Happy Summer Solstice/My Aunt Bernice’s Birthday!

Never actually met Aunt Bernice, she was my great-great-aunt, but every summer solstice my grandmother would mention that it was also Aunt Bernice’s birthday and now that is burned into my brain, the two go together.  Pagan earth based sun rituals, and a spinster who worked for a mail order catalog company for 40 years.

Anyway, Pagan Earth Based Rituals!!!! Let’s start with that.  And the ridiculous yet charming song from Mohenjo Daro.


But that wasn’t a sun based ritual.  Don’t really know what that was, but there was no sun in sight.  How about this one to make up for it? (“Suraj Hua Madham”)


Did you know the pyramids are supposed lined up with the summer solstice?  So the sun sets between them?  I think that’s enough of a reason for me to do another summer solstice song! (“Enna Solla Pogirai”)


One more pyramid song! And I was hoping that the Eiffel Tower or one of the others was also a solstice building, but no. (“Poovukkul”)


Okay, pagan rituals, sun, solstice, pyramids.  What else?  Well, one long glorious sunny day!  Lots of songs about that.  This is one of my favorites (“Nazrein Milaana”)


Another long magical sunny day! (“Dagaria Chalo”)


It’s also World Music Day, people are supposed to play music all day out in the streets and stuff over the longest day.  So, like this.  Sort of. (“Dil Ka Darwaja”)


Also World Yoga Day!  I assume because of the sun salute?  My first thought was Taal, of course.  But that’s not really a song, so instead I went with this super cute song that includes a little yoga bit at the end. (“Na Shiqwa Hota”)


Let’s see, how to end?  Well, it’s supposed to be the longest day, but also the shortest night.  So how about a night that feels very short (“Mujhe Haq Hai”)



Oh, and for Aunt Bernice, a happy spinster song (“Kinare”)


8 thoughts on “Happy Summer Solstice/My Aunt Bernice’s Birthday!

  1. `
    I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a film that used Stonehenge as a backdrop for a song. Or maybe there has been? Anybody?


    • I looked, and had no luck finding anything. Macchu Pichu though, yes that one. And those mountains in Jordan with the carvings. I guess the UK government is just a little more protective of its national monuments.

      On Thu, Jun 21, 2018, 8:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I had a feeling that maybe Tum Bin 2 used Stonehenge and so I rewatched all songs to be sure, but I was wrong. It was shot in Scotland.

        Btw Tum Bin was such a nice movie, maybe not to put it on our “hidden gems” list but very easy for the eyes, with good music. Perfect to watch while doing chores and stuff.


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