Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: Scene By Scene Analysis in Exhaustive Detail Index

This is one of my least popular, and most difficult, blog series.  It’s hardcore analysis, social and shot by shot and narrative and history of the film industry and history of India and everything I have ever learned all in one place.  I am up to section 20 now, and 100 screen shots, and I am barely past intermission.  But I thought I should probably just put together an index post to make it easy for latecomers to catch up.  And hopefully get a few more readers to justify the amount of effort I am putting in!


I started by going through all the SRKajol films shot by shot, so before I even got to DDLJ, I had already done Karan-Arjun and Baazigar.

Karan-Arjun part 1

Karan-Arjun part 2

Karan-Arjun part 3

Karan-Arjun part 4

Karan-Arjun part 5

Baazigar part 1

Baazigar part 2

Baazigar part 3

Baazigar part 4

Baazigar part 5

Baazigar part 6

Baazigar part 7

Baazigar part 8

Okay, prologue over!  Time for the main event.  Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, the most important film since Sholay, perfectly constructed, perfectly performed, perfect in every way, which takes many many words to explain.

DDLJ part 1

DDLJ part 2

DDLJ part 3

DDLJ part 4

DDLJ part 5

DDLJ part 6

DDLJ part 7

DDLJ part 8

DDLJ part 9

DDLJ part 10

DDLJ part 11

DDLJ part 12

DDLJ part 13

DDLJ part 14

DDLJ part 15

DDLJ part 16

DDLJ part 17

DDLJ part 18

DDLJ part 19

DDLJ part 20

DDLJ part 21

DDLJ part 22

DDLJ part 23

DDLJ part 24

DDLJ part 25

DDLJ part 26

DDLJ part 27

DDLJ part 28

DDLJ part 29

DDLJ part 30

DDLJ part 31

DDLJ part 32

DDLJ part 33

DDLJ part 34

DDLJ part 35

DDLJ part 36

DDLJ Part 37

DDLJ Part 38

DDLJ part 39

DDLJ part 40

DDLJ Part 41

DDLJ Part 42

DDLJ Part 43

DDLJ Part 44

DDLJ Part 45

DDLJ Part 46

DDLJ Part 47

DDLJ Part 48

DDLJ Part 49

DDLJ Part 50

DDLJ Part 51


Humpty Sharma and How it Makes a Variation on DDLJ part 1

Humpty Sharma and DDLJ part 2

What Makes DDLJ so Unique as a Rom-Com


73 thoughts on “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: Scene By Scene Analysis in Exhaustive Detail Index

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  16. Hi Margaret,

    I just wanted to say that I love your ddlj analysis.
    Can add part 52 and 53 to this index and also soon post the rest of the movie


  17. Hi Margaret,
    Love reading your posts.
    Can you finish the rest of the movie after the Kajol fainting scene.
    If you have, can you add the links.
    Thanks 👍


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