Kerala Floods Report/Donation

We get so much joy out of Kerala films, we really should give more back to those whose culture and society has helped create them.

There is massive flooding in Kerala right now.  But, there is always a silver lining to these stories.  In this case, it is that (as always) the movie stars have stepped up and donated money.

I’m not saying they couldn’t have given more or done more.  And that others aren’t giving more.  But if you look at all the wealthy and powerful people in India, it is usually the film community, as a whole, that gives the most back.

Prabhas has donated 1 crore to the relief fund

Ramcharan and his wife combined to donate 1.8 crore

Mohanlal gave 25 Lakh and Mammootty gave 15

Allu Arjun gave 25 Lakh

Kamal Haasan gave 25 Lakh


All money collected from the first day shows of Geetha Govindam in Kerala will be donated to the relief fund.


These are just the donations we know about.  It is common in these situations for actors and others to donate massive amounts and not talk about it.  John Abraham, for instance, issued a heartfelt tweet encouraging donations.  I am going to assume that he himself also made a generous donation without feeling the need to talk about it.

Nivin Pauly went directly to using twitter in order to find and coordinate relief efforts, no talk of financial donation.

Siddharth, who personally coordinated and was active in relief efforts for the Tamil Nadu floods a few years back, took a more political angle.


I know my Indian readers might be reading this going “yeah?  So what?  Isn’t this what everyone does?”  But no!  It’s really not!  I can’t imagine hearing about a Hollywood actor coordinating relief efforts during a mudslide or a wildfire in LA. I certainly can’t imagine a Hollywood producer donating the box office from opening day to disaster relief efforts.  This kind of understanding between audience and star, and fan and star, is simply unheard of in other places in the world.  And it is a remarkable and admirable thing.  Something that you who are Indian should be proud of, and something that makes me proud to be a fan of Indian movies.

Forest Officer

(Prabhas visiting the house of some of his Kerala fans while filming Bahubali 2 there.  Apparently he didn’t forget them)


Now, if you want to be like the movie stars and donate to these relief efforts, here is how you can do it:

The official donation location is the Chief Ministers Relief Fund here:


The problem is, that donation link doesn’t seem to work well for international donations.  This one is not as good, it is from a 3rd party that takes a percentage of the donation, but at least international donors seem to be allowed:



And here’s a nice song to remind us of all the good things of Kerala.

7 thoughts on “Kerala Floods Report/Donation

  1. Yes the stars are doing whatever possible by them to help. Sharing the infos from authorities, sharing the distress calls in social media etc.. They are also affected.. Prithvirajs mother was seen being rescued in a large tub when her house was submerged.. Nivin and many other stars reside in aluva and that region is entirely under water now.. Tovino posted in fb his house is safe untill now and anyone in nearby regions affected by flood can come to his house and stay with him there..
    But the flood is disastrous and rains aren’t stopping.. Chief minister said we will have to rebuild the entire state when the crisis is over.


  2. Thank you Margaret! You’re right – some of these things we take for granted, but they are all due to the personal relationships stars have with fans.


  3. I used my Bank of America credit card to make donations . You can use the credit/debit card option by Federal bank. First they blocked it , but I was able to transfer after I approved it.


  4. SRK, as always, was one of the first to make a donation. He has not mentioned it but he was thanked via Twitter by one of the organizers of the relief effort. He donated a huge amount of money back in 2013 when there were also floods in Kerala. Also without fanfare. In addition to this, members of his fan many clubs in India always spend their holidays donating their time & food & clothing to the less fortunate. Most recently on Independence Day. I have also seen photos on Twitter today of donations of blankets ready to be distributed in Kerala. He has set a good example for his admirers to follow & they are doing just that.


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