Happy World Animal Day! Too Cute an Idea to Resist!

I know, this is a ridiculous thing to do a post on, but I don’t care!  Animal songs are just plain cute!  It’s almost as tempting a post idea as International Dance Day.

Have to start with this one, obviously.


And then this one, also obviously.


And then of course there’s the time the stars didn’t just act with animals, but played animals.


Also, dinosaurs!  Are they animals?  Well, in this case they are really robots, but if they weren’t robots, they would be considered animals, right?


Okay, it’s late, the ideas are coming less easily.  If I forgot something obvious, mention it in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Happy World Animal Day! Too Cute an Idea to Resist!

  1. You could include songs with Tuffy in them from HAHK.

    Lots of songs with dogs from old South Indian movies, but I doubt that they are online.

    Not a song, but how about the scene in Magadheera where Ram Charan gets rescued by his horse from the quicksand? (Oh, wait, was that a CGI horse?)

    If CGI characters are allowed, all the songs from Eega, especially the one over the end titles. 🙂


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