Shahrukh Birthday RePost: Shahrukh, the Invisible Actor

Another little story.  Hopefully people like them, I certainly like writing them and thinking about all the little moments that make up Shahrukh in my life.

When Fan came out, I went to see it with one of my best friends who is a fellow Shahrukh fan and her girlfriend who had seen a few of his movies before when we had dragged her to the theater with us (Happy New Year, Dilwali).  We all enjoyed the movie to varying degrees.  And on the way home, my friend and I traded rhapsodies on how brilliant Shahrukh was as an actor while her girlfriend patiently listened to us.

It wasn’t until after we had parked the car and were walking back to my apartment that her girlfriend spoke up and said “Shahrukh was really good, but you know that young guy was good too!”  Which confused us utterly, did she mean the “Sid Kapoor” rival actor?  He was good, but not that impressive.  “No no, not him, the young guy, the stalker, the one who traveled to Bombay”.  We laughed a little, “yes yes, ‘he’ was good too, almost as good as Shahrukh!” and then realized she was serious.

Shahrukh’s performance in Fan was so good that someone who had seen him in maybe half a dozen films before, who lived with someone who had his songs and pictures up all over the apartment, didn’t recognize him.  Honestly thought it was two actors playing the role, not one.

Image result for fan shahrukh poster

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