Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me, The Week of My Father’s Birthday?

Happy My-Father’s-Birthday week!!!!  To celebrate, I am going out of town.  It was the only weekend I could visit my sister between now and, like, May.  But I will try to make up for it and be a good daughter by making sure you are all VERY AWARE that it is my father’s birthday this week.  66!  That’s a semi-big deal!  Or at least, very cool to be matching digits.

As always, you can ask me anything from the personal (“what is your father’s favorite Indian movie?”) to the specific and factual (“if your father is turning 66, what year was he born?”) to the general discussion (“what is the best father-daughter movie of the past 66 years of Indian film?”).


Now, question for you!!!!!

Post yesterday’s Koffee episode, I find myself really really like Kat as a person.  And yet, I still don’t much like her as an actress.  What celebrities do you like as people (with the understanding that we can’t really know-know a celebrity) but dislike as performers?  Or the other way around, who do you really like as a performer but dislike as a person?

I already mentioned Kat as someone I find myself liking a lot as a person and yet still not much as a performer.  Sonam Kapoor would be another one, I really like her as a person but very rarely as a performer.

Other way around, far more people!  Rishi Kapoor, terrible person, very fun to watch on screen.  Nawazuddin Siddiqui, I don’t much like him as a person from what little I know, but I love him as a performer.

How about you?

24 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me, The Week of My Father’s Birthday?

  1. I think after watching that KwK episode,I’m warming up to the person that is Varun Dhawan though his voice & acting irritates the hell out of me. I liked Bhumi Petnekar onscreen until watching her interview on Filmcompanion. She had an accent and her answers seemed very off. Usually Filmcompanion interview s are fun to watch but this was boring & she seemed very wannabe-ish like Parineeti Chopra. Im hoping she does better on KwK.

    Qn- Did you see the trailer of Kannada film KGF? It looks very good & maybe that elusive epic film that maybe a successor to Baahubali. It’s getting released in 5 languages including Hindi.


    • Is KGF the gold fields one? I saw the buzz about the trailer but I couldn’t figure out what language it was in. Which says something right there I guess, usually people like Taran Adarsh retweet posters and trailers and specifically say “Marathi film” or “Telugu film”. But this one I guess is expected to be so big, they didn’t bother.

      After seeing Varun in the KWK interview, and putting it together with a few other things from earlier interviews and appearances, I am wondering if his public persona and his film performance up until now have been calculated rather than his natural style. If he figured out that his best shot was at appealing to the young female audience, and the best way to do that was to play energetic and youthful, maybe that’s what he’s been leaning in to. And, possibly, he is now putting that behind him. Sui Dhaaga was already a little bit different, I’ll be interested to see what he does in his upcoming Epic movies. Certainly his matter of fact why of handling his personal life says he is done playing the teenage dream boy and ready to be seen as a grown up.

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  2. Happy birthday to your dad! My question to you is, you talked about how good TOH could have been had it focused more on the relationship between Fatima and Amitabh. What other father-figure (not necessarily biological father) relationships have stuck with you from Indian movies and why?

    I really like Preity Zinta as a person, but she doesn’t do much for me onscreen. I don’t much care for Ajay Devgn, just based on all the cheating rumors, but I do like him onscreen.


    • Amitabh is really the best father. Eklavya is one of my favorites with him. Waaris is an interesting one, he’s kind of a father-figure to Farhan, the movie as a whole isn’t that great, but the Amitabh-Farhan relationship is wonderful. He’s done a bunch of other father movies (Piku, for instance) of varying quality, but those are the first that leap to mind.

      Oh, and then there’s Anupam! Daawat-E-Ishq, DDLJ, Bend it Like Beckham even. Hmm, what else? Dara Singh in Jab We Met as Kareena’s grandfather, and Prem Chopra in Rocket Singh as Ranbir’s grandfather. I like the ones where they aren’t sappy and melodramatic necessarily, just supportive and loving in their own way.

      I don’t mind Preity onscreen, but I definitely like her more as a person than as an actress. Ajay, I’m neutral on. There are the cheating rumors, but he is also part of Save the Girl Child and other cool things, and a very active co-parent.

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  3. I have this new crush on Arjun Kapoor, but I think I prefer him more as a person than as an actor.
    And Shraddha – she is on my “to avoid at any cost” list, but personally she looks like a nice person. Kareena Kapoor is opposite – I can watch her on screen, but I would never want to meet her or be friends with her.


    • If only Shraddha had Kareena’s acting talent! Or Kareena had Shraddha’s personality!

      And Arjun Kapoor crossed with Ajay Devgan would be similarly perfect.

      On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 1:09 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I think Deepika seems like she is a good friend. I don’t necessarily thing she is that great a performer. I agree with your theory on Nawazzudin Siddiqui.

    Irrfan khan surprised me. He seems like he could be like Nawaz but in all the interviews I have seen with him, he seems to have a real funny bone.

    Ranbir is another one who I like performance wise and not personally. Bhumi Pednekar is a good actress, but comes off as a very Mumbai elite girl. You can tell by the way she talks – her, Sonam, Alia, sometimes even Varun – they all have the same kind of cadence in their way of talking that’s very Bombay (posh, elite, a little more lilting, more english, less hindi). Sonam’s hindi is atrocious when done impromptu (I saw an interview of hers and I was aghast) as are a lot of the bombay folks who can speak English and not much hindi (personal experience of having friends from Bombay). Whereas people like Shahrukh, Irrfan, Huma, Ayushmann etc who very clearly come from the North sound much more grounded. It’s a pleasure to hear them speak.

    What do you think of the koffee with karan new age actors question (Vicky, Ayushmann, Rajkumar, Nawaz) and does Nawaz belong in that group since he has been acting wayyy before and also gained traction in 2014?


    • (found the missing comment! In spam for some reason)

      I’ve been wanting Bhumi to play more of a sexy western role, if that’s her natural accent it makes it even more frustrating that she keeps being put in these “village girl next door” roles.

      I don’t even speak Hindi, and even I can hear the difference between Shahrukh and a lot of the younger stars. It also seems to be a little generational, my understanding is that English became much more dominant just in the past few decades. The older stars, even if they grew up in Bombay, were still fluent Hindi speakers.

      Nawaz feels very strange to me in that question! Partly because he doesn’t have the same real shot at stardom that Vicky, Ayushmann, Rajkummar have. Nawazuddin has a very particular look, and he looks his age. It is unlikely he could ever fully break out of the “character role” category. But Vicky and Ayushmann and Rajkummar are all right where Shahrukh was in 1992 and he was able to take his off-beat looks and characters and navigate that into mainstream stardom. Amitabh Bachchan same thing. Nawzuddin, he’s already too far gone in the “art” direction to ever come back.


    • I could be wrong in this but actors who had a struggle to make it-SRK,Akshay,Rani,Ash(of course they are more world wisely) ,Katrina,Anushka,Vidya Deepika,Tapsee,Ayushman,Rajkumar -all seem more humane and self aware than the industry kids like Alia, Sonam, Ranbir,Kareena,Kajol,Varun etc who seem to have a very cavaliar,stand offish & disrespectful attitude towards the rest of the world. I think there is something you be said about having a personality gained from life experiences that is not always pleasant and tailored to your well being. I would add Arjun too in the first list because though he is an industry kid,he clearly had experiences that brought in a certain maturity & calmness to his persona. By that account I would have expected Kangana to have a supremely likeable persona but she has her own set of issues.


  5. Hmm, for some reason, I can’t find the previous post that I put on here!

    I think there are several people who’s work I like who I don’t like in real life. Nawazzudin I can definitely see as not being great outside of the work he does.

    I find Sonam, Bhumi and Varun’s work to be fine but wouldn’t necessarily want to associate with them in real life. I find their accents to be very distracting. It’s a very bombay specific accent that I find a bit jarring when not in movies based in cities. With Sonam, I was particularly aghast to see an interview with a fan, where she had trouble stringing a sentence in Hindi. If you compare the bombay centric new kid actors compared to the actors coming from the North (Ayushmann, Rajkumar), it sounds a lot more westernized. Perhaps that’s why these guys can play middle class characters so well? Bhumi could be a bit more western in all her movies because she is always playing modern women – but I am noticing in Dum Laga ke Haisha there is a wisp of westernism that creeps in here and there.

    I would actually to hang with Irrfan and Tabu – both intense actors who seem to have a lottt of fun off set.

    My question to you – Do you think Zero will be a hit? Or will it sink like Thugs and Race 3?


    • Post rescued and replied too!

      I would love to hang out with Irrfan and Tabu, especially together, they feel like they are probably good friends who are fun to watch have a conversation.

      Zero, I just don’t know. It is so very very odd. I think it’s selling itself honestly, which is the most important part. It’s not pretending to be a funny rom-com and hiding all the weirdness. And just from the trailer, we can see that Anushka will have the far larger part, unlike Thugs where Amitabh and Fatima and Katrina were all a bit of a bait and switch. If it releases at low prices and manages to hit the right “well, might as well check it out” wave of the holiday season. And most of all if it is high quality enough to break through the bad word of mouth trend. Then it could work. That is a lot of “ifs”, and I would have no hope if it was a YRF or Dharma film. But it’s Colour Yellow, who has consistently figured out the right way to promote their films, and picked high quality scripts, and just generally read the audience well.

      Oh, and if nothing else it will be the last time Sridevi is onscreen. Which I feel really tacky for pointing out, but that’s also going to be one of the biggest draws if we are talking about box office and it should be mentioned.


  6. Happy birthday, DCIB-Dad! I think Kat, Sonam, and Rishi would occupy the same places for me. Sushmita always seems like a nice funny person, and I don’t hate her as a performer but that wouldn’t be the only reason to see a movie. I have this image of Saif as being a spoiled shallow rich boy, but that’s not really based on anything. He’s probably fine; his mom always seems very smart and fairly down to earth. I do like him as a performer, though.


    • I usually really like Saif in interviews. He says the occasionally thoughtless thing, but over all he is relaxed and cool and smart seeming.


  7. Actors whose performances I like better than their personas: Kareena and Priyanka. Also Shahid, to be honest – I love him onscreen but in interviews he comes off a bit vain.

    Actors whose personas I like better than their performances: agree with Kat, and…I don’t know, do directors count? Farah? She’s hilarious in interviews, her movies are a mixed bag for me.

    Kat seems looser and less studied in the latest interviews. The promo video for Zero made me look forward to the Kat-Anushka-SRK-Aanand interviews we’ll be getting. They seem happy and relaxed around each other, lots of joking and laughing. In the JTHJ round, Kat and Anushka and SRK all seemed to get along, but Kat was more reserved, Anushka was more careful, and SRK was dominating most of the conversations. Now there are inside glances and exchanges between the two women and it all feels more equally distributed. (Anushka is the opposite of Kat, she has no poker face in interviews, it’s fun to watch her react as other people speak and decide when to jump in.)

    There’s my question: are there movies where you look forward to the promo ramp up more than the movie? And conversely, movies you want to watch but dread the promo cycle?


    • Yes, Shahid! And I used to have a crush on him. But then I watched his interviews (many years ago when he was still with Kareena) and I started thinking: there is something wrong with this guy. I still like him as an actor, but can’t see him in his private life.


    • I was realizing with the Koffee interview that Kat is one of our rare chances to watch a female celebrity grow up in this way. She’s 35, people at 35 are so much more confident and comfortable in themselves than people at 25. Only most female celebrities in India get married and retire by then so we don’t get to see the change. I would be so happy if Kat stays famous and public until 45 and we get to see her change from an awkward silent private young woman to a confident charming thoughtful powerful thought leader.

      For promos, hmmm. I usually absolutely hate promos, because I can’t stand people being fake nice (same reason I can’t watch reality TV or TV news). The only time I can think of that I actually enjoyed it was Dilwale, because every moment of Kajol and Shahrukh reel or real is just magic. And I think Kajol is incapable of being fake and kind of forces everyone else to be real with her. Otherwise, I am just trying to get through the promos so I can watch the actual film.


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