Shahrukh Birthday RePost, My Shahrukh Altar

I think I’ve referred to this in the past, but I’m not sure I’ve ever put up an actual picture.  I’m not kidding when I say I have an actual alter to Shahrukh in my apartment.

Over the TV, I look at them constantly while I am blogging or watching movies.


Obviously you can recognize the art print photo (a friend gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago, I love it).  And the DDLJ poster (21st birthday present from my sister).  But you probably can’t see the two small things.  The first is one of my favorite quotes:


And the other is a photo of myself in front of the Maratha Mandir before I went in to see DDLJ.


And then over on the shelf I have the little lunch box where I keep all my movie tickets, a pretty photo, a few stones, an incense burner, and my ticket from when I saw Shahrukh live.


The nice thing is, most people who come to my apartment just see a framed quote, a photo of an Indian street scene, an art print, and a movie poster.  It takes a fellow Shahrukh fan to put them all together and see the connections.


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