Saturday Small Talk: What Do We All Want to Talk About Today?

Happy Saturday! And (hopefully) the day I finally see Simmba! And also get enough sleep, that would be good too.

I didn’t see Simmba last night because my friend couldn’t come with me for a very frivolous reason-her niece’s 5th birthday. I mean, her niece has a birthday every year, how often does Ranveer have a Rohit Shetty movie in theaters?
What 5 year old can compete with this?

So instead I did laundry, such fun! Following my new system of doing the washing at a laundromat, and the drying at my building. Because I hate waiting around for the dryer to be done when I could be home, and the washers in my building are terrible.

If only I could do laundry while flirting with my new husband on a rooftop!

Then back home, to discover an email about the Indian film night I offered for the silent auction for the church fundraiser suggesting that it happen tomorrow night. That is, tonight. That is, about 20 hours after I got the email. I debated and finally decided to reply that I couldn’t do it because of a “prior commitment” and not tell them that my prior commitment was seeing a silly action movie in theaters.

Yes, I “Jhoot Bole”d. I am a bad person

So, today! I have a plan! I get up, finally take down my Christmas decorations, maybe vacuum, do the dishes, then go to my acupuncture appointment, then go home, then leave again to meet my friend and see Simmba (yaaaay!) then come home and write a Simmba review, and then go to bed so I can get up early for church the next day.

Accupuncture! Because of the needle, you see.

And I guess the only other thing I have to tell you is the disappointment of the accupuncture advice. I was all set for her to tell me to sleep with my head facing north or something like that which I could actually DO. And instead she told me to eat more leafy green vegetables and exercise. Which, boo! That’s what my regular doctor (and my friends and my own common sense) tell me anyway. But the needle things did actually help with my cold, so I’m going back. And maybe I will consider eating vegetables, just as an adventure.

See, this is what I wanted, one of those magic gypsy cures with lots of fire and weirdness and then I get more energy during the winter without needing to eat vegetables or exercise

Oh, and in other news (just to prove that I do read the news every day even if I don’t report it):

Koffee Kontroversy

The newest Koffee episode with Cricketers caused a stir because one of the guests joked about going to a party and seeing all the women he had a “scene” with and about losing his virginity. The episode was pulled from the website (now I wish I had bothered to watch it), and the Indian cricket Committee is banning them from games for punishment.

Hardik Pandya - Koffee With Karan controversy Episode featuring the cricketer along with his partner K L Rahul has been taken down from sites

Rakesh Roshan had Throat Surgery

Rakesh was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery promptly, and came home and is recovering well. Which is all very nice, the only thing I find super interesting is that, once again, no one is mentioning that he was ALMOST KILLED IN A DRIVE BY SHOOTING about 17 years ago. It just seems like it should come up in the context of another health scare, right?

Image result for hrithik roshan

And finally, here’s a nice short fanvid!

6 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: What Do We All Want to Talk About Today?

  1. There’s another controversy with Ranveer and Anushka on KWK

    Unfortunately, I’m currently on a short term disability leave to deal with a illness. It’s nothing life threatening but it could lead to a hospitalization if I don’t take care of myself. So I’m resting at home and bored out of my skull. You’d think I’d take this moment to watch a bunch of movies but I haven’t been in the mood.


    • Ugh, I’m writing about the Cricket-Koffee now (found an illegal copy online), and it is ridiculous that it ever became a controversy. Apparently to be “respectful” of Indian society, you have to hide the truth of who you are and what your life is, not make people uncomfortable by joking about consensual sex and flirting, and never do anything “real” ever. I love Koffee because people are real and act like they do at private film parties, instead of when the world is watching. But I guess the private film party behavior isn’t acceptable on Indian television.

      On Sat, Jan 12, 2019 at 1:10 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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