Manikarnika Discussion Post: Mishti and Krish Interviews

Personally, I find this story fascinating. You don’t have to, either because you are just tired of it, or because you like to watch movies but aren’t interested in how they are made, or just because you don’t think it is that important or worth discussion. But I find it fascinating, and so I am going to indulge myself with another post, and putting up a bunch of videos for you all to watch, and hoping that there will be someone else here I can talk to about it all.

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Manikarnika Review (No Spoilers): Kangana is Not a Great Director

Well, I saw it! Despite freezing temperatures, far theaters, and not being particularly interested in the film. And it was not very good. Oh, and MKP just gave me a link to an interview with Krrish!!!! Which points to the same things I noticed, so I wasn’t imagining them. Interview here:

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