Annual Pride Celebration! Indian Film Slashfic

Happy Pride!  I am celebrating by sleeping in and recovering from the concert last night.  But I will still mark the occasion with the annual reposts!

So, I was just talking with a friend about slashfic, and she didn’t realize that it exists in Bollywood too!  There are several, gifted, fanvid makers who are serving this void!  Some of my favorites are below.

This is from Magpie08AA5, who does all slashfic from a whole variety of fandoms.  Hindi film, but also Jerry Lee Lewis and Dean Martin, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, and, of course, Batman and Robin.  Her films really stand out for me because it isn’t just about the titillation of a forbidden romance, she builds up these real emotions and relationships between them!  Like in this, where I fully believe that Sanjay is in love with Ajay, but unable to commit to him in public.

Or this, which is more about a youthful innocent pure love which has been corrupted in the years since.

Or this, which I always read as Shahrukh taunting and seducing Arjun.  So, not so much about a love connection here, as a love-hate-sexual tension connection.

She goes old school too, pulling out the black and white to give us the wonderful romantic pairing of Ashok Kumar and Shashi Kapoor.

There’s also the delightful moment when the stars themselves craft some slashfic for us.  For instance, this sketch from the 2004 FilmFare awards (go a minute and a half into the video).

Or, I’m not sure what is happening exactly in this song from Gunday, but I am definitely getting a “more than friends” vibe here.

And then my all time favorite slashfic video, from vrxly.  It is the only slashfic fanvid she has posted, but it is enough to forever place her in the fanvid hall of fame so far as I am concerned.  Like if Aditya Chopra had only made DDLJ.


Yogesh in the comments on the TGIF post put up a link to an amazing video she (he? I always assume slashfic makers our women) that gives us the rare W+W love story!

And this one, also courtesy of Yogesh, but by recommendation not creation.

And, unrelated to above, while updating the links for the other videos I ran across this one which just has to be included.


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    • It started with “Kirk slash Spock”. For female fans of two male characters who put them together.

      On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 9:56 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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