Trailer Round-Up! New Thugs Song, Kedarnath, and MADDY!!!!

I almost put up a post just for Kedarnath yesterday, but patience was rewarded and today there are two other trailers to go along with it.

Kedarnath first, because it was the first one to release and that seems only fair!  To me, it looks surprisingly good.  It’s hard to tell with the sort of quick cuts and editing and so on, it’s possible that this is just the very best parts, but it doesn’t seem likely because they are the kind of things that I would expect to be embedded in the middle of other good parts.  Like, you don’t just have Sushant’s hand reaching under water, presumably there will be a whole sequence under water.  And there won’t just be a few shots where Sara’s face looks interesting and different, it will be the whole film.  And you don’t just have a few moments of gorgeous scenic beauty, it’s the whole film.

Sara was really exciting for me, soooooo much more interesting and different in motion than in still photos.  Which is a good thing for a movie actress!  If she has to be boring somewhere it should be in the still photos, not in motion.  In still photos I can hardly tell her from the other young actresses.  But in this, she looks just like her mother (who didn’t really look like any other actress) with a few moments that also bring in her grandmother, and some stuff that is unique to her!  Most of all, she feels so much older than I expected.  I don’t know why that is surprising me, she is 24 after all and took her time before her launch, again I guess the still photos confused me.  But in this she feels confident and adult and interesting.  Bottom line, I’m excited!  How about you?


And then there’s the new Thugs song!  Which has a tiny “spoiler” in it, but not really.  At the end of the song you explicitly see Aamir and Amitabh and Fatima fighting together back to back.  So, SHOCKER, Aamir at some point is going to stop working for the British (as shown in the full length trailer) and come around to working with Amitabh and Fatima.

The music isn’t bad, especially as it is used here as kind of a martial rhythm under a fight scene.  I did get a little distracted by Katrina.  Speaking of Sara looking like everyone else in stills but like herself in a movie, Katrina is the opposite sometimes.  And in this song I kept thinking she was Malaika Arora Khan!  I don’t know what it was about her face here, but ever close-up I kept thinking “wait, is Malaika doing an item song?  Or is that Katrina again?”


And finally, MADDY!!!!!  Who is directing now?  That was the most exciting part of the trailer for me, seeing him listed as director.  Although I am also very excited about the storyline, instead of blindly selling patriotism, Maddy is telling a story of how the triumphs of India are balanced by the small-mindedness and corruption of India.  Such a depressing story, brilliant scientist who got caught up in a vendetta between his boss and the security services, was wrongfully arrested and accused of treason, trapped in a years long nightmare as he attempted to clear his name and was tortured by petty tyrants while his work sent India to the stars.

Anyway, MADDY!  Being all smart and tormented and sincere, both in his character in the film and as a producer/director choosing to tell this story.  Also, I don’t think I recognized his voice in the voice over.  That is his voice, isn’t it?

19 thoughts on “Trailer Round-Up! New Thugs Song, Kedarnath, and MADDY!!!!

  1. Kedarnath – nice trailer, but too much rain! It’s raining cats and dogs today and I’m not in mood to see rain on my screen too 😉 But I agree that Sara has good screen presence, and the trailer reminds me of Laila Majnu trailer (btw when this movie will be available online? I can’t wait to see it)

    Rocketry – I think I’ve never been so tensed about a movie, like when I saw Maddy co-directs this film. I’m always calm when it comes to his roles, because I know he takes time and works only with good scripts now, but directing is something new. I hope it will be success.


    • I think at this point, Sushant needs Kedarnath to be a hit more than Sara I think. Sara has Simmba coming out as a soft launch and some nice backing from Karan, and seems to have made friends with Ranveer and others. But Sushant has had flop after flop, big high profile failures like that astronaut movie that never happened.

      On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 10:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • Hopefully Thugs-the-movie has similarly smooth editing. I’ve been burned before with great YRF trailer editing and terrible YRF movie editing.

      On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 11:55 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • This is also how I feel about my cooking, happy at “not disastrous”. I am reminded of this as I think about sharing my Shahrukh-birthday cake for the first time in years, I think when other people are involved perhaps I need to shoot higher. I’ve lived alone far too long!

          Bringing it back to Thugs, perhaps if YRF is inviting the whole world int o watch this film (reports say record breaking screen counts) they should also have aimed a bit higher too. Instead of getting the cheapest possible cake in a box version of a movie.

          On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 1:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Thugs looks atrocious! I can’t believe what kind of promos are coming out for this movie.

    By the way, a poster of Zero is out now. Anushka in a wheelchair. Looks really good!


    • Thanks for the heads up! I guess Shahrukh and I are in a fight again since he posted the poster right after I did my “Trailer” post. I’ll have to just update this one.

      And it does look cute! If this turns into “Shahrukh is in love with Katrina but befriends fellow outcast Anushka and then meets Kat and sees that Anushka is the one for him after all”, I could live with that.


  3. Kedarnath looks pretty good though it seems more of a check it out when streaming movie.

    Thugs on the other hand is something that I’m probably gonna avoid.


  4. Sara is quite interesting looking in the teaser, while I doubt I could pick her out from a set of photos of Indian starlets of similar age. I notice they made sure to get one clear, lasting profile shot of her in there–very much her mom’s profile. The teaser has too many fast cuts to tell for sure, but it looks like she and Sushant may have nice chemistry.

    I’m going to see Thugs in the theater for sure. Just my type of big, fun movie. As long as it’s not outright offensive, I’ll enjoy watching all these guys and gals do a period swashbuckler together. Katrina doesn’t look like herself because she too has weird fillers in her upper lip. I noticed it in the trailer as well. I wish all these actors would leave their faces alone–she needs all the help she can get to emote, and plumping or freezing features of her face in odd ways does not help. Argh.


  5. There’s something reassuring about the Thugs publicity spectacle. YRF even when the final product isn’t that great (Qaidi Band) or is cookie-cutter (Hichki), there’s something just so familiar about their overall product. The use of four of my favorite playback singers (Shreya, Sunidhi, Sukhwinder, and Vishal Dadlani) has already won me over to TOH’s soundtrack. This may be one of the few Aamir films that I’ll really like.

    Rocketry looks good. Lots of space movies in the works in India. There’s even a random space comedy coming out in December if I recall.


    • Yeah, what is up with all the space movies? I can’t even keep them straight, I keep getting confused between what has already come out ad what is still pending.

      Yeah, with Thugs it may not be a good movie, but I know it will be a high quality movie, one I can invite people to see with me and know they won’t be bored.


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