Hindi Film 101: The Kapoors Part VII, the “Other Kapoors”, Sonam and Arjun, Plus Jeetendra, Shahid, Ekta, Pankaj

I am making an exception and putting up two 101 posts in one day!  Because I want to finish off the Kapoors all nice and tidy on a Thursday, so I can start fresh with somebody else next week.  Speaking off, there will be a poll at the end of this entry for you to decide who you want to read about next. (also, after some nagging and requests, I have set up a menu area for Hindi Film 101, you can see them all here)

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TGIF Post: Santa/Raees-themed! Men With Beards!

I am sure if I wanted to google “sexy Santa” I could find it.  But I don’t want to do that.  So instead, I am going to limit myself to one Santa-like element, and look for beards.  Sexy men with beards.

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Dear Zindagi Full Summary (SPOILERS, of course) Part 1: Right From the Start, We Learn This is a Woman’s Story

I mentioned in my SPOILER review, how this is a very very female story, both in content and style.  Sure, the narrative is all about one woman’s journey, based on emotions and relationships and all that “girly” stuff.  But it is also told in a very female way, more about what is unsaid than what is said, through body language and intuition and so on.  Which starts in the very first series of shots.

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