Girl Power Post, for #MeToo Cheerfulness

You ready for some fist pump moments of female power?  I know I am!  And I have collected them here, so long as the nice people on youtube don’t pull them down.

Ugh, almost all the female focused movies from India go for these really drippy sad songs.  Or else light dancy happy songs.  I want the strong and powerful anthem songs!  And the strong and powerful anthem moments!  Oh well, I guess I will have to create my own playlist.


Am I the only person who likes Akira?  I really really like it!  Because this fight scene is not an exception, it is what the whole movie feels like, our heroine keeps being put down and keeps getting back up again.


Obviously, have to include the classic Chak De scene (remember, review going up on Wednesday!)


Love this song, far better than I love the Dangal as a whole.


And a song/scenes for women who don’t get into physical fights or big heroics, but are heroes non-the-less, like Vidya in Tumhari Sulu.


Another one, from a powerful heroine with no time to be pleasant or likable, Rani in No One Killed Jessica.


Speaking of Rani, fanvid time!  For people who didn’t find the stuff the film industry was putting out quite empowering enough.


I forgot about this one, and I love it!  Perfect flip of the holy correct vision of female power into something a little more human and strong.


And a classic, a classic Indian heroine Hema Malini, and a classic girl power anthem from Nancy Sinatra.


And finally, something from a movie that I just wish was as good as the song, Gulaab Gang.


2 thoughts on “Girl Power Post, for #MeToo Cheerfulness

  1. I like Akira (of course I like Akira). Except the ending, didn’t like the ending much, but I liked Sonakshi and I liked the rest of the movie. I’m glad it exists. That scene was good medicine for today.


    • The ending is awfully dark. But the epilogue is cheerful! She gets to go home with Amit Sadh! That’s nice.

      On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 10:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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