Trailers! Some Old, Some Very Old, and One New

I know I know, lots of little posts today and only one substantive one.  Sorry!  Some days are just like that.  But at least it gives me a chance to catch up on trailers.

Somehow I missed the full length Gold trailer when it came out ages ago.  Or else I didn’t and I have amnesia.  Oh well, if that is the case, forgive me.

The plot is basically what we could predict, Akshay wins under British India, is depressed about it, pulls himself back as coach for Independent India, not caring that he is just the coach instead of a player.  And then it all seems like it will fall apart at the last minute, and then it doesn’t.  But I like seeing the little intros for the rest of the team, hopefully we get loads of Amit Sadh and Kunal Kapoor mixed in with our sad old Akshay.


That was the old trailer, this is the Very Old trailer, the one for Veeram that might, finally, possibly, be releasing in Hindi.  It’s not a great trailer, the constant repetition of “Macbeth” is weird.  But as expected, Kunal looks good shirtless and with long hair.


And finally, the new one!  The full length trailer for Genius.  Very disappointing, looks like an action movie after all.  If I am following this without subtitles, our hero is a “genius” and a government agent.  And then he has to go undercover in school and, possibly as part of his mission and possibly unrelated, falls in love.  But then Nawazuddin tracks him down and he has to go on a journey for vengeance, country, …….and LOVE!

In general I am disappointed that it is an action story instead of a love story.  But specifically for Utkarsh’s launch, his face just says “young romantic hero” to me instead of “touch action hero”.  The only thing I am interested in now about this film is exploring that cognitive dissonance, an action hero who looks like a young lover is something a little new.

5 thoughts on “Trailers! Some Old, Some Very Old, and One New

  1. Veeram will be released in hindi? I remember when many many months ago I was excited that Kunal is doing such important film, but then the movie disappeared without any news. I didn’t know if it was delayed or what, and forgot about it. Some time ago I discovered it was released in malayalam and wanted to watch it but the trailer was so boring that I put it on “maybe sometime” list. Now I’m reading that despite great reviews the movie was a huge flop. So is it wise to release it in “big pond” if it flopped in the little one?


    • The first thing I noticed about the Hindi trailer is that it had only 5,000 views. Which makes me wonder if it will possibly do well.

      On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 4:29 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I was one of the few people who liked it.Veeram was heavily promoted as inspired by Macbeth and a folktale about a villain Chandu in a folktale.Since that particular character is one of Mammotty’s landmark roles, a lot of people went to theatre expecting a sympathetic treatment to the hero. But the director chose to focus on the Macbeth aspect more and paid lip service to the local legend. Plus he went with the original version of the tale where Chandu is the betrayer.And the director didn’t do much character development.As far as he’s concerned been there, done that, what’s left for me to do.I personally thought Kunal was perfect in the role but there was a little resentment locally since a non-Malayali was chosen for an iconic role.Rana would probably face the same flak when the Marthanda Varma movie would come out.

        This is a famous song from the original Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha (A northern ballad). A noble woman’s daily routine – take a bath,put on makeup, flirt with the hero, fencing,more flirting in the guise of fencing practice.


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