Final Shahrukh Discussion Post: What One Song Best Encapsulates How He Makes You Feel?

Our last discussion post!  So sad!  Let’s see if we can bring the same excitement and rigor to the usual weekly Monday/Wednesday discussions after this is all over!  Although I know it is hard when they aren’t Shahrukh based.

The last couple years I have had the same final post, “the one way he makes me feel” in which I pulled together a group of songs that best expressed the inexpressible.  For me, it is a little bit of pure joy:


A little bit calm happiness and centeredness:


And just a smidge of sexy


How about you?  When you think about Shahrukh, and then scroll through your mental playlist of songs, what one song (or group of songs) best expresses that feeling for you?  Or picture or poem or whatever else?

16 thoughts on “Final Shahrukh Discussion Post: What One Song Best Encapsulates How He Makes You Feel?

    • Well, it depends on where I am in my hormone cycle 🙂 The amazing thing is, even when I am at my lowest hormonal edge, I can still enjoy him jsut as actor and person.


      • I can’t compartmentalize like that. All my ways of liking him, enjoying his work, and wishing good things for him are all tied up together. I’ll just have to manage all that when I’m working for his foundation. 😉


        • Well that’s why they won’t hire you! Can you give him good advice and disagree with his decisions while he is smiling at you with his twinkly little eyes?


          • Don’t crush my dreams like that! I would be able to, because speaking up when I disagreed with him would be helping him and the foundation achieve their mission. Loving someone means sometimes saying no! 🙂 Did I pass the interview? (lol)


          • I think so! Also, “Loving Someone Means Sometimes Saying No” sounds like the motto for a public service campaign.

            This must be part of the job interview for all his businesses, right? “Can you act professionally and responsibly while Shahrukh is in the room?”

            On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 1:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  1. So, the main way this post is making me feel is like I have to learn how to make fanvids, because so many of my favorite ones have disappeared. Last year in response to this question I responded with “Smile” by Zizi K, who has wiped their channel. This year I tried to find it again but it’s gone, as is another happy favorite “Time for Yoga”. So, I’m posting four fanvids which don’t quite express it individually, but I think together they give a good idea.


    • That is a really great interview! And it also makes me nostalgic for when interviews were that casual, before there was an awareness that quotes would be pulled and put all over social media and result in other quotes from other people and so on and so forth. Even the comment about being told something directly from Shankar and then bringing it back to him, instead of having the interview get it second hand from Shankar’s twitter or whatever.

      Just like now, when before Raees started filming Shahrukh was talking about building a body of work he could leave behind for his kids and then every film after that has been challenging and boundary breaking and so on, we can look back at this interview where he says straight out “I’m going to start doing one film at a time and only serious performances”, and sure enough, that’s what he did from then on.

      On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 1:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • That Huffington Post interview really stood out as the only time he has gone in depth in years. Maybe just because for once it was an outlet that was willing to print an in depth interview instead of just quick share quotes?

          On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 2:38 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Yeah, I have a song (I often sing/hum/siffle) …outside, in the house, in the car, when it’s raining, when the sun is shining, day or night…and I feel happy, playful, loved, loving, lovable…and nothing matters…just these moments of lightness of life:


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