Happy Birthday to My Sister!!!!! (TOAST!)

It’s my sister’s birthday, YAAAAAAAY!  As of 4 minutes ago EST.  And this is her nice little bonus surprise gift, on top of her actual presents that have (hopefully) arrived in the mail.

Last year I did a semi-sappy post.  At least, a post that could be read in a way that makes you sentimental.  This year, we are not together for her birthday (one of only 7 birthdays if her whole life that we have not been together, counting the one when I wasn’t born yet), so nothing sentimental at all!!!!!  Just happy happy things that won’t put a blight of “I can’t believe my sister isn’t here, I am so alone” on the day.

(Okay, it’s not really like this, she does have a husband and friends and stuff to celebrate with her.  But what is a husband next to a little sister?????  NOTHING!)

And, for happy happy, I’m just going to do a straight up playlist.  10 years ago, for my birthday one year, my sister got us matching ipods.  This was back when ipods could only hold like 200 or fewer songs.  So we synched both ipods to my computer, and every time she visits me or vice versa, I load up her ipod with a new playlist from my vast music library and she listens to the playlist over and over until we meet again.  The last time we got together, I forgot to do this.  So instead, I will give her a playlist this way.  All happy happy songs, because she doesn’t like the slow sappy ones.  And NO COMMENTARY AT ALL!!!!  As a special present, because commentary will inevitably lead to shared memories and that will make her sad.



























Some fanvids, just to shake things up



And finally, our special song as promised in the title of this post (to the general reader: I know I know, it’s totally inappropriate for a sister song, but it is what it is)


And this is how happy I am you were born:


And because this is your breakfast present:


(And just in case you do want a little sentimental cry, you can watch this one again)


(okay, now cheer up!)

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