Life Update! Dog Hazel and I Went on Vacation!

This is just a quick Life Update to hold you until I am back home with my life moderately under control and can actual write new interesting content.  But hey, at least I did my traditional Independence Day blast of posts yesterday!

Let us set aside the car issues for now, and focus on the good things!  My sister was in town and I took two days off work to go up to our family lake house and be with her and my parents.  And, of course, Dog Hazel.

(Like this, only two grown women and two parents and a dog in a station wagon, instead of a bus full of people)

My sister completely fell in love with Dog Hazel, as expected, and of course my parents already were in love with her.  They are greatly enjoying being dog “grandparents”, meaning they get to play with her and pet her and walk her, and then send her off with me and not have any doggie responsibilities until they see her again.

(And then once my sister and I turn horrible and selfish, little Dog Hazel will be the only light in their lives, stealing money to buy them new glasses and so on)

So our activities were all a bit doggie focused.  For instance, we took her to a dog park and confirmed that, as expected, if we let her off leash she will run and run and run and look at interesting things and not notice when we call her, and then suddenly go “hey!  Where are my people????  What’s happening????” and run back to us.  This works great in a dog park, but probably would work less great in The World where by the time she remembers to look for us, we may be hidden from view and she would be completely lost.  So, no off leash time for Dog Hazel.  And maybe obedience classes.


(Dog Hazel on the way to the dog park, very dubious about this whole thing)

We also took her swimming again!  The first time I tried putting her in the lake, she swam like mad for shore and then ran inside.  The second time, she was almost enjoying it for a half second until she suddenly went “hey!  I’m in water and my feet aren’t touching the ground!” and then she panicked and swam like mad for shore.  So I wanted to try a 3rd time and see if I could keep her calm and enjoying the whole time.  No luck.  Swam her little heart out for shore and ran back inside whimpering.  So maybe not a swimming dog.


(Dog Hazel, post swim)

Let’s see, what else?  I made iced tea for the first time!  Which, it turns out, is exactly the same as making regular tea but then you pour it over ice.  Who knew!

(Picture this, but with hot tea pouring down on top of it.  That’s how you make iced tea!  It’s like magic!)

And I tried on dresses for my Mom to pin up and see if she could hem them.  That was fun, because she got to admire how beautiful all my new dresses were and I got to stop worrying about hemming them myself.

(It was like Madhuri’s fashion show in the middle of this song.  But not)

Oh, and Dog Hazel helped us do dishes.  After discovering there was a fair amount of “Oops!  Oh no, I have dropped this bit of gristle on the floor, what will happen next?” and “Oh dear, I seem to have accidentally set this plate down on the ground to be licked, how clumsy of me!” happening in the kitchen.  I am trying not to teach her to beg at the table, but I feel like so long as we have an elaborate pretense of “accident” it is okay to give her people food.



4 thoughts on “Life Update! Dog Hazel and I Went on Vacation!

  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Good things come in three: short vacation (despite broken car), sister loving dog, dog definitely showing that she doesn’t like to swimm (so no wet dog wetting you by shaking her body 😉 ).


    • Yes! All good! And my Mom volunteered to hem the dresses so I don’t have to, we found a really cool little museum in the town where we went to fix the car, and I learned how to make iced tea. There’s another 3.

      On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 10:10 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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