Random Saturday Discussion Post: Stars versus Their Younger Selves! Who Aged Better and Who Aged Worse?

This came up in a discussion on Friday’s post, the unquestionable truth that Shahrukh looks better the older he gets.  And then the challenge became, what other stars aged into better looks than in their youth?

Akshay Kumar young:

Image result for akshay kumar young

Akshay Kumar Now:

Image result for akshay kumar


Madhavan Young

Related image

Madhavan Now

Image result for Madhavan


Anil Kapoor Young

Image result for anil kapoor young

Anil Kapoor Now

Related image


Shahrukh Khan Young

Image result for shahrukh khan young

Shahrukh Khan Now

Image result for shahrukh khan


Salman Khan Young

Image result for salman khan young

Salman Khan Now

Related image


Mammootty Young

Image result for mammootty young


Mammootty Now

Image result for mammootty uncle


Mohanlal Young

Image result for mohanlal young

Mohanlal Now

Related image


Ajay Devgan Young

Image result for ajay devgan young

Ajay Devgan Now

Related image


Aamir Khan Young

Image result for aamir khan qsqt

Aamir Khan Now

Image result for aamir khan beard


Sanjay Dutt Young

Image result for sanjay dutt

Sanjay Dutt Now

Image result for sanjay dutt


Jackie Shroff Young

Image result for jackie shroff young

Jackie Shroff Now

Related image


Amitabh Bachchan Young

Image result for amitabh bachchan young

Amitabh Bachchan Now

Image result for amitabh bachchan


Now, you ready for the real challenges?

Neetu Young

Image result for neetu young

Neetu Now

Image result for neetu kapoor


Dimple Young

Image result for dimple young

Dimple Now

Related image


Twinkle Young

Image result for twinkle khanna young

Twinkle Now

Image result for twinkle khanna


Rekha Young

Image result for rekha young

Rekha Now

Image result for rekha



Okay, here are my votes!

Akshay Young < Akshay Old

Maddy Young < Maddy Old

Anil Kapoor Young <<<<<<<< Anil Kapoor Old

Shahrukh Young=Shahrukh Old

Salman Young >>>>> Salman Old

Mammootty Young >>>> Mammootty Old

Mohanlal Young >>>>>>>>>>>>>Mohanlal Old

Ajay Young = Ajay Old

Aamir Young >>> Aamir Old

Sanjay Young >>> Sanjay Old

Jackie Shroff Young >>> Jackie Old

Amitabh Young = Amitabh Old

Neetu Young < Neetu Old

Dimple Young < Dimple Old

Twinkle Young < Twinkle Old

Rekha Young > Rekha Old


As for the overall winner of Best At Aging, I think it is clearly Anil Kapoor.

Image result for anil kapoor italy

And the reverse, Worst At Aging, I have to (regretfully) give it to Mohanlal.

Image result for mohanlal

Okay, what do you think?

20 thoughts on “Random Saturday Discussion Post: Stars versus Their Younger Selves! Who Aged Better and Who Aged Worse?

  1. Oh this is hilarious! I agree with you on a lot, but not everything. I’d say both Akshay and Twinkle are equally hot young and old. Same with Maddy. Sanjay is about the same to me because even when he was young he had the face of a 40 year old ridden hard and put away wet. Jackie Shroff is better old, I like the character in his face.

    Shahrukh is definitely better old, no doubt about it. Better body for one thing, which is impressive. And much much much better hair.


    • I’ll give you Akshay, but I find Twinkle so awkward and uncomfortable in herself as a young woman, compared to know when she has such a confident attitude and makes such striking fashion choices without feeling like she is trying hard.


    • Kangana’s original comment in April 2017 when asked about Vikas:

      “It’s a very serious issue. I can only say that it is very courageous of a woman to come out and speak about sexual harassment. It’s not regarding this particular event, because I am not the party involved, but generally speaking, women who face this should be encouraged to talk about it by their families and their colleagues without feeling ashamed about it.”

      “More women should come out and talk about whatever they feel because that’s how there will be awareness about these issues and of course, there will always be another side of the story as well and then there will be the authorities, who can decide what is the right thing to do,”

      Not saying she had to come forward at that point or anything, but she could have just said “no comment”. And she certainly could have skipped the “another side of the story” comment.


  2. Akshay is equally handsome young and old but I like the more manscaped salt and pepper look slightly better.

    Maddy is way better older

    Anil is debonair in his old age but has never done it for me either young or old

    SRK is losing his youthful charm which always made up for his unusual but compelling looks…he’s actually looking more traditionally handsome with age

    Salman has never done it for me and I’ve never understood why people consider him handsome to be honest.

    Mammooty and Mohanlal – just don’t have enough data to make a decision

    Ajay young = Ajay old – his kind of sexiness is just timeless

    Definitely have never thought Aamir was attractive young or old…maybe just a glimmer in his best romantic scenes with Preity in Dil Chaata Hai…his eyes (his best feature) have never looked as pretty as they did then

    Sanjay has an ugly sexy thing going in his youth and now he just looks like the sad, aging ex-con he is…but at least it suits the roles he gets

    No opinion on Jackie Shroff – he’s too campy for me

    Amitabh young for sure!

    Neetu old is better

    Dimple young = Dimple old

    Twinkle old is better

    Rekha is timeless

    My additions…

    Hrithik reached his peak attractiveness in his 30s and he is going downhill fast…all those years with no body fat and smoking is taking its toll (and it’s mean to say but I think his hairpieces are getting worse, too). I don’t know why I’ve turned on him so much lately!

    Saif is an unusual case where his attractiveness has gone and up and down throughout his career and is really dependent on his styling. You either think he’s hot or not usually, but I am enjoying the longer hair and beard look that he’s aging into.


    • John Abraham is aging well but his best years are behind him

      Suniel Shetty is much more handsome now

      Abhishek is aging better than his father so far and his new trimmer look is peak attractiveness…he should never lose the beard either


      • Oh yes, there should be Sunil on Margaret’s list too. He is no doubt the winner of aging.
        And Kajol too- she looks so much better now.


        • Agreed on Kajol. After one of the discussions yesterday I went back and watched just the SRK-Kajol scenes in Dilwale. I don’t know why I hadn’t really focused on her before (not a super Kajol fan) but she is just stunning in that movie.


          • She has managed to age into a more put together look, styled hair and careful make-up and so on, without losing the fresh expressions and unique looks she had in her youth. I wish she could give tips to some of the other actresses!


      • Definitely Abhishek. I’ve always thought he has his mother’s face and his father’s body, and in terms of aging that is the best of both worlds. The slightly more delicate features barely show age, and the long body doesn’t either.


    • Looking at these photos, I realized most people reached peak attractiveness in 30-40s, which was very reassuring for me (since that’s my age group now). There’s a kind of comfort with their body and what works, combined with minimal damage of hard living. Of course, people like Anil who never lived hard have kept that shockingly youthful look well into his 50s and 60s. But Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir, Jackie, even Dimple, all looked really special in the middle decades. Twinkle is the only one here that you can really see it in, she was a pretty enough young woman, but she is really striking in middle-age.

      And Ajay, when I was looking for photos, I realized he is really ugly! His face is just long and strange and puffy. But somehow his performances overcome it and he convinces you he has magnetic looks.


  3. Young SRK was super-cute with those chubby cheeks and dimples but old SRK is much more traditionally handsome. He’s definitely aged the best out of his contemporaries. Akshay is too thinned out in the face and looks harsh with age. Aamir gets more and more plastic. Most of the time he looks like a wax figure to me these days. Poor Salman who used to be considered so attractive in his younger days has aged the absolute worst. He is just so bulky and bloated – there is no definition left in his face-no cheekbones, no jawline, just a balloon face. Making things worse is his body. He can’t move well. Most of the time he looks like he’s struggling just to get through the day especially when you see him next to someone like SRK who is still so fast and energetic. Seeing them in that scene together in Tubelight was tragic because the difference was so apparent.

    Dimple and Nitu look great even now but I’m not on the Rekha train. I can’t stand how artificial she is and how much white geisha make-up she plasters onto her face like a mask. She doesn’t even look like a normal human to me.


    • I am sure Dimple and Neetu have both had some subtle plastic surgery done, probably a lot of these people have, but the good ones do it without losing the definition of their face. Looking at the old and young photos for some stars, it’s like two different people. But Dimple, Neetu, Shahrukh, Akshay, they all look like the natural continuation of their younger selves.


  4. `

    I often wonder if it’s about aging well or just being able to afford better photographers and stylists. I’m intrigued by author photos on book dust covers. If you follow an author through their career (like Sue Grafton or Daniel Silva) they just keep looking better and better.


  5. Maybe it’s just my demographic, but I think everyone here but Salman looks better old. I love young Amitabh but he peaked in his early sixties. I’m a bit on the fence about Rekha.


    • Oh good, it’s not just me with a taste for older Amitabh. His charisma did really start turning to gravitas until after 60.

      On Sat, Oct 6, 2018 at 8:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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