Shahrukh Birthday Month Discussion Post: What Do You Love, Hate, and Tolerate About Him?

First, I did not miss yesterday even if you think I did!!!!  I wrote a brilliant beautiful wonderful fanfic that more people should read.  Shahrukh and Irrfan fall in love, it’s delightful.  And now I am back to a nice little discussion post.

I’m stealing a game from Koffee With Karan, because he has the best games.  It’s pretty simple, you have to say something you Love, Hate, and Tolerate about someone.  In this case, SRK!

For me:

Love: His acting talent

Hate: His choice in scripts sometimes

Tolerate: His choice in haircuts and general styling on occasion

Image result for shahrukh khan hair

(Not great)


How about you?  And don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one group of 3, you can do multiple love-hate-tolerate trios.


22 thoughts on “Shahrukh Birthday Month Discussion Post: What Do You Love, Hate, and Tolerate About Him?

    • Maybe he is worried about wearing his dimples out and so saves them for special occasions?

      Otherwise, Agree with EVERYTHING!!!!!

      On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 10:15 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Love: His interviews, his acting, the way he talks about his children
    Hate: how he is treated by the press and sometimes the industry, his smoking,how he continues to give interviews to Anupama who treats him so badly
    Tolerate: his slicked back hair, some script choices, his refusal to take better care of himself
    ( in case this registers as anonymous it’s mpollak711 here)


    • Excellent choices! I was considering “smoking” for my Hate one as well.

      That slicked back hair is awful. I am guessing it is something that is comfortable and practical for him (no hair in his eyes) because it certainly isn’t flattering.


  2. Love his roles up to the mid-2000s
    Hate his smoking and his too-young love interests in his films (except for Kajol)
    Tolerate his recent films


  3. Love the way he tries to make people smile even when he isn’t smiling himself…love his approach to his work, his dedication, perseverance, courage and adventurous mind…hate nothing and can tolerate his choices (whatever they are) and his moods.


    • Oh yes, and love how he caters to the wishes others have, his warmth and kind heart, his skills and energy and enthusiasm and can largely tolerate when he fails or goes ‘overboard’ 🙂


    • I don’t know, I think “hate nothing” might be skating the issue 🙂

      Surely at least you can jump on the “hate his smoking” train?


      • No, why should I hate his smoking? It doesn’t bother me…he even doesn’t smell the smoke ;-).
        There may be things I don’t like personally (hate would be too strong as an emotion) like his eagerness to make ‘promises’ he takes years to fulfil (if one doesn’t give up) or his ‘honest lies’ because he doesn’t want to hurt someone or his capitalistic mind. But all this is part of his character like all the contradictions between his public and his private persona.

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        • Ugh, those promises are so frustrating! Because he makes them to his friends, but he also makes them to his fans. They come true eventually, but the wait can be excruciating.


  4. Love: Everything about him, from his acting skill, Beautiful personality, and his sharp intelligence, etc.
    To his powerful eyes and edible lips, etc.
    Hit: That he is a high smoker
    Tolerate: He loves and cares about his Indian audience more than us


  5. Fun game; fun answers! I’m doing mine in trios, one public/persona; one films/roles; and one appearance.

    Public persona: the very occasional fat jokes or remarks to fat people that he makes (e.g. to or about the Ambani guy or Tanmay Bhat)
    Films/roles: the “comedy” scenes which are racist/ableist, at least to my sensibilities, e.g. the “Chinese” scene in PBDHH, or the dwarf scene in Chennai Express
    Appearance: When he does weird stuff to his face to look younger in movies (face tape? CGI?), except in FAN where it was part of the double role

    Public persona: the way he has stopped most spontaneous sharing with fans, both on social media and through interviews. I understand why, but it makes me sad.
    Films/roles: a few of his patented expressions, especially when he’s doing the “smug lover boy” type role, e.g. the “crooked smile” which is very apparent throughout KKHH
    Appearance: stealing Margaret’s answer of his styling sometimes–in movies and in real life, e.g. he wore a white tux jacket to meet Kate and Wills–looked like a waiter!; and, Dev from KANK would never ever ever ever wear most of the outfits that Shah Rukh wears in that movie–he’d wear plain suits, plain-ish sweater/jacket/t-shirt and jeans combos, and sports clothes.

    Public persona: when he reveals how deeply he thinks about/feels things (from big to small issues)
    Films/roles: (Had to pick 2) the electric moments when I can’t look away; the moments when I realize I’ve been smiling like an idiot through a whole scene
    Appearance: His face–each part so distinctive, married together beautifully. (Please never change it with fillers or surgery, if you’re reading Shah Rukh!)

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    • I love all your answers! Especially the KANK one, you are so right, a grumpy mildly depressed man is not going to be spending hours at a time shopping in fancy designer stores. The only way it makes sense is if Preity is buying his clothes for him, but doesn’t seem like that’s their kind of marriage.

      Agree especially with your “loves”, those are the exact reasons I love him. And appearance definitely comes last, don’t care what he looks like so long as he can still turn on the charm and talent in his films and still thinks and feels about things so deeply.

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  6. I love the person he is, his intelligence, charity work and some of his deep interviews
    I tolerate that he is friend with Farah Khan and helped her become a director.
    I really hate that he is/was the face of Fair and lovely/handsome. Everytime I see him in those ads I think if he would advise his daughter or son to use it. He is better than this.

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  7. Love
    His current phase – of his acting craft, his movies choices, his looks, his sexy, his dilemmas, his evolution. I may or may not always agree with his choices, but I’m here with my popcorn for it. His love for his wife, kids, and home life. His brainy intelligence. His entrepreneurship in cricket and red chillies and vfx. His interest in entertaining the diaspora.

    His bad or questionable career choices along the way. The public’s unabashed love and idol worship of him.

    His paternalistic brand of feminism, at least what he verbalizes in interviews (whereas he seems more evolved in how he leads his life vis a vis his wife and kids). How he’s so for sale – fair and lovely ads, dancing at weddings, etc. His 80s & 90s looks.

    His acting tics and facial mannerisms, his “surplus emotions” as another of your commenters once called it. His attempts to outsmart interviewers, evade interview questions, or run down the clock with verbose non-answer wordplay.

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    • Agree completely in all your “Love” reasons, but I think I would sort differently between tolerate, dislike, and hate. Like, I can tolerate his 80s and 90s looks and his feminism in interviews. I don’t dislike the being for sale at all actually, because he is so honest about it, and I appreciate someone straight up admitting that it’s a business and he needs money, instead of all the pretense of doing it for “art” that some stars do. So long as he makes movies for passion, he can do whatever else he wants for art so far as I am concerned.

      Oh, but definitely agree on the acting tics! Especially that audible inhale-exhale thing he does.

      On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 7:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. Aaaahhh, I forgot the Fair & Handsome advertising…so yessss, I vehemently disssslike thisssss. Otherwise, it seems that I’m very indulgent often thinking “as you like, my dear” 😉


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