Happy Teacher’s Day! (In India)

Okay, how many Teacher’s Days ARE there?!?!?  I already did the American/International Teacher’s Day, and Guru Purnima (click the links if you feel the need to review former teacher songs), and now there’s ANOTHER Teacher’s Day?  Just for India?  Thank goodness there are so many teacher songs! (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

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Discussion Post: Skin Tone in India! Discuss and Educate Us!

I put up a post yesterday related to Sridevi’s death about how there is a recent association in Indian popular culture between “skinny” and “healthy” and also “beautiful”.  And then the comments section just went wild with people talking.  Mostly people from the west, where the weight issue has been the dominant issue in appearance for years.  But I started to feel odd talking about this on an Indian film blog without acknowledging the fact that in India it is in fact skin tone that is the dominant issue.

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Wednesday Watching Post, You Get to Pick My Next Posts!

I know I know, you are sick of Jab Harry Met Sejal.  Or, alternatively, you love it and are depressed that it will be ending soon.  Either way, I am sure you have opinions what I should do next with my post-JHMS life.  And here is where you get to help me decide!  Oh, and also do your usual Wednesday report on what you have been watching and reading and thinking this week.

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Weekend Box Office: Hilariously Bad

It’s been a bad fall.  Because, as my continuing series of posts indicates, the industry is STUPID.  Constantly giving too much money and screens to big dumb films, and not enough money and screens to small smart films.  But this weekend is so bad, it’s just funny!

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Attakathi: Okay, I Can See Why This Had a Mixed Reaction

After watching Kabali, I had the director’s earlier films recommended to me, Attakathi and Madras (tell me in the comments if there is anything else he did that I am missing and should watch).  Anyway, Attakathi was easier to find, so I watched that one first.

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Happy Guru Purnima! Let’s Look at Some of the Teachers of Indian Film!

I half considered doing a “serious” post for this day, people who taught me about Indian film, but then it just would have been a dozen SRK songs, and that’s not fair to the non-SRK people!  So instead I’ll do teachers in general, and only half SRK songs.

And, as always, if there is a song you like that matches the theme, just mention it in the comments!

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Premam Times 2: A Second Review!

That’s allowed, right?  A second review of a movie I have already written about, just because I watched it a second time?  Although, how would you really stop me?  It is my blog, I am all powerful in this small little universe.

(if you want to read my first reaction, that review is here)

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Premam: I Liked This Movie! And it is Deeper than it Looks at First Glance!

Another Nivin Pauly movie!  Premam!  Which I loved, but I should probably make it my last rom-com for a bit.  I’ve been spoiling myself with a string of recent rom-com hits, I need to check out a different genre/era.  I wanted to watch Traffic, but no luck, it’s not available anywhere online.  Which almost gives me an excuse to watch Mili instead, which is available (and also by Rajesh Pallai, so it would be a nice thing to do the week he died).  But it’s another Nivin Pauly movie, and I am dangerously close to a Nivin Pauly overload.  Or maybe not?  Mili does look really good!

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