Shahrukh Birthday RePost! His Best Interviews

A few of us were saying recently how nice we find it to watch Shahrukh interview videos, because he speaks so well and says such nice things.  And so I have pulled together a fairly random collection of what I could find on youtube.  Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

First, my favorite, the full documentary on Shahrukh Inner/Outer.  The Outer World part is interesting, watching him on a stage tour.  But the Inner section is where you see him discuss his youth his family, his house, and even visit his parents’ graves.

That one is long and in depth, this one is short and more of a mood piece, it is mostly just Kajol and Shahrukh watching and commenting on their old songs.  I like it more for the silences, where you can see them reacting.

This one, which is relaxed in a different way, just being rude and over the top and funny with whatever pops into his head.

This one, which flips the script and has Shahrukh interview Lady Gaga instead of the other way around.

And finally one very very early interview, from 1997 when he isn’t fully comfortable yet with how to do interviews, but is already so very charming and amusing.  If you only watch one of these, MAKE IT THIS ONE!!!!!  Mostly because this is a very good interviewer who actually did a little research, and also because he wasn’t quite famous enough to not talk about things yet (for instance, his feelings about the 1992 Bombay riots and experiences during them)

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