Happy Teacher’s Day! (In India)

Okay, how many Teacher’s Days ARE there?!?!?  I already did the American/International Teacher’s Day, and Guru Purnima (click the links if you feel the need to review former teacher songs), and now there’s ANOTHER Teacher’s Day?  Just for India?  Thank goodness there are so many teacher songs! (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

1. I’ve been resisted using Tare Zameen Par for one of these things, because I find Aamir in clown clothes terrifying.  But I forgot that in addition to “Bum Bum Bole”, this song is also an option.

2. My favorite part of Mohabbatein!  Stop reading if I’ve told this story before, but one time ages ago I was shopping in my favorite Indian DVD store, the place was mobbed (it was during a Diwale sale), and this part came on the store TV and everyone stopped dead for like 30 seconds to watch Shahrukh drumming, and then went back to chatting and browsing and checking out and so on.

3. This is really more of a Guru Purnima song than a Teacher’s Day song, but I missed it back in July, so I am putting it in now.  And it does work, right?  Because Amitabh plays Farhan’s teacher/Guru in the film, and the way they vibe together recording the song definitely feels like a Guru/student relationship.

4. Why didn’t I use Gabbar is Back before?  Oh right, because I wanted to use Desi Boyz instead, and that used up my Akshay quotient.

5. So long as I am thinking outside the box I little, I should acknowledge Salman’s real life teaching, all his little mentees that have gone on to success.  They certainly make a point to acknowledge him when they get a chance!

6. I just triple-checked, and I actually haven’t used this song before for the other Teacher’s Days!  Kind of stunning, because it is one of the best teacher songs!

7.  Speaking of classic teacher songs from classic movies….

8.  A bit of an unexpected teacher movie, but that’s what it really turns into.  ABCD.


9. So long as I’m doing slightly unexpected dance related ones, how about Madhuri in Aaje Nachle?


10.  And to end with a twofer!  Shahrukh and Rani, both teachers in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.


Bonus:  Oh wait, I just remembered this one!


13 thoughts on “Happy Teacher’s Day! (In India)

  1. It’s celebrated on 5th September in India because it’s the birthday of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was a teacher and the 2nd President of India.
    He wished that his birthday be celebrated as Teacher’s Day.


  2. Watching Sadqay Tumhare. Loving Mahira-such a consummate actor. Hero is, of course the dashing type but little wooden. After the upper class dramas, good to see a rural romance though the ‘epic’ness is kinda making me restless & bored.
    Read the English translation of the novel on which Zindagi Gulzar Hai was based. If I hated the last one-third of the show & the hero in that portion, I’m ready to murder the novel-wala hero & the author. Author-a woman-has some seriously low opinion about women’s position on earth & some preachings on how a good woman should be. I have a new found appreciation for the show makers for creating a great theme based story & immensely better characters from the trash that is this novel.
    Also watched RX100. It’s yet another Devdas story but with a darker twist than Arjun Reddy. The execution, performances are all at best average but there’s something about the way the story is told that strikes as sincere & of course the great soundtrack.
    How could you forget Sushmita Sen from Main Hoon Na-the ultimate hot teacher fantasy. Also below song from Kakka Kakka-if u ever wondered what idealistic young, high school teachers do in their spare time.


    • That song is great! And I ignored Sush because I am too depressed over not being able to find the “Happy Teachers Day” sexy scene on youtube. What is wrong with the youth of today???? Why has no one illegally made it available??? Or, alternatively, why has Red Chillies not made it available legally?

      On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 12:18 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I’m happy you liked #RX100. I think like you, it’s not a perfect movie, but has many good things too, and overall in the end I was very satisfied, and it doesn’t happen often.


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