Happy Children’s Day!!!!

Children’s Day in India is November 14th, because that’s Nehru’s birthday, and Nehru loved children.  Isn’t that sweet?  And, just like World Animal Day and all the other sub-holidays, I am marking the occasion with a theme video post. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

This is one of those topics where I am kind of over-whelmed by options.  But I am going to start with something recent, a sweet song that treats teenagers as the children they really are.


And then there’s one of my favorite films from 2016, which also has a beautiful view of children, Dhanak.

I don’t like this movie as a whole nearly as much as I like Dhanak, but I love this song!


Although I guess Rani’s an okay nanny-housekeeper-love interest for your guardian too!  Plus, she’s magic!

Of course Salman is such a softy, he doesn’t even need his nanny-housekeeper-love interest to help him!  He is completely fine at childcare all by himself.

So long as we’re getting into the slightly more meaningful and touching songs, let’s watch Shahrukh make a plea for every child to have the chance to shine.

And then Aamir giving the exact same message!

Speaking of Taare Zameen Par, and just in case you need to clear out your sinuses, here is the saddest song ever,

Okay, I can’t leave you with that!  It’s too sad!  Let’s go out on a high note, a super super catchy and fun and ridiculous song!  Be warned, it will stay in your head alllllllllll day.

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