Shahrukh Month Nice Post: Interview Videos (Be Sure to Watch the Last One, if No Others)

A few of us were saying recently how nice we find it to watch Shahrukh interview videos, because he speaks so well and says such nice things.  And so I have pulled together a fairly random collection of what I could find on youtube.  Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

First, my favorite, the full documentary on Shahrukh Inner/Outer.  The Outer World part is interesting, watching him on a stage tour.  But the Inner section is where you see him discuss his youth his family, his house, and even visit his parents’ graves.


That one is long and in depth, this one is short and more of a mood piece, it is mostly just Kajol and Shahrukh watching and commenting on their old songs.  I like it more for the silences, where you can see them reacting.


This one, which is relaxed in a different way, just being rude and over the top and funny with whatever pops into his head.


This one, which flips the script and has Shahrukh interview Lady Gaga instead of the other way around.


And finally one very very early interview, from 1997 when he isn’t fully comfortable yet with how to do interviews, but is already so very charming and amusing.  If you only watch one of these, MAKE IT THIS ONE!!!!!  Mostly because this is a very good interviewer who actually did a little research, and also because he wasn’t quite famous enough to not talk about things yet (for instance, his feelings about the 1992 Bombay riots and experiences during them)


12 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month Nice Post: Interview Videos (Be Sure to Watch the Last One, if No Others)

    • I noticed the Hindi too, except the opposite! He used it less, but he used it worse, that is, he forget he was using Hindi a couple times (like translating “yaar” as “dost” and then catching himself and changing to “friend”). And it was a BBC interview, he only uses Hindi in his English interviews now if he is quoting something, like a line from his films, and then translates it.

      Just in general, it felt less thought through and prepared and I loved it. And now I have to track down the THINK interview!

      On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 5:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Here’s the THINK interview. It became my favorite too after Molly or another commenter recommended it. Along with the AIB interview, which is a hanging with the guys side we don’t get to see much. And the Inner doc. But in THINK he tells a few very personal anecdotes I hadn’t heard before, and he reads bits from the manuscript of his book. I confess my expectations were low, celebrity memoirs are not my thing, but I was impressed, it seems he can write. Perhaps one day we will get to find out, if he ever manages to finish the thing and publish it.


    • I love photos of him with his kids! It gives him an excuse to goof off even more than usual in photo shoots. And you can tell the kids are enjoying themselves as well, from the way the photos come out or don’t come seemingly at random, I suspect they simply don’t bring the kids if they aren’t feeling up to a photo shoot,and do bring them if they are. Best way to get great kid reactions!

      On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 6:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Oh my gosh, that 1997 interview. He’s been talking about some of this stuff for so long. I mean that as wow, how exhausting…to have your marriage questioned by some outside organization on the basis of your religion, to have your success and career and family all questioned through the prism of your religion, to take refuge from riots in friends’ houses because of your religion, when you’re just trying to live your life. It’s a great line “if I am in any part of India, I belong there.”

    You can tell this is before kids in the way he talks about Gauri and his in-laws :).


    • Yes! I was so sure it was before kids too and I didn’t know why I was so sure, but you are right, it’s the way he talks about his family. It’s Gauri and his in-laws, they hadn’t really broken free and become their own family yet the way it happens after kids, everything still feels subtley Delhi oriented.

      Did you see the Davos interview? He’s been talking about this for so long and she came at it as though she had never heard him speak about anything before. And that was a BBC interview too! She could have looked at her own archive! But instead she came at him with “your father, a devout Muslim” and “as a Muslim”. He’s spent 25 years or more talking about how his life has been “as a Muslim” and it’s nothing that would fit in her little box of assumptions.

      And come to think of it, it wasn’t just the religious issues that he has had to talk about for over 20 years. She also asked him in this interview about how he chooses films, and it was the same “I make this, and then I make that, and they tell me I should make more of the other thing” answer that he just gave AIB! He’s spent his career protesting that when he plays different roles people want him to play the popular ones, and when he plays the popular ones they want him to do something different.

      On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 11:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It must get so boring! Let me try a slight variation of the 678 other ways I’ve answered this question in the past 25 years.

        I did see the Davos interview. That’s more what I think of as the norm with BBC interviewers – blithely uninformed, especially when it comes to the colonies. This interviewer was much better, it sounded like she maybe even lived in India, she was conversant with the whole context.

        Indian interviewers fall into the same patterns too, though, at least the English language interviews I can understand. Maybe just a symptom of the celebrity interview/film promotion format? Either predictable or occasionally outrageous to see if they can get clickbait out of catching him off guard.


        • One thing I was thinking with this interview is that he might have benefited by not being famous enough to get a top string interviewer. Probably the people like her, the ones who live in India and understand the context and are aware of his whole career and life, are now one of a dozen research assistants trying desperately to pour knowledge into the “face” of the show who gets to ask the actual questions. Back in the day he got to talk to the lowly person who did the research.

          It seems like hsi best interviews now are the ones that are live conversations, not the big network TV show things. Maybe that’s the only situation where he still gets to talk to the thoughtful prepared people instead of the showy celebrity interviewers.

          On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 11:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yes, I think live interviews, and either where he’s moving – literally walking around or driving or otherwise in motion – or in the interview with people who are more his peers, like Kajol or Karan. He’s more natural when he’s playing off of other people, but with younger co-stars the interviewers tend to direct most of the questions to him and he can sometimes come off as patronizing. Especially when the interviewer’s questions to the co-star are all of the “how amazing was it to work with Shah Rukh Khan?” variety.


  2. Those unprepared interviewers are SO annoying.The British are bad and the Americans worse. Priyanka (though she is not one of my faves) had to answer the STUPIDIST questions. My favorite was when Kelly Ripa asked her who her Oscar jewelry was from as in borrowed from and she said, “Oh, its mine.” and later asked about the Bentley she arrived in, she said, “I have one at home so I know how to get in and out of it in a gown.” I’m not sure I could tolerate watching Shah Rukh interviewed as stupidly. The Devos woman was so annoying. She wanted some controversy or headline or something. What they seem to not get is that he is way smarter than the average actor and even the average journalist.


    • He’s also way more powerful than the average actor or journalist. Which is kind of like what you are talking about with Priyanka, she doesn’t have to borrow jewelry, she is rich enough to just wear her own. Bugs me when he is asked the usual soft actor questions, not realizing that he is also a producer and just generally a hugely powerful person who is working on an entirely different level. I liked this old interview because she was asking about him as a person, and his artistic development, but not saying dumb stuff like “what directors do you want to work with next?”


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