HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Check out Dog Hazel and Me in Costume!

Fun fun!  Dog Hazel had three costumes, two cute and one scary.  And I had one, which turned out unexpectedly sexy.  No party this year, I just dressed us up and took photos for fun.

Hazel!  First, a cute one, dressed as me (I couldn’t get the glasses to stay on).


Then another cute one, dressed as a Beautiful Butterfly


And then the scary one, dressed as the dog that is supporting the freakish Shahrukh clone face growing on her back.


And then me! I dressed up like Hazel, since it seems fair since I dressed her up like me.  And it turned out considerably sexier than I expected.  Oh well, I am at the age when you are supposed to dress sexy for Halloween, so I might as well do it once when only internet people will see me (neither of my regular parties are happening this year).


(Don’t panic, the hair is just twisted up in back.  But look how even the ends are now that I got it trimmed!)


9 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Check out Dog Hazel and Me in Costume!

  1. You and Hazel are both rocking Halloween! Hazel with Shah Rukh mask reminds me of a scene from the 1970s era version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Alien pods are replicating people, but there is one homeless guy who always sleeps with his cute dog. And the pods get confused, and replicate the man’s head on the dog’s body. That image haunted me throughout my childhood.


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