TGIT: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRABHAS AND SHAHRUKH!!!!! Let’s Compare Your Bodies Piece By Piece

You know how it is wrong to objectify people and think of them as only their outer surface and blah blah?  Put a pin in that for a second and try to forget it, we are going to vote on who has the best body between Shahrukh and Prabhas!  Top to bottom, piece by piece.


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Image result for shahrukh lips

Image result for prabhas lips



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Image result for prabhas beard



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6 pack

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I am a classy person!

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Image result for prabhas feet

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Whole Thing

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So, what do you think?  Here’s what I have:

Hair : A close one, but I think I have to give it to Shahrukh

Lips : Not even close, they are one of Shahrukh’s best features

Beard : Also Shahrukh.  Mostly because Prabhas shaves his neck too high.

Collarbone : Prabhas!  Shahrukh is far too boney for my taste.

Chest : Prabhas again!  Shahrukh is too stringy and muscley, like old chicken.

6 pack : And again Prabhas!  He looks natural strong, Shahrukh looks emaciated.

Legs : Prabhas!  Good thighs, Shahrukh has little spindly thighs.

Feet : Definitely Prabhas.  The man’s appendages are lovely, his feet are almost as good as his hands.

Whole Thing : Shahrukh!  It’s the confidence and the grace.  Prabhas is good, but he just doesn’t have that Baadshah Swag.



44 thoughts on “TGIT: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRABHAS AND SHAHRUKH!!!!! Let’s Compare Your Bodies Piece By Piece

  1. Is this your attempt at creating a SRK Prabhas fan war? 😂😂 this blog is probably the only place where SRK has a chance to win against Prabhas-especially on the physicality.


    • Hopefully an internal war, as in you must look deep within your soul and decide if you are more of an SRK person or a Prabhas person.

      So, I take it you are giving all categories to Prabhas? Despite his stupid beard?

      On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 10:25 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • You have to at least give me the lips! Shahrukh’s lips are a masterpiece, Prabhas’ are workman like.

          On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 10:36 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Again bad picture choice for Prabhas.If I dug up SRK’s old pics from 90s or early 2000,his lips and whole face would tell a different story than the one you are putting up here. Prabhas resists grooming & styling unlike SRK whose whole appearance now is carefully constructed.


          • Do it! I dare you! Shahrukh’s lips are naturally perfect full little bows, Prabhas’ are just average and unremarkable.


            On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 10:51 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • but Srk has more feminine features the full lips, puppy like eyes and Prabhas is just manly like his height and everything imo


          • OK then you would have to rename this as who has the best feminine features among the two men!Even I would agree that SRK is the undoubted winner. And to give him some competition,you may have to throw in some heroines😉


          • No, I think then I would have to rename it to “who is the most manly?” And Shahrukh would lose. Short, thin, dimples, and so on and so forth. But as a pure “what in your opinion is most appealing?” I think I can allow for all tastes.

            However, I really like the idea of a “feminine men” TGIF! It can go along with my hairy men and cuddly men series to represent the non-media influenced standard attractiveness.


  2. Chacun a son gout. SRK’s square, chunky hands make my old heart all aflutter. Ditto the collarbone, and the lips. And he has the BEST eyebrows and nose, and he has dimples. I notice you left those out, so as not to tip the scales too much.

    Neither one has good legs…

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    • Legs are a real flaw of many actors, I have noticed. Off the top of my head I can’t think of one who has good ones. Oh! Salman! And John and Ajay maybe.

      I considered doing “smile” instead of “lips”, which would have included the dimples, but I decided that was too subjective.

      On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 10:37 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. hahaha I laughed so hard at the title of the post. I have never even noticed these minute details but full props to you for the hard work (or is it really?). SO yes, I agree with you on most aspects but overall I’m going to choose Prabhas just because. You keep SRK, I’ll keep Prabhas. Fair?


  4. So much to ponder.

    Hair: I can’t believe it but I have to go with Prabhas on this. I’m a sucker for waves/curls.
    Lips: Shah Rukh all day and twice on Sundays
    Beard: Shah Rukh
    Collarbone: Shah Rukh
    Chest: Prabhas–I like hairy chests, whether a little bit (like Shah Rukh would have naturally, I think) or a lot. Speaking of which, did you know Mark Ruffalo’s hairy chest has it’s own Twitter account?
    Six pack: Prabhas
    Legs: Prabhas
    Feet: Shah Rukh. I find his feet really cute. I’m not a fan of big-man-feet.
    Hands: Why didn’t you include these as a criteria? Gotta go with Shah Rukh–their shape, the little patch of hair on their backs, the mole on the palm of his right hand (obsessed? who me?), and his constant fiddling with them are all nice things about his hands.
    Overall: Shocking no one, Shah Rukh. But Prabhas is splendid in his own way.

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    • Thank you for supporting me in my battle for SRK lips! They are very special.

      Prabhas, tragically, has started waxing/shaving, which ruins his whole look. So perhaps now it might be more of a toss-up for you.

      I think Shahrukh’s hands might be my least favorite of his features. Stubby little fingers, fluttering little gestures, not for me! Meanwhile, Prabhas’ hands are one of my favorite features of his. Long and thin and graceful. And the same for his feet.

      On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 12:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I invite you to picture all the ways Shah Rukh touches his hair, face/beard, legs, coffee cups, etc during interviews. You may feel more fond of his hands then. But yes, his hands and feet and Prabhas’ hands and feet are completely different styles, so that’s gonna be a matter of preference.

        My favorite Shah Rukh chest and abs phase is represented well by the towel scene in Chalte Chalte. Hope Prabhas cools it on the manscaping–variety is the spice of life!


  5. I feel guilty to do it, but:
    Hair: Prabhas only as Baahubali, otherwise SRK
    Lips: SRK
    Beard: SRK
    Collarbone: SRK
    Chest: PRABHAS!
    Six pack: PRABHAS!
    Legs: Prabhas
    Feet: Prabhas
    Overall: SRK head, Prabhas body


    • I think I can agree with your hair rules. Shahrukh has an overall consistent excellence, Prabhas does not, but in one particular situation he might dominate over SRK.

      I see you are very emphatic about Prabhas’ superiority in the chestal area! I agree, as I said, but I don’t know if I am THAT emphatic about it.

      The simple solution would be to put Shahrukh’s head on Prabhas’ body, but somehow that feels like a bad idea.


  6. Prabhas is a young sparkling wine to quench your thirst at the seaside on a summer afternoon .
    SRK is a majestic ruby red Port wine to be sipped slowly on a starry night, trying to understand oneself while deciphering his complexity.

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  7. Cool! Here we go:
    1. Hair: men with thick hair like Prabhas just have to wear it short. Shahrukh wins this round.
    2. Why not an eyes category?
    3. I’ll give it to Shahrukh again, even though he is handicapped by Prabhas being all wet.
    4. Beard: I like them both.
    5. Collarbone: This is patently unfair and not up to your usual standards of journalistic integrity. Shahrukh is shirtless and either sweaty or covered in glycerin. Prabhas is wearing separates from the Junior department of J.C. Penny circa 1985. OF COURSE Shahrukh looks better.
    6. Prabhas!: the jewelry, the chest hair, the dhoti, and the casual attitude. I’m grieved to hear he’s started waxing.
    7. 6-pack: I just don’t like a super-defined six pack, but in any case Prabhas’s attitude wins again. Shahrukh looks like he’s flexing his whole torso.
    8. Legs: Prabhas again! Who knew he had such great legs?
    9. Feet: I think this is a draw also.
    10. Whole thing: Well, this was tough, but I’m going to go with Shahrukh. Nice world-weary look in the picture. Plus Prabhas kind of looks like he’s wearing a reversible shirt.

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    • 1. I don’t know, I think I like Prabhas better long than short

      2. Because I forgot, and also that would be complete subjective, wouldn’t it? very much a “not what it is but what he does with it” thing

      3. Prabhas is always all wet! What is it with the man and water?

      4. They are both good

      5. It’s not my fault that Prabhas has terrible taste!!!!! The only decent photos I could find were the old wet lungi one and the Bahubali one and I was already using those for chest and 6 pack.

      6. Based on this almost universal reaction, I may need to resurrect my “hairy men” TGIF

      7. Agree. I just want to tell Shahrukh to relax

      8. He has such great legs! Part of why he looks so good in a Dhoti, that hint of the defined thigh coming through the silk.

      9. Oh, I am definitely on team Prabhas, Shahrukh’s feet are too small.

      10. I should have picked a Bahu photo for Prabhas, this is really not fair.


      • Prabhas is like the male Vidya Balan: either because of body type or poor fashion sense, they both look great in traditional clothes, but do western clothes with decidedly mixed results.


  8. Hair: Shahrukh, when i watched bin roye, i thought Humayun Saeed have beautiful hair even more than shahrukh, than i saw jhms, i swore i will never do that mistake again.

    Lips: Shahrukh, and i don’t think this compare fair to Prabhas or any one.

    Beard: Shahrukh.

    Collarbone: Shahrukh,

    Chest: Shahrukh

    Stylish and classy: Shahrukh, I have a big problem with Prabhas in modern clothes, he is a killer in Historical clothes or traditional Indian clothes, I don`t know what is happening to him in modern clothes, making him look very tall.

    6 pack: Shahrukh, He has 8 packs.

    Legs: Prabhas,

    Foot: Tied, they both have a very strange foot, they look alike

    Whole Thing: Shahrukh, There is Arabic poetry says
    Confident steps
    Walks like a king
    Unfair gracefulness
    Delicate glory

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  9. Since these comparisons are subjective and everyone has a bias, the competition here is who has more fans Prabhas or Srk, by the looks of it Srk definetly takes the win


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