inside treat) and hide from the world with Dog Hazel, that works too.  Or just rely on my natural optimistic instinct to find the silver lining and force myself to be happy.

So, first, I started the day by trying to use twitter again.  Which lead to the usual gritted teeth, clenched fists, and shakey teary anxious feeling I always get on twitter after about 5 minutes.

(Me, after reading twitter.  So much content!  So little depth!)


Silver lining, this convinced me that I really should just give up once and for all and know I can’t do this and find someone else to do it for me.  Because clearly nothing else besides social media works to get you noticed online, and also clearly I just cannot do it.  So that decision is finally made!

(Freedom!  Happiness!  Acceptance of my limitations!)


And then I realized I was running late and still had to walk Dog Hazel so no time to put on make-up or do my hair, just throw on clothes without looking at them and run out the door.  Into a massive dreary rain storm I hadn’t noticed.

(Wasn’t walking in the rain without noticing because my heart was broken, just running late and didn’t look out the window first)


Plus side, if I had put on make-up and rebraided my hair, it would have just gotten messed up again in the rain, so it all worked out.

(Not everyone’s hair/clothes/face look as perfect as this when soaking wet)


This also meant a surprisingly short walk, which meant I got back to the apartment exactly 30 seconds after the bus, so I was both too early to drive to work, and too late to catch the bus.  And also too late to really make breakfast or do anything productive at home.

(Sure, sattar minute is enough time to win a field hockey match, but not scramble and eat an egg)


Plus side, that was just enough extra time to get coffee and hashbrowns at a drive through on the way to work.

(Why can’t my mornings be as pleasant and organized as Dia Mirza’s?)


And then I spilled mocha coffee all over my shirt.

(This should have been the perfect time for a make-over song as I borrow clothes from someone else and burst forth like a beautiful butterfly.  But my life isn’t a movie, so instead I just get to go through the day with a big stain on my shirt)


But the walk through the rain from the parking garage to my office was enough to get the shirt soaking wet again and almost kind of wash out the chocolate/coffee stain!

(Secret reason everyone dances in the rain: just trying to get their clothes clean)


So really, it all worked out for the best.

Plus my car will look all nice and washed from the rain storm, and I am sure it is good for the crops or something too,

and the big stain on my shirt is just an interesting challenge to my embroidery skills to cover it up, I’m thinking a big flower,

and doing my hair at work will be a fun activity while I am on hold with phone calls,

and most of all, shouldn’t I be grateful that I have the money to waste on drive through iced mochas that I then spill all over myself?  5 years ago I would have just been spilling cheap bad at home coffee.

And someday, maybe I will be rich enough to just buy new shirts that don’t have stains instead of constantly covering up existing stains.  Or mature enough not to constantly spill on myself.  Nah, that second is never gonna happen.

(See all the embroidery on their outfits?  They must have spilled SO MUCH.)

6 thoughts on “Well, My Day Started HORRIBLE!!!! But I am going to find a bright side in everything, because that’s what I do

  1. `
    It’s good to get all the bad stuff over in the morning. If it’s an average day, you should have a great afternoon.


    • Little bit. I had to skip lunch, but that just means I get to have a big dinner. And it is still raining, but then I get to have a short walk with Dog Hazel tonight too. And driving to work today means I can easily run an errand on the way home that I need to do. So it’s all good.

      On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 4:38 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Sounds like the Chicago version of my day. I set out this morning on my three week road trip to New England, only to see my engine light go on before I was even out of Maryland. I called my mechanic and described the issue and he said it probably wasn’t safe to drive, so I called AAA and got towed to a nearby garage. Two hours later, the problem was diagnosed but the parts had to be ordered, so instead of having dinner with my best friend from high school in Connecticut I am eating takeout Chinese at a Best Western. Thank heaven for free WiFi, my laptop, and Netflix.

    And you, Margaret. You made me laugh.


    • Oh, that sounds pretty horrible too! Although Chinese take out in a hotel with Netflix isn’t bad. I am glad I made you laugh.

      On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 5:16 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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