Manikarnika Discussion Post: Mishti and Krish Interviews

Personally, I find this story fascinating. You don’t have to, either because you are just tired of it, or because you like to watch movies but aren’t interested in how they are made, or just because you don’t think it is that important or worth discussion. But I find it fascinating, and so I am going to indulge myself with another post, and putting up a bunch of videos for you all to watch, and hoping that there will be someone else here I can talk to about it all.

I think why I find it fascinating is that, to me, this is a very different kind of situation from the usual industry stories. Or, more generally, “system” stories. Usually when you are talking about how a film is made, or a film industry functions, or how a politician is elected, or how a university is run, or anything like that, what you are talking about is the grinding implacability of a system. There is a problem, and the system grinds it down and spits it out in certain pattern. These are very very important conversations to have, because only by understanding systems can we, as human people with brains, understand how to work within them, how to work against them, or even how to best appreciate the products they create.

But this is a different story. Since the Hrithik controversy at least, Kangana has been a wild card. She is the thing that spreads reverberations through out the system in a way it cannot handle, does not know how to respond to. When you look at Hrithik, for instance, the system (and that means the media, the fans, the paid social media teams, and so on) could not quite process what she was doing. It wasn’t the usual whispered rumors, and it wasn’t stopped even by legal action, it just spun out of anyone’s control, total chaos. And it was also such blatant transparent lies that it was hard to know even where to start in responding to them.

All of these things sound like I am complimenting Kangana. I’m not. I’m not necessarily insulting her either. Don’t think of her as a person. As a concept, something that obeys no laws or social contracts, is BAD thing. You can try to hit at a system, but the goal should be to change it, or build a new better system. It shouldn’t be simply to hit.

What should be clear to everyone at this point who has been paying attention is that Kangana is, essentially, a liar. To a degree that people cannot process it, that other people keep trying to find a logic to it, some reason behind it that makes sense. Why would Kangana say Hrithik proposed to her in Paris in December if it is a lie and shockingly easy to prove it is a lie? Why would she say that Sonu Sood won’t work with a female director when he is one of the few actors who HAS worked with a female director? Why would she say she always supported a victim who spoke out when she is on record as not supporting her? There is no reason for it, it is just chaos, delusion, saying what first occurs to her to say and then saying something else if something else occurs to her.

Image result for sonu sood farah khan
He gave her a bike for her birthday. This is not a man who hates female directors.

And so what I am fascinated by in these interviews is the story they are telling of a logical system being unable to control an illogical entity. And individuals who trusted that system to protect them, learning they are dealing with someone who has no reason to her.

Let’s look at Mishti first. She was launched by Subhash Ghai with much fanfare and then her film flopped. She moved down south, has worked in Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam (Adam Joan). She hasn’t had a big role since her launch, but she is working steadily. And then she is offered a new movie, she speaks to the director and the producer and the lead star, and learns everything she can about her role before signing on. And then works hard for many many days, including learning swordfighting. Finishes her, job, dubs, moves on to a new part. And then gets a call telling her she has to come back for another schedule, they really really need her. She makes special arrangements with her new director to allow it, goes back to Bombay, finishes the final few days, is confused as to what is happening, isn’t able to reach the director she thought was directing her, but is told over and over again that her role is important and they appreciate her, so she keeps going. And then 5 days before the release, she discovers she was completely betrayed.

Couple of things that jumped out at me from her interview. Faridoon asks her something about if she learned lessons, will be more careful in future when signing films. And her response is essentially “I WAS careful!” She talked to the director, she looked at the script, she talked to the producer, she asked questions, she talked to Kangana even as her co-star. All of the rules of society say she was safe. And, she wasn’t. There was someone in there who just didn’t care, who broke all the rules, all the understandings that make the world function.

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And this isn’t a matter of “the film industry is just like that” or “sour grapes”. She’s been working for 5 years now all over India, and she mentions Begum Jaan, which also had a strong female lead and her role was so tiny she isn’t even in the standard cast list. But she was happy to work on that film because it was a good role and what she was promised.

Another thing that jumps out is, again, the north south divide. She says several times that she didn’t even want this movie, she is doing well in the south, she is happy in the south. And she also says that Krish is enormously respected in the south, she took the film to work with him. And got thrown into this world where no one seemed to care or respect their work in other places. But, that’s more how the system is “supposed” to work, the southern artists are not appreciated as much in the north. What isn’t supposed to happen is that they will take the job in a big movie with someone else as the star, and then even after agreeing to a small role and everything else, they are still betrayed.

Oh, and I also highly recommend this interview because Mishti is super pleasant to watch and listen too. Lovely gestures, lovely voice, very calm, very pretty. And her spontaneous laughter at the idea of Kangana directing 70% of the film is infectious.

And then there is Krish’s full interview, which I finally watched (snow day! Gained me 2 hours through losing the commute and not having to get really dressed). He is also very calm and very reasoned. Less lovely, but then he’s a director not an actor.

Most of it was stuff I already talked about from the published excerpts. But there were also a few things that the excerpts didn’t cover. One thing that you can’t really capture just in excerpts is the overall sense of just how very much work Krish put in to this film. He talks about location scouting, history texts, short stories, everything. What he does say at one point is that it is ridiculous to think of a director’s job related to how much of a film they shot. Shooting the actors is just a small part of the job. The supervising the sets, the CGI, the script, the planning, the concepts, that is the directing. At the very most, all Kangana did was come in and shoot things in the set he built with the cast and crew he assembled.

He also took responsibility for betraying that crew he assembled. Especially Atul Agnihotri, as he says, they waited for Atulji, begged him to be in the film, scheduled shooting around him. And then his whole role was just cut. And he mentions Mishti as well, like she said, she had promises in hand from the director and a great role was offered her.

The thing I find most interesting, is his frustration at how history itself was changed around Kangana’s ego. He describes the moments and concepts that were cut, and they sound beautiful. The conflict in Tatya Tope/Atul when he has to retreat without saving Kangana and Jhansi in order to save his men. A scene when Kangana hands her child off to Mishti in order to save it. Tatya battling on one side while Kangana fights on the other to trap the British between them. I can see in his description the grand vision he had for the film. And also, as he says, that this is HISTORY, you can’t just change the facts of what happened because you want Sonu Sood to die before the interval. In a strange way, what he is saying about the changes Kangana wanted to make to the film echo her overall behavior, simply rewriting history (whether it is a romance with Hrithik or Tatya Tope’s relationship with Manikarnika) to match whatever version of herself she wants at the moment.

Image result for kangana
Why have I not put it together before that this ability to completely believe her own lies is why she is such a great actress?

And again, it is this story of Kangana being simply without any….I don’t even know what to call it. Any kind of concept of how people behave? She was fine during shooting. And then in the same conversation she would jump from one statement to the next, just spew illogic out at him and there was no way to combat it. For instance, in the room with him and Kamal Jain, saying she had to take the director’s credit because “people” were telling her she should. WHAT PEOPLE?? They were all right there, in the room with her, the producer and the director, who else could be talking to her? And then just seconds later changing to a different tactic in the same conversation, saying “I am TAKING credit and you can’t stop me”, no more “people”. There’s another kind of funny moment when Faridoon reads a quote from Kangana describing how Krish saw the film versus how she say it, and Krish says “yes yes, that is what I told her” and then Faridoon has to clarify, no, Kangana is saying that is HER vision for the film, and Krish’s was something else. She took the exact words Krish used, telling her that it wouldn’t be a story of one land but of a whole country, and claimed them as her own. It’s just so unreal that it is hard to process this kind of behavior.

Oh, and there is also, again, a north-south divide even in this story. Kangana claimed that Krish just wanted to turn it into an action revenge movie. Which sounds, to me, like a stereotype of what southern directors make. But is not what Krish makes or is about. If I am reading this statement correctly (which you can disagree with), then Kangana is insulting him and using stereotypes of southern films and southern directors to encourage the northern audience she is giving this interview to to disregard him.

What these stories have in common, Hrithik to Mishti, is the shock of discovering this totally different person on the inside. Pleasant reasonable sensible woman who you thought you knew, and then suddenly having all of this drop down on you, go through the whole shoot of Manikarnika with no problems, and then the last months before release everything change all of a sudden. She is lovely, kind, reasonable, pleasant. And then suddenly, not at all. But of course no one believes it when you warn them. Krish also says that happened, he knew she had had “problems”, but she was so good to work with, he ignored that.

To go back to my argument at the beginning, because Kangana’s story is of a system trying to process something that does not fit at all, the reaction to it is also something we haven’t seen before. Actors have had their scenes cut from films, stars have taken control away from directors, but never in this way, in this chaotic way filled with lies and last minute reversals and just uncontrolled chaos that damages everyone it touches and helps no one. And so instead of the usual response (leaks from set that turn into small stories in industry news, a reputation within the industry that is gently hinted at in interviews but never said straight out, and the star reacts by being more circumspect and maybe producing his/her own movies in future to have an excuse for interference), it is this very different response of lengthy public explicit interviews. I mean, if Kangana is saying things like “Krish wanted to make it an action revenge movie” and “Sonu won’t work for a woman”, the only response is total detailed honesty.

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  1. I agree that Kangana is taking credit for Krish’s work, I believe him. I also believe that she chopped out Sonu Sood’s and a lot of other actors’ roles to glorify herself.
    But the reason that the other people are giving interviews against her in the open is because no harm will be caused to their careers by talking against her. We know that Aamir took the entire credit for Taare Zameen Par from Amol Gupte, but there wasn’t such a hue and cry about it because Amol couldn’t go against a huge star like Aamir.


    • – Amole Gupte was a noob at TZP time, but Krish is already an established and star director
      – In TZP, it was a case of creative differences and gap between translating the concept onto the screen whereas here it’s only ego of a star and nothing else.
      – Gupte remained on the sets till the end of shooting giving his inputs.
      – The avenues (social media channels) to speak out are better in 2019 compared to 2007.


      • I think the avenues are a really good point here. I vaguely knew about all kinds of these disputes, but only because I read the industry press and books on film and stuff, and even there I probably only know 10% of the stories out there. You used to have to really really look for them. Now, social media can highlight them in blazing neon as soon as they break out.

        That’s also the only way Apurva Asrani was able to get anyone to listen to him. That was just 2-3 years ago I think, he had one article telling his side of things, then Kangana gave her statement, and if Apurva hadn’t kept pushing and pushing his side of things on twitter, he would have been forgotten.

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    • I don’t think Aamir ever insinuated anywhere that Amole Gupte had left the movie unfinished or that he made an inferior movie which are very damaging things to accuse a director of. Krish seem to be trying to counter this narrative.His reputation as a director professional enough to complete a decent movie within the time & budget is put to question with Kangana claiming she directed most of it. Kangana can accuse & scoot and it falls upon the other party to say their sides as clarifications.Hritik had done same with his Republic interview. And Krish seems to be doing the same trying to say his side of the story. It’s up to the audience to believe whichever but he has absolutely every right to defend himself.
      Mishti is clearly aligning with Krish.You are right it won’t impact her career to talk against Kangana(no more than the mental exhaustion she seems to have already gone through) rather she may get some movie from Krish in the future. I would say well earned as long as what she said isn’t untruthful.Btw Kangana’s whole brand is centered on these kind of interviews which hits out at other celebrities publicly.

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      • Another weird thing with the north-south element here. Mishti says over the over again that she is happy working in the south. And Krish is doing well there (obviously). So they can afford to hit back at Kangana in a way that maybe Ankita Lokhande (for instance) can’t. Mishti at least doesn’t seem to care if she never works in Bombay again, and Kangana certainly has no ability to damage her career down south.

        I feel like Kangana positions herself as the person who will “Speak truth to power” which lets her get away with a lot of stuff that wouldn’t be tolerated if it was coming from a male star, someone who clearly had the power themselves.


    • I wouldn’t say that is the reason that people are giving interviews, I’ve seen interviews from Amol Gupte and others about interference from stars. But I would say that is the reason the interviews are being given such prominent placement. Kangana is not good about controlling her press. When FilmFare did something Aamir didn’t like, he cut off access for decades, and a lesson was learned. Kangana is all about social media and giving rambling interviews to anyone. There is no downside (as a media outlet) to offending her.

      And I suppose for similar reasons there is also little downside as an artist to offending her. Aamir clearly took over the final cut of Talaash, the release was delayed and everything. But Reema Kagti never said a thing critical about it. And then a couple years later, Aamir did the narration for Dil Dhadakne Do. Setting aside the fact that Talaash is a really amazing movie (maybe Reema’s cut was as good, but Aamir certainly didn’t vandalize it the way Kangana clearly did Manikarnika), Aamir is stable and reasonable enough to pay back favors, to build a relationship with people who treat him decently. Kangana has shown the opposite of that, if you are nice to her or mean to her, she is just as likely to strike out at you.


      • I agree to most of your points. Kangana is very insecure which makes her do all these things. Now whether she’s insecure because she’s alienated, or she got alienated because of her attitude, I’m not sure. My point is, what she did was wrong, but the reason people can speak about it without fear is that most of the industry folks don’t like her. My point was Whether it is Kangana, or any other man who does not have the influence that the industry biggies like Salman, Aamir and Kjo have, you can give interviews against them blatantly without fear. Just an observation.


  2. This is sort of related…my favorite actor is Hrithik and when the whole Kangana and Hrithik issue came up I was super torn because at that time Hrithik was just coming off his divorce and in my mind to justify why, I was willing to buy into what Kangana was saying. she had just come off Queen and talking about being stifled in the industry. Funny enough what changed my perception was when Kangana did an interview with Anupama and she was sort of detailing her tryst…she made a point that made me realise OMG she either is a blatant liar or her brain created a false memory.I can’t remember exactly what she said but from then on until now my mind has being made up that shes a conniving person that realized that confusing the system was the way to exact revenge. Like you said she doesn’t want to fix it she just wants to ruin it. For me, an example of someone fixing it is Taapsee! She’s miles ahead of her current lot.( Shade to Karan and his rankings not including her) Shes someone I’m cheering for to have a meteoric rise like Deepika. Kangana on the other hand is going to burn out at some point so I hope she has a plan D!


    • It sounds like we had a similar journey. And it was all about how Kangana reacted, when there were no details and she wasn’t speaking, I was neutral, but once her team started talking, there was just no way you could believe her. I heard the Kangana story vaguely back when Hrithik’s divorce was happening (maybe the same time you did?) and my reaction was “weird combination of people, but maybe”. Like you, I figured it was possible since he was getting divorced and co-star romances happen everywhere.

      For me, it was when the legal filings went public that I started doubting her. Hrithik’s version just made so much more sense, right away he was saying “there was a catfisher fooling her” while she was saying “Hrithik broke into my house and altered my laptop and then left”. And that was after she was the one to reach out to Pinkvilla and volunteer her quote, which seems very odd, right? I know stars use Pinkvilla all the time, but how often do they pick up the phone in the middle of the night and go on record to a Pinkvilla reporter out of the blue? At the time I still thought of it as just embarrassment and clumsy cover up on her part. But once it started bubbling up again and she gave these detailed accounts of things that just could not have happened, that was when she crossed the line. I feel terrible for Hrithik, because it doesn’t matter how much he explains or proves, people are still going to believe Kangana just because she is so confident of herself.

      Kangana is getting a lot of credit for her interviews, but Sonam, Anushka, Deepika, they are all producing films focused on women, mentoring female artists, doing the boring background work that can lead to slow change of the system. And like you say, Taapsee too. She did Pink, Manmarziyaan, even Running Shaadi. All of them had moments that are big “no no”s for mainstream actresses, and she just went ahead and did them, everything from rape to pre-marital sex to abortion. She isn’t giving the big interviews or looking for the public credit, but she is fearless in what she is willing to do onscreen.


  3. I like this post, your stand and all your previous writings on this, not because I have any hatred/dislike against Kangana, but being empathetic towards Krish, who I hold high and thought would make it big like erstwhile RGV in ’90s.

    I was discussing this topic with a car poolmate and he’s doubted whether Kangana has a split personality or bipolar disorder.


    • I am resisting the urge to diagnose Kangana. I’m not even sure of my previous thought of “erotomania” with Hrithik is correct. At the time I thought it was just a single delusion, but now it looks like she has no grasp on reality in any part of her life. And certainly no empathy, for anyone. The way she was able to manipulate Mishti shows that she knew what to say to her, how to win her over, could understand her feelings, but had no twinge of conscience in using her.


  4. I don’t think this issue is the first of its kind in Hindi cinema. Can you make a list of such instances – director replacement, actors replacement after a majority shoot was done – like you mentioned about Amitabh getting replaced in Guddi, etc.


    • Well, right now both Sajid Khan and Vikas Bahl were replaced on there films. And KriArj tried to take Kedarnath away from Abhishek Kapoor.

      Sajid and Vikas had massive horrible personal issues that made the film fire them. And their credit will be dropped from the final product in order to shame them. Despite everyone knowing that they did all the prep work and most of the filming. To drop Krish’s name for something less than rape is shocking.

      KriArj tried to take Kedarnath away from Abhishek Kapoor in a similar situation to this, and in that case he had the support of his actors, and he spoke out loudly about what was happening, and ended up being saved by the rest of the industry. There was a strong feeling of shock, like Mishti said in her interview and Krish in his, a movie is a director’s “baby”, you would never take it away from them.

      I am having a harder time thinking of actor replacements, but I know it is not uncommon. There would be two reasons, one would be that the filming got held up and by the time they came back for the second schedule, the first actor wasn’t available. Pakeezah for instance, constant casting changes as the filming dragged on for a decade. But not reshoots, they just wrote the script around it. And then there would be personal issues, stars have the right to pick their co-stars, if they don’t like someone, even if the director casts them and everything, they can still veto last minute. That’s scuzzy, but it’s not the same as what we are seeing here, the film actually requiring reshoots. Again, I am having a hard time thinking of examples, but I know it would be very rare to actually force a reshoot, that takes time and money and no one wants that. Much more likely to make the change at the casting point. Oh! Aish in Chalte Chalte! That is the famous example. They had barely started shooting, but she was officially cast and shooting at the point that she was replaced by Rani. Just the fact that it is a famous example shows how rare this is, it happened almost 20 years ago and people STILL talk about it.

      The first thing I think of is Kamal Haasan’s interviews about Nayakan which set off a similar controversy. But in that case he waited 25 years to talk about it. And it still resulted in the producer immediately defending himself in detail:

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      • The cases of Sajid and Vikas were for different reasons off-the-sets, other than creative differences/egos/incompetencies.

        I read that The Hindu article at that time of press – it was not a surprise – Kamal always did that. In Telugu also, we have artists (stars) who do that. But, those were all forceful interventions only, not to the extreme of ousting the incumbent and hijacking the complete film


        • Yes, that’s what I was thinking with Kamal. It’s known that he does that, but he doesn’t take away credits. And most of all, this interview was years later. He wasn’t damaging the reputation of the film even before release, he kept it private until long after any damage could have been done.

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    • I checked her filmography, I think she had 3 movies coming out from southern industries last year, sounds like she has plenty of work. So long as she doesn’t want Hindi film fame, doesn’t hurt her to tell the truth. Although after watching the interview, I’d be happy if she ends up with Hindi film fame! Such pleasant person to listen to.


  5. Kangana strikes me as a typical destructive narcissist (much like Donald Trump). She sounds convincing because she actually believes what she says when she says it. They often come across as charming and even plausible as you can’t imagine someone would tell such blatant lies. She is a very good actress, but sounds like a nightmare otherwise!

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    • That was so clear in the Kangana versus Hrithik interviews. Kangana was calm and confident and sure of herself, Hrithik was a total mess. It made Kangana seem more convincing. But then a normal person would have some doubt and discomfort when telling these stories, you’d have to be something else to just sit there calmly and reveal your personal life.


  6. If you’re going to talk about the system and how Kangana disrupts the system then you also need to talk about how the system enables her. Because she is still getting work. Given that Marnikarnika is doing reasonably well at the box office, she’s probably going to direct again. So why is that? I think the conjecture that she’s being financed by a BJP sympathizer makes a lot of sense because otherwise I don’t get it. If she’s so terrible then blacklist her. Unless they can’t for a reason no one will talk about.

    And that gets to how vulnerable the industry is to government interference. I talked about this on a recent podcast regarding the stars visiting Modi and how they are doing what they have to do to keep the industry going in a country where the censorship board and aggrieved political groups wield enormous power.


    • Yes, exactly. She doesn’t even have to be financed by a BJP sympathizer, she has the support of the government obviously. The BJP has it’s tentacles in a lot of places, media to business to social media. Kangana has been their Chosen One for years. A woman, so they can counteract all the anti-feminist stuff. And with that made-up “up by her bootstraps” background story that appeals to their angry base, especially since the biggest advantage of the BJP has been claiming that Congress is filled with “nepotism”. That’s why she has so much social media support, that’s where a lot of the narratives that are supporting her are coming from. You would know more about this than I would, the way you can have a paid team to start the conversation and then quickly bring in other real folks by appealing to whatever issue they care about.

      She’s not the only one, Akshay Kumar has their support too for instance. But Akshay still has humanity, so he doesn’t abuse it as drastically. He has never used his power to attack other actors, he even lowkey defended the Khans when they spoke out about intolerance. Although of course he would never speak out about it himself. No, he just makes movies that support whatever bandaid social problems fix the BJP has come up with lately.

      That’s been kind of the unspoken assumption in a lot of the conversations here on the blog between me and some of the other commentators. It’s so refreshing to be able to say it out loud!!!! There’s a difference, before having this kind of conversation would have made me nervous, now thanks to the way people are speaking out about Kangana in particular, I can just say it.

      (and now just watch, I am going to get a whole bunch of angry people yelling at me because I got cocky and spoke too soon. Should have kept inserting videos of Kangana in posts about Nazis and hoping people got the idea: )

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      • Your comparison with Leni Riefenstahl is accurate because Leni was a genius who used her talent to support an evil regime. It makes me sad because Kangana is genuinely talented. I think she’s the most talented of the current crop of young female actresses. But the ugliness of supporting the BJP and cow vigilantism and so forth is unconscionable.

        This is a far less drastic situation but I got swarmed by Priyanka fans on Twitter yesterday. It was both disconcerting and hilarious. At least Priyanka is just vain and kind of silly, not actively facilitating evil.


        • PC and Kangana remind me of each other because they both seem to have discovered the power of a Social Media army. It’s really hard to say anything about either of them on the internet, and yet in “real life” I don’t think they are nearly as popular as other actors who it is easy to criticize online. Strange sort of disconnect.

          Continuing the Leni Reifenstahl/Nazi theme, there’s a general weakness that can be exploited of the unappreciated genius, right? If you are a woman, or a minority, or for whatever reason are prevented from following your genius, and then an authoritarian regime says “I appreciate you, I will give you everything you need to pursue your dreams” it is easy to kind of fall in love with them and follow them blindly just because of what they are doing for you. I think Hitler had a little group of brilliant adoring women around him, because he appreciated them. I’m also thinking of that Mitford sister.

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    • I have to agree… Kangana has established herself as someone who tries to impose creative control over a film in at least the instances now with well known respected directors who otherwise have impressive track records. So why is anyone hiring her, why does she keep getting work, esp lead roles? She isn’t box office gold… more like silver lol.. and it feels like Tapsee’s rise is due in part to groom her to take Kansgana’s place as the curly haired quirky girl willing to do out-there roles. So the political backing and funding makes the most sense. Let’s see if her future works leans more patriotic or propaganda-like.


  7. I’m on board with Krish giving an official interviewee explaining his experience with the film and with the controversy, especially given that his established reputation is at stake, and since this was supposed to be his calling card into Bollywood film. I hope Bollywood gives him another chance.

    Mishti otoh that’s just sour grapes. She’s doing herself a disservice by doing this interview. You get paid as an actor for your work and your time. Hers won’t be the first time an actor’s work ended up on the cutting room floor, and it won’t be the last. That’s the gamble you take as an actor, especially one who isn’t a lead or a stakeholder in the film. I as a director might think twice about hiring her unless her role was rock solid and unchanging, out of fear that if I cut any of it, she might now feel emboldened to go to the media and complain. So why would she does this to herself and to her career?


    • I think it depends on how this interview happened. If Faridoon was looking for confirmation and reaching out to people, and she agreed to talk, that would be something very different. In that case she is actually supporting her director and the film and I would be more willing to hire her than before. But if she reached out to him, maybe even before Krish, than it would feel like sour grapes.

      The problem is, in this kind of situation, if only people who were attacked speak out, then it looks like “oh they are just defending themselves”, you kind of need a disinterested party to put their neck out and come forward.

      On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 11:41 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. I agree with everything you wrote. She is clearly abhorrent, treats people terribly, and needs to be called out. But to play devil’s advocate, I want to make the following two points –

    1. Why aren’t the actors/Krish blaming Kamal Jain? He enabled Kangana’s behavior and gave her the money. Isn’t it unfair that she gets all the blame and they remain silent on him? Just merely skirting around his role in the whole affair. It does point toward the fact that no matter how disgruntled, they are too scared to attack the powerful producer. None of this justifies Kangana’s behavior and she deserves to be called out for it…but it seems unfair

    2. Is it fair to equate the Hritikh issue with Manikarnika? Let’s agree that the whole MK saga started because of Kangana’s ego so she deserves the brickbats. But the Hritikh chaos really started because he sent her the legal notice over a stupid comment. Cmon on…that was clearly a powerful man trying to intimidate a nobody actress. And then Hritikh’s whole position of “she was emailing an imposter but somehow I got hold of all those emails and released them to the public” was so distasteful. I found it a classic example of trying to shame a woman and put her in her place…so given that Hritikh was equally culpable….can we excuse Kangana’s blatant lies? Why do we blame her for playing dirty when both sides were equally dirty?

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    • I don’t know if I see it that way. For your first point, it does seem like the media has picked out Kangana as the story. She is the famous one after all, and the one with a history of this. But then, that is what they always do, look at Race 3 for instance, do you ever remember Ramesh Taurani being mentioned in articles versus Salman Khan? And Ramesh Taurani actually is powerful, Kamal Jain isn’t, this is his first film. He has no money and no power, nothing to threaten her with. The money came from Zee and the power came from Kangana, she handpicked him as her producer for this movie (based on what Krish and Ketan Mehta both said). She probably could have fired him, not the other way around. “Producer” sounds very impressive, but it isn’t always, depending on how the film is structured.

      If you look at the whole Hrithik story (which, no reason you should, I just did because I am blogging), Hrithik’s version makes sense and has tons of actual evidence behind it. Kangana’s is just completely fake. What reminds me of this, is that the only true defense is to tell your story with exact detail and trust people to follow it, because Kangana is able to change her position so often that if you are just playing defense, it sounds crazy. Kangana came on to Hrithik during filming of Krrish 3, he nicely rejected her. Months later, she approached him at a party and referenced emails he hadn’t sent her. He emailed her the next day from his real address to clarify that it was his real address and that whoever was messaging her was not him. Her sister responded acknowledging that it was a catfish situation. And then Kangana responded with a flurry of erotic or abusive messages that Hrithik started blocking in his account and not reading. Months after that, he started hearing stories among people he knew that he was engaged to Kangana. At which point he hired a computer security firm (who have given statements to the police confirming all this) to rescue his emails from her and analyze them. And also confirm that he had sent emails in response saying things like “this is terrible, we should go to the police and find out who has been catfishing you”. He also filed a police report at this time, which is also a matter of public record. And then she finally went to the media claiming a relationship, which is when he sent her a private legal notice, that she chose to ignore and make public. And then she went on to give multiple interviews describing in detail a relationship that never existed (which is easy to disprove, simple things like their passports show no trip to Paris and she describes a romantic Paris get away and proposal), which Hrithik again ignored. At the same time that she refused to give her laptop to the police or give them an interview or make any attempt to back up her claims. So unless you believe that a private security firm, multiple members of the Bombay police, and the actual computer footprints from the emails are all lying, Hrithik is obviously telling a true story and Kangana is just completely false. The one thing that cannot be confirmed is whether he really did turn her down when she came to his hotel room that night or not.

      That’s what feels similar to me, that Kangana/her sister are making claims which are obviously transparently false, but they are so incredibly false it feels like there must be truth to them, like no one would go that far unless there was something there. And the best hope for combating them is giving a very slow detailed account instead of trying to defend yourself piece by piece, and trust that the cumulative evidence will show your truth.

      On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 12:03 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Wow…that clears up a lot for me…I think I had bought Kangana’s side of the Hritikh story because I fell for the “it was so detailed and raw it must be true” fallacy.
        I am even more fascinated by her now…in a reality show sort of way…as horrible as it sounds…I can’t wait to see what she does next…whose life is she going to ruin next?


        • Yes! Why would a woman go on talk shows and talk about her broken heart and being dumped unless it was true? I guess the answer is “there is no logical reason, but she clearly did it because there is massive evidence to show she is lying”.

          I love the Kangana stories too, for the soap opera villain quality of it. There is no way to predict where she will go next, who she will attack, everything is a surprise twist. Most surprising of all, her next film successfully completed filming and looks like it will release on time! Who would have predicted that?

          On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 2:55 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Maybe that’s part of her unpredictability? You can’t even predict when she will be difficult! From what Krish said, she was perfectly fine and normal for over a year, and then at the absolute last minute, it all went wacky. the Mental Hai Kya shot was short, maybe she just didn’t have long enough to find a reason to go wrong?

            And yes, of course, Rajkummar also has a superhuman to get along with co-stars. He’s Rajkummar! Everyone loves him!

            On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 6:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  9. I don’t think Mishti’s doing herself a disservice with this interview. I never heard about her earlier, but now I know her name, her face, I’m curious if she is really a good actress, and I feel like watching Adam Joan.


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