Shahrukh Birthday Month: Shahrukh FanVids

ZiziStreet/ZiziK is sadly no more, which has greatly lowered the number of high quality Shahrukh fanvids in the world.  But there are still some good ones!  And it’s a nice fun thing to write about and think about for his birthday month.

These are in random order, there is no theme, they are just videos I think are fun to watch.  Starting with a really silly one.  You know, for how much Shahrukh doesn’t like being photographed in real life eating, he eats a lot in movies!


Another kind of silly one, but I recommend watching this instead of watching the whole movie Josh, it has all the best bits.


I think this is just “Ishq Kameena” with different music. But I don’t care!  I still love it.


There are so many Don fanvids out there, I thought I should include one.


A nice romantic SRKajol one.


And then something ridiculous and silly.


Ah Slashfic!  I never tire of you, especially when it is a romantic one like this one.


If you feel down, if you need a smile, this is the video for you.


Or maybe this one!  It is so happy, almost makes me want to listen to American pop music.


And then for a complete change of pace, another very romantic slashfic.  Shahrukh and Salman have great chemistry!


This is so satisfying, because you hear “Call Me Maybe” and you think “there must be an SRKajol fanvid of this”.  And there is!


Another slashfic!  But not a romantic one this time, just sexy.


Theme!!!!  If you really really like Shahrukh in One 2 Ka 4, this is for you.  And a little bit from Main Hoon Na.


This is just really silly, but it makes me smile.


Like “Call Me Maybe”, this is a song you hear and know there must be a fanvid.  And there is!


Another really silly one, but I love it.  50s-60s girl group songs really work well for SRKajol


A theme one!  If you want to see Shahrukh with many many women, this is the one.


Another 50s-60s girl group son, just perfect.



And to end, something completely totally ridiculous!!!!!!


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